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Structural Assurance Manager-Naval Architect


Structural Assurance Manager with extensive expirience in evaluating the safety of ships and marine structures using the Society's Rules and those of intergovernmental organisations such as the International Maritime. Experienced surveyor in certification of ships propellers and its hubs. High-Speed Hydrofoil craft Shipbuilder and Designer background. Former USSR NAVY supervision commission graduate.


Work Experience:

2005.04-until now BW Shipping Managers Pte Ltd, Singapore

Structural Assurance Manager

? Hull Team management

? Hull Integrity class softwares

? Hull Integrity Supervision of the company fleet

? Oil Majors Dialogs

? Hull Inspections and repair specifications

? Hull Coating Management

? Analytics and future strategy generation in respect of the hull operation.

2005.01.17- 2005.04 TOTAL Exploration and Production Russia, Moscow

Inspection Engineer + Datastream System Administartor

• Contractors supervision

• Assets supervision

• Process flow control and monitoring

• Company audits

• Equipments and systems surveys

• Vendor and statutory surveys

2004.08 – 2004.01.14 Belarus Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Gomel, Belarus

Quality Manager

? ISO 9001, audits and coordination activities

? Advisory services

2003.12-2004.06 Joint-Stock Company FIDMASH, Minsk, Belarus,

Director of the department of the management and Quality control, Quality Manager

? ISO 9001

? Human resource

? Computer-aided production management

? Corporate culture

? API certification (American Petroleum Institute)

2003.05.06- 2003.10


2000.03- 2003.01

Det Norske Veritas, Klaipeda, Lithuania

Det Norske Veritas, long Beach, USA

Det NorskeVeritas, Riga, Latvia.

Det Norske Veritas, Klaipeda, Lithuania

Det NorskeVeritas, St.Petersburg, Russia,


Dry-docking , renewal and statutory surveys of:

• Crude oil, product and chemical tankers at “Western Shipyard”,

• NEW BUILDING ( hull ) supervision of passenger ferries at “Baltija” shipyard,

• NEW BUILDING project managing problem solving

• ISM audits


Class Supervision of:

? Ships in operation, periodical and statutory surveys

? “Sea-Launch” rocket project Coordination,

• Dry-docking, renewal and statutory surveys of the following vessels types:

• Product, crude oil and chemical tankers.

• Bulk carriers and reefers

• Containers and fishing vessels

• ISM audits

• Production process certification

• Ships in operation. Hull Safety construction. Hull condition evaluation.

• International Marine conventions of SOLAS, MARPOL and Dangerous Goods Code. International Maritime Organisation (IMO) and International Labour Organisation regulations.

Project manager for New building projects at Riga and Klaipeda Ship Yards. Fishing, passenger ferries and small tankers ship types for Scandinavian owners.

? NEW BUILDING Projects managing at Riga, Latvia and Klaipeda, Lithuania shipyards. Project supervision. Supervision on behalf of flags administration.

? Welders certification to ISO and EN standard.

? NEW BUILDING Project problem solving. Administrating and soft facilitating. Non conformities dealing. Conflict regulating third party opinion expertise.

• Ships in operation. Class. Hull Safety construction. Hull condition evaluation.

• SOLAS, MARPOL, Dangerous Goods Code conventions

• Plant approvals project lead:

• Rolled steel plates

• Stainless steel and bronze casting

• International Maritime Organisation (IMO) and International Labour Organisation regulations.

• Welders certification to ISO standard.

• Production process certification

• NEW BUILDING, Movable platform “SHELF 5 “ .

• NEW BUILDING, Bulk carrier for “UNICOM” group.

• Propeller, hub certification. Controllable pitch propellers hubs. AZIPOD-AZIMUT type propellers. Production supervision.

Project manager for Movable Platform, “Shelf 5”,new building projects at Kvaerner Vyborg Ship Yard, Russia.

? Mobile Platform ( Shelf 5). New building survey. Production hull supervision. Supervision on behalf of British Petroleum Co.

? “Sea Launch” mobile rocket platform and Commander Ship . Project coordination. Kvaerner Vyborg Shipyard, Russia.

? Supervision of:

? Rocket starting equipment and system pressure vessels installation and testing

? Structural arrangements and periodical surveys

Project manager for AZIPOD project for ABB, Azipod OY, Finland.!OpenDatabase&db=/global/seitp/seitp161.nsf&v=17E96&e=us&m=100A&c=D9B2B9B6EF1F600CC1256FDF003B2929

NAVAL Federal Unitary Enterprises, Zvyozdochka. .,

Severodvinsk, Russia

AZIPOD Project.

? Project Manager

? AZIPOD ( d = 5,7m) type propeller Certification

? 1999.08-09 The Kvaerner Masa -Yards, Turku, Finland

Experience exchange and New building surveys for “Eagles” concept passenger vessels. Supervision of:

? Construction Safety

? Machinery

? Ships systems

? 1998.08-09 DNV, Fredericia, Denmark

• SIO, Expirience exchange

1994.03-1995.11.15 Scientifical, Technical and Economic Expertise Commission for Mayor of St.Petersburg, Russia.

Engineer-Expert ( Qualified to “First category Engineer-Expert” acc. to national qualification system at 1995.10 )

• Condition Evaluation of Power plants

• Power Plants technical supervision and approvals

• Technical and research investigations of plants units failure and fuel consumption

• Advisory services. Power Plants.


Gomel High Speed Light Craft Yard, Gomel, Belarus.

Design-technologist department.

? Engineer-Designer

? Ship Builder

High-Speed Light Craft and Steel Barges

• Tailshafts montage

• Hydrofoils Wings arrangement

• Remote control systems installation

• Montage manuals design.

• AutoCAD

• Mould lofting group lead

1992.01-1992.03 NAVY Operation

Chief of group of control measurement equipment and submarines systems of mechanical-electrical department at the “Oskar II” class submarine. Approbation work. Sea Trials.

Northern fleet of the USSR/Russian Navy



(“Zapadnaya Litsa” Naval Submarine base)

Division of Nuclear Powered Missile Cruisers

1991.09-1991.12 Central Design Bureau for Marine Engineering "Rubin",

St.Petersburg, Russia

Naval Expertize Commision

Approbation work in supervision group

1989.08-1989.10 Training trial at Naval ship. “Smolniy”.


Education and qualifications



English language IELTS certified by British Council, St.Petersburg, Russia

Highest Naval Engineering Academy

Admiralty building

Admiralty proezd.

St.Peterburg (former Leningrad),


Diploma of Military Interpreter of English language

Foreign language department

1987.07-1992.06 Highest Naval Engineering Academy

Naval Architecture department.

Admiralty building

Admiralty proezd.

St.Peterburg (former Leningrad), Russia.

• Master of Science degree in Naval Architecture

• Officer- Diver, Universal

Qualification were assessed by “Canadian Council of Professional Engineers” and found complying to Ms.of Science degree in Naval Architecture.

Ref. No. 00079658, dated 2000.09.29


2005.07 Fish Philosophy, Singapore, by Steven Lundsgren

2005.07 Coating Inspector, TAEF, Australia

2005.01.31- 2005.02.11 DATASTREAM 7i, Asset performance management,

1998 - 2003 “Nauticus” family- Nauticus Hull, 3D, CMS, SIO and NEW BUILDING

Microsoft –Advanced user

Office suite (Project, Outlook, Word, EXEL, Access )

2003.03 International Ship and Port Facility Security Code, Long Beach, USA

1999-2002 Corporate Annual seminars on SIO, NEW BUILDING and CMC

1998.09 Radiant Thinking and Speed Reading by Tony Buzan

1996.05 Quality Assurance level III ( ISO 9000 series standard), Helsinki, Finland

1996.04 Ships Classification Concept, Hovik, Norway

1996.01 Systematic course of class surveys, Hovik, Norway



Computer Skills:

Microsoft Family Software



ISO 9000, Auditor


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