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Surface Warfare Oficer ( Lt Commander)


To persue my carrer in the field of Adminstration, Safety & Security having adequate skills and experience in a better and efficient manner thus contributing towards organizations roles and objectives.


(Pakistan Navy from 1997 till 2013)

• 2001 Commissioned as Sub Lieutenant and served onboard PN Ships and units as Bridge Watchkeeping Officer, Officer Incharge Mess Accounts, Assistant Security Officer.

• 2003 – 2006 Promoted to Lieutenant, Appointed as Officer Incharge Maritime Security Base, served onboard PN Ships as Navigating Officer and Maritime Security Headquarters. Performed Assistant Manager Admin, Security and personnel.

• 2006 – 2007 Appointed as Platoon Cdr Security Battalion – Pak Marines. Performed unit`s Assistant Security Manager duties.

• 2007 – 2009 Appointed as Junior Meteorologist and Administration Manager – Hydrographer Pakistan Navy Headquarters.

• 2009 - 2011 Appointed as Assistant Staff Officer (Operations) to Commander Karachi Headquarters, Organized and Conducted PN Annual Safety workshops & Seminars in addition to Admin and Operational duties.

• Received Commendation twice as active participant in Disaster & Risk Management and Flood Relief Operations. Acted as liaison officer with different LEA, sister forces in organizing, coordinating and conducting joint relief operations.

• 2011 Promoted as Lieutenant Commander, Appointed Officer Incharge Security -Gwadar Port Authority (Security Manager).

• 2012 Performed Duty as Coy Commander Security Battalion (Security Manager) - Pak Marines and Safety Manager to Commander Marines.

• Conducted several Safety & Security workshops & Training in major Pakistan Navy units and establishments. Conducted Safety Seminars and reviews in addition to Administration Manager.

• 2013 Applied for Premature Retirement upon completion of first service engagement and retired in September 2013.


4 yrs Drgree BSc ( Hons) in Naval Sciences from Pakistan Naval Academy


• 1997 - 1999 Basic Military & Naval Training as Cadet/Midshipman - Pakistan Naval Academy

• 1999 - 2001 Professional Naval Training – Pakistan Navy Engineering College (NUST) & School of Naval Operations

• 2000 - Basic Firefighting and First Aid Course

• 2002 - Advance Firefighting, Damage Control and First Aid Course

• 2002 - Bridge Watch Keeping Certificate (Pak Navy Oil Tanker NASR)

(Certificate of Competency)

• 2006 - Specialization as Long Navigation and Direction - School of Naval Operations

• 2006 – Basic Meteorology for Mariners Course – Karachi Met Department

• Flight Deck Officer and Helicopter Controller Course

• Work Space Safety Course

• 2007 Basic Marines Officers Training Course - Pak Marines Training Centre

• 2011 Marines Training in Safety & Security Specialist Course - Pak Marines Training Centre


Sound Interpersonal and Communication Skills

Security Planning, Implementing and Monitoring

Safety Workups, Analysis and Reviewing

Administration and Office Management

Proficient Computer Literacy (MS Office )

Proficient Weapons Handling (Small Arms)

Bridge Watch Keeping, Ship Handling


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