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Watchkeeping officer on board a ship; a job ashore with similar requirements.


EMPLOYER: Naval Academy "Nikola I. Vaptsarov", Varna, Bulgaria

Vessel – training vessel “D. Blagoev” as a cadet; service: fm. 14-Apr-01 to 14-May-01

Vessel – training vessel “D. Blagoev” as a cadet; service: fm. 12-Apr-02 to 26-May-02

Vessel – training vessel “D. Blagoev” as a cadet; service: fm. 28-May-02 to 08-Jul-02

EMPLOYER: Stamco Agency Co. Ltd., Varna, Bulgaria

Vessel – Pure Car and Truck Carrier(PCTC) “Hual Africa” as an Assistant Officer; service: fm. 02-Jan-05 to 01-Oct-05.

Vessel – Pure Car Carrier “Ivory Arrow” as a Third Officer; service: fm. 27-Apr-06 to 11-Aug-06

Vessel – PCTC “Sapphire Ray” as a Third Officer; service: fm. 14-Nov-06 to 31-May-07

Vessel – Pure Car Carrier “Baltic Ace” as a Third Officer; service: fm. 05-Dec-07 to 28-Apr-08


Awarding Authority: Naval Academy

'Nikola I. Vaptsarov", Varna


Qualification: Master-Engineer (MASTER’S DEGREE)

Civil Qualification: Navigator

Year of graduation: 2004


I gained CERTIFICATE OF COMPETENCY concerning my qualification for Watchkeeping officer on ships of 500 GT or more; Dangerous, Hazardous and Harmful

Cargoes Handling (HAZMAT) Certificate; Proficiency for Ship Security Officer Certificate; Ship's GMDSS

General Radiooperator (GOC) Certificate; International Certificate of Vaccination or Revaccination against

Yellow Fever; Basic Safety Training Certificate in: Personal Survival Techniques, Fire Prevention and Fire

Fighting, Elementary First Aid, Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities; Certificates for Proficiency in

Survival Craft and Rescue Boat, Competency in Advance Fire Fighting, Proficiency in Medical First Aid.


I have experience in rough weather condition working and intensity of ports.


I have almost 4 years experince in the marine transportation of vehicles, trucks, heavy machines, etc. i have

an exp. with PureCarCarriers, Pure andTruckCarCarriers. I have personal qualities as self-confidence,

hardness, calmness. I'm good organized and loyal person.

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