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Telecommunications, IT, Network, Systems Installer

Engineer  / Naval Architect

Summary:  I have an Active Secret Security Clearance.  An accomplished Telecommunication Professional with extensive knowledge of voice, video, and data communications networks, convergence technologies, and fiber optic technologies.  Proficient inthe implementation, installation, configuration, and communications connectivity as well as protocols, contingency planning and testing.  Field service experience includes mid-level telecommunications field service representative, with expertise in technical support, network project management, systems planning, and staff training. Responsible for reading of schematics to build, install and troubleshoot the 4G Network coming from an OC-48 to T1 Networking System supporting LAN/WAN usages.  4G local power AC/DC installation, testing, building a small power internal station; Fiber installation and testing; ADC Noran Tel, input/output.  Responsible for drawing and labelling schematics for installation of fiber optics and wire connections into 38 GHz microwave point-to-point systems.  NOC (Network Operations Center) Specialist / Network Technical Specialist 4


Technical Skills

  • 4G local power AC/DC; LAN/WAN; circuit testing
  • Flashwave 4500; Symmetricom 3500; Input & Output Panel, 5500
  • Edgelink install software; MSTAR Radar Operations; VOIP; Multi-Meter. 





Associates degree from US Army 31V 1990


Network Security BS Program

ECPI Tech           800 Moorefield VA. Relocating to DC Metro Campus             Aug 07 – Pres.



  • PSDS II Operator’s & Maintenance Course,  Raytheon, Falls Church Va. 2007
  • Raid Tower Operator’s & Maintenance Course, Raytheon, Huntsville Al. 2007
  • Eagle Eye Operator’s & Maintenance Course, Raytheon, Huntsville Al. 2007
  • Flur TFU Camera, Operator’s & Maintenance Course, Raytheon, Huntsville Al. 2007
  • Logistics and Acquisitions, Raytheon, Huntsville Al. 2007
  • MSTAR Operator’s Course DRS Technologies, St. Louis MO. 2007
  • Flight Commander 17  Meter Aerostat Course, Elizabeth City, NC.  2007
  • 2007 Logistics and Acquisitions, On line Courses at Learn/DAU
  • 2001 ECI Tadiran Telephone Switches (Flexicom)           
  • CBT Web Training             
  • Northern Virginia Community College, ICTS, Alexandria, VA
  • A+ Certified System  Engineering Program.
  • Winstar Wireless Fiber Optic’s, Tyson Corner, VA
  • U.S. Army Communications Maintenance (31V) Ft. Sill, OK
  • U.S. Army Medical Specialist (91A/B) Ft. Sam Houston TX
  • North Carolina A&T State University, Greensboro, NC
  • Grimsley High School  Greensboro, NC                   



Professional Experience

CSC (Computer Science Corp.) Flur/Raid/Warlock Projects, VA

Aug 07 – Jun 12

Raid-2, Technician III / Lead FSR

  • Deployed to Iraq & ISWA (Afghanistan), as Area Supervisor was the Lead on FSR/FSR for land, air, and sea systems, Cisco Switch/Router System Administration for LAN T1 build outs.  PSDS II Operations & Maintenance, VOIP, LAN networks build outs / turn ups.
  • Raid Tower Operations and Maintenance.  Eagle Eye Operations and Maintenance also performed circuit testing and turn-up.  Flur TFU Camera, Operations and Maintenance, integration of voice, data and video.
  • Performed Logistics and Acquisitions, of Raid Systems.  Responsible for MSTAR Radar Operations and Maintenance. Flight Commander, Operations & Maintenance Of The 17 Meter Aerostat.

Teksystems-Aerotek - Contracted to (CamCom Communications), VA          

Aug 11 – Nov 11

Network Installer for Verizon Built 4GNetwork

  • System Logistics and Acquisitions; Fiber installation and testing. ADC Noran Tel, input/output; Responsible for reading of schematics to build, install and troubleshoot the 4G Network coming from an OC-48 to T1 Networking System supporting LAN/WAN usages.
  • 4G local power AC/DC installation, testing, building a small power internal station.  Flashwave 4500, Clock (Symmetricom 3500, Input & Output Panel, 5500, Edgelink install software, configuring LAN/WAN clocking issues connecting to world clock.

Titan/L-3 Communications, VA                  

Feb 07 – Jun 07

Technical Specialist 4

  • Performed System Logistics and Acquisitions; Trained on AN/TRC-170; Assistant Project Manager in facilitating For On line Courses at Learn/DAU, where I was instrumental in Creating secure and public pathways through switch/trunk circuits for T1.
  • Also responsible the documentation of all network outages and service related events, performed on day-to-day operational tasks.

311th Theater Signal Unit, VA

Feb 04 – Dec 07

25B Information Systems Specialist/Analyst

  • Network Administration, Perform circuit testing and turn-up, creating domains for secure & non-secure networks.  Protocols, IP Addressing, TCP/IP, Voicemail, VoIp. Cisco Routers and Switches using Hyper-terminal, T1, CSU/DSU, Audio Visual Technics, Telephone conferencing, and Monitored systems to identify network issues, (Polygraphs Systems).
  • Monitor systems to identify network issues tracking resolution by using appropriate diagnostic procedures.

Henkel & McCoy (Pentagon Location)

Nov 04 – Jun 05

Telecommunications Technician

  • I was responsible for supporting high profile government contracts in various cleared facilities.  Performed installations, maintenance, testing, support and deployment. Maintained and installed telephone, encryption, and computer security devices.  Performed reading of installation schematics, as well as fiber installation and testing.



276th MP / 11th Wing SFS

May 02 – Feb 05

Operation Noble Eagle, 95B Military Police, 31C Wiring Systems Specialist / 31V Communication Maintenance / 91A/B/W Medical Specialist (Secret Clearance)

  • Provide security for Bolling AFB; 260th MP / DCNG; 31C Wiring Systems Specialist / 31V Communication Maintenance / 91A Medical Specialist (Secret Clearance); Performs Unit communications / telecommunications maintenance. 
  • Responsible for checks, installations, operations of communications / telecommunications security devices (COMSEC). LAN/Wan testing.
  • Performs testing of power generators.  Built, maintained and tested Digital Group Multiplexers (DGM), Remote Multiplexing Combiners (RMC), repeaters, restorers, voltage protection devices, telephones, test stations, intermediate distribution frames, and related equipment.  Provide support for the audio-video network center.

KEI / Pearson,VA

Apr 01 – Apr 02

Telecommunications Engineer (Active DOD & FBI Secret clearance)

  • Supported high profile government contracts in various cleared facilities.  Project Manager for the Huffman Building II government contract facilities.  Certified on programming and sizing the Tadiran telephone switches. 
  • Responsible for creating and installing groups, trunks and voice mails.  Performed office moves, ads and position changes for workstations, software and hardware.  Created in house tracking program for secured lines & better performances. 
  • Relocated shelf/slot/circuit from the Main Distribution Facility (MDF) to the Independent Distribution Facility (IDF) to the workstation. (Switch to D-mark to Closet to Station). 
  • Responsible for identifying opens (breaks) and shorts from MDF to the IDF and tone out pairs to fix the break.
  • Performed originations & terminations on 110 IDF block to 66 MDF block. Color codes, Tails out on Electronic Key, Digital, and Analog lines.  Performed installation of power, and Firewalls for PRI as well as Analog lines. 
  • Worked with Tad Iran PBX Switches to access outside lines.  Voice over IP. Tested with T-Birds, toners, Remedy tracking system, CSU/DSU backward & forward reading upgrades, Lan/Wan circuit testing.  Familiar with ISDN interfacing.  Voice administration set-up. Cell Phone Technologies,

Frequentis USA

Oct 00 – Feb 01

Operational Engineer / Asst. Planner & Developer 

  • Performed installations, maintenance testing, support and deployment of the E1 German communications switch. 
  • Provided demos and training to technicians, operators and users. Responsible for reading of schematics to build, install and troubleshoot the E1 communications switch.

Klein Technologies

Sep 99 – Aug 00

Network Operations Technician

  • NOC (Network Operations Center) Specialist / Network Technical Specialist 4; Provided support through hardware and software tracking devices.;
  • Tracked changes and provided client support on Windows 95/98, Win 3.x, DOS HP Open view and Novell Netware.  Viewed lines in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and the Internet.  Installed and utilized Remedy, Lotus Notes and Magic on remote and dial-up workstations.
  • Provided support on government Navis workstations.  Performed ATM testing on circuits from CSU / DSU through the LAN/WAN of that circuit.  Performed installations of T1 telephone switch for company ISP voice over data.  Performed OC-48 to DS-1 repairs.

Radio One

Feb 98 – Mar 99

Telecommunications/Electronics Engineer

  • Responsible for installing and construction of production rooms, studios and radio station.  Installed all electrical transmissions, phone, networks, hardware and software.  Performed troubleshooting and verifying of systems.

Litton / Amecom

Jan 97 – Dec 97

Field / Support Engineer

  • Responsible for installing and repairing integrated radio communications systems in a network environment.  Built T1 digital and analogue radios, which were used by the FAA
  • Tested and repaired from CSU/ DSU to the customer’s site.  These included land, sea, air, foreign, domestic, and government usage.


Apr 96 – Dec 96

Transmission Engineer

  • Surveyed sites and installed 38 GHz microwave dishes for wireless fiber optic networks.  Responsible for drawing and labelling schematics for installation of fiber optics and wire connections into 38 GHz microwave point-to-point systems. 
  • Installed wireless fiber systems. Performed pre-maintenance inspections.  Obtained coordinates for microwave into satellite.  Surveyed and installed RF frequencies into 38 GHz microwave networks.  Fiber testing and installation.


Nov 84 – Dec 07

31V Communication Maintenance / 91/A-B-W Medical Specialist

Radio Equipment Technician

  • As Radio Mechanic; duties included, operator, repairman, transmitter operator, and tester.  Responsibilities included installation, maintenance, inspection of equipment, and     reading electronic schematics.  Ensured that radio equipment functioned properly internally and externally.
  • As an Electronics Technician; I was responsible for testing and installing electrical equipment.  Performing pre-maintenance inspections and repair of all types of electrical equipment.  Read and tested equipment using Multi-Meter. 
  • Installed inner circuit boards.  In my position as a Transmission Engineer, I was manager of communications traffic, utilizing telephone and communications accessories including fax machines, computers, modems, radios, and satellite and encryption devices. 
  • Telephone Equipment Technician duties included troubleshooting, repairing and maintenance of special telephone wiring for businesses, homes, field services, auto and other outdoor military equipment. 
  • Obtained Multiple Subscriber Equipment (M.S.E.) certificates for telecommunications equipment.  Maintained and installed telephone security devices, which utilized encryption.  Operated and secured switchboards and teletype machines.  Performed reading of telephone schematics for homes, businesses, field, land, air, and sea transportation
Bethesda, Maryland,
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