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Third Mate


Work as a Third Mate.


I have served Wallem Shipmanagement Ltd, Hongkong from Sept’2000 to November’2005 in the Capacity of a Trainee Navigating Officer, during which I have worked on 4 Crude Oil Tankers (Suez Max) and 1 Pure car carrier, Total sea time of 39 months. During this, I had the opportunity to experience Dry docking of 3 vessels I have worked on, and regular navigational activities, with deck maintenance and documentation. This experience, along with my Maritime education has led me to a confidence of working onboard ships, taking over responsibilities and duly fulfilling them as required by the nature of the job. During these years of service, I have been regularly appreciated by my seniors and the Superintendents onboard, and have been issued appreciation certificates very frequently. I would be glad to work with a company who would recognize my efforts from time to time and make the best use of my abilities and experience. My motto is, safety of work and highest efficiency achievable in these conditions. I believe, that with my present skills, experience and knowledge, I can be an integral part in the growth of the organization and its future.


Academic Qualification : 1) Passed SSC from Maharashtra Board of Secondary Education in

1995 wit 62% Marks.

2) Passed HSC from Central Board of Secondary Education in 2000

Maritime Qualifications: 1) Completed 3 Years DLP course from Tolani Maritime Institute,

Mumbai, From 01 July 2002 to 30 Nov 2005 with Following

subjects: Navigation, Cargo Handling and Stowage, Controlling

the Operation of the ship, and Merchant Shipping.

2) Passed Certificate of Competency, With, Navigation and Ship

Stability, Grades 3 and 2 Respectively, in 2009 from Scottish

Qualification Authority, And Maritime Coastguard Agency ,

United Kingdom.

3) Passed SIGNALS on 09 July 2009, from Lairdside Maritime Centre,


4) Passed NAVIGATION, RADAR& ARPA Simulator course

(Operational Level), From ( 14.05.2009 to 21.10.2010) , from

Lairdside Maritime Centre, U.K, Meeting requirements laid in

STCW’95 reg II/I STCW Code Table A- II/I

5) Passed Efficient Deck Hand Certificate (Qualifying Examination

for A.B) From Seascope, U.k on 29.07.2009

6) Passed Certificate of Higher Education in Nautical Science, from

Liverpool John Moores University in 11/05/2010.


STCW Certificates: Basic Courses from Marine Medical Academy , Mumbai

1. Elementary First Aid Cert No EFA/H – 020/2000

2. Personal Safety and social Responsibility Cert No PSR/HA – 025/2000

3. Personal Survival Techniques Cert No PST/H – 032/2000

4. Fire Prevention and Fire fighting Cert No FPF/I – 066/2000

5. Oil Tanker Familiarization Cert No OTF/I – 061/2000

Advanced Courses

1. Proficiency in Survival craft and rescue boat Cert No PSC&RB/5836 (FOSMA Mumbai)

2. Medical First Aid Cert No MFA/0638/035/10 (NAMAC Mumbai)

3. Advanced Fire Fighting Cert No AFF/0706/036/10 ( NAMAC Mumbai)

Value Added Courses: From Wallem Maritime Training Centre , Mumbai

1. Bridge Team Management and Ship Handling Simulator Course

Cert No BTM/1835 From 25.04.2011 to 29.04.2011

2. The Operational use of ECDIS , Cert No 742 From 18.04.2011 to 20.04.2011

3. Loss Prevention through Risk Management and Incident Investigation

Cert No 2330 21.02.2011 to 22.02.2011

4. Assertive Skills Development programme.

Cert No IMOI/ASDP/2011-12/522 on 02.05.2011




I have an old mother who is waiting for me to stand on my feet, so she can die peacefully. My father died 16 years ago, leaving me and my mother to fight our survival. I worked hard as a deck cadet, and passed my exams to become an officer. Now that i have the Licence, i need to fulfill my dream. I am 32, and single. I live for shipping.

Thane, Maharshtra,
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