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Shipping Contract Administration / Supply & Trading Origination / Supply Operations / Sales Crude Oil / Products

Shoreside Operations

SUMMARY Qualified with 31 years of experience with progressive and increasingly responsible positions mainly within the Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Industry in a wide variety of activities including contract administration, supply chain, logistics, sales, supply & trading, terminal scheduling and manufacturing operations. Ability to conceptualize the big picture as well as pay attention to small details. Effective analytical, planning and organizational skills. Successful track record with high responsibility positions. A definite team player.


OBJECTIVE A challenging job in areas such as contract administration, logistics, scheduling, terminal management, sales, supply & trading / originator or supply chain that would allow me to add value to the company, expand my professional experience and enhance my potential as a person and as a professional to grow both horizontally and vertically within an organization.


EDUCATION University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN, USA, B.S. Industrial Engineering, 1982 - 1986


HONORS Selected as one of the “Top 100 Most Successful Managers” in Venezuela (years 2001 through 2005) by Venezuela’s “GERENTE” (Manager) magazine (a reliable and respected Business Management magazine in Venezuela).





Employer: Petrofac México

Job Title: External Commercial Consultant

From: 04/2017 06/2017. Location: México City, México

Description of Duties: Advised the company on commercial strategies and negotiations to allow for its growth of its new upcoming shared production crude oil availability in 4 production areas given the opening of the Mexican oil market. Established commercial guidelines (crude benchmarks, quality ) to negotiate with Pemex and other future private participants.


Employer: Pacific Exploration & Production

From: 11/2010 To: 02/2016. Location: Bogotá, Colombia & Panamá City, Panamá


Job Title: Crude Oil Supply and Trading Operations Manager

From: 02/2015 02/2016. Location: Panamá City, Panamá

Description of Duties: Responsible for crude oil and diluent International Supply Operations as well as purchase and sales contract administration to assure compliance all local and international regulations and agreements. Managed Puerto Bahia Terminal in Cartagena (450 ) in Colombia and scheduled Bayovar in Perú and occasionally Coveñas in Colombia. Develop and maintain fluid and strong relationships with i) current and potential customers and other industry players, ii) Inspections companies and ship agent as well as local authorities. Responsible for positioning and maintaining the company as a reliable supplier. Also responsible for new Panama office operations and administration.


Job Title: International Sales / Supply Operations / Contract Administration Manager

From: 11/2010 01/2015 Location: Bogotá, Colombia

Description of Duties: Responsible for timely international crude oil and products sales & purchases to maximize the benefits to the company. Develop and maintain fluid and strong relationships with current and potential customers and other industry players. Responsible for positioning and maintaining the company as a reliable supplier. Responsible for negotiating tank storage contracts, logistical and commercial set up of storage tanks in Barranquilla (3 tank farms totaling 900 ) and Cartagena (2 tank farms totaling 2000 inclusive of 200 of floating storage), operational and scheduling optimization of storage facilities. I was also responsible for our terminals’ scheduling assuring maximum efficiency in our operational activities with all terminals via close contact and interaction with customers, terminal operators, vessels, ship agents and independent inspectors. In charge of the operations control and administration of Barranquilla terminal (tanks and jetty) and Cartagena terminals (jetty, tanks and floating storage - barges). Even though Coveñas terminal (4.4 million ) was operated by Ecopetrol, I oversaw and had company’s presence to monitor and schedule the shipments. In charge of optimization of tanks and terminal usage, quality and quantity control for imports and exports. Also, responsible for sales and operations contract administration to ensure compliance of all local and international regulations and agreements. I was in charge of developing a vessel chartering mentality within the company to offer additional alternatives to our customers and help maximize the company’s overall supplier position. I was responsible for the company’s set up & initiation of a bunkering operation in Cartagena via a vessel (7 KMT DWT) setting up all initial ship’s and terminal blending, shipping, operational and safety requirements.


Employer: Chemoil Latin America, INC

Job Title: Offshore Bunker and Cargo Operations Manager

From: 06/2008 07/2010. Location: Panamá City, Panamá

Description of Duties: Responsible for Offshore Bunkering Operations within offshore US Gulf Coast via Ship-to-Ship operations. Responsibilities included: i) scheduling and operational control of two time chartered vessels (16 KMT & 34 KMT DWT) to assure timely and on spec delivery of bunkers (RMG380) mainly to crude oil tankers; ii) confirmation product availability, location and delivery windows to Chemoil’s marketing team; iii) load and voyage orders with direct contact with load terminal and ship masters as well as agents; iv) Assure all Ship-to-Ship equipment and materials were in compliance with Oil Companies International Marine Forum (OCIMF) regulations; v) Assure excellent performance and compliance of onboard company assigned mooring masters. vi) Development of the company’s Ship-to-Ship offshore US Gulf Coast bunkering procedures manual. Also responsible for Contract Administration and Cargo Operations of fuel oil purchases in Latin America (Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Trinidad). These included: i) nomination of load/discharge vessels, windows, inspectors, agents and loss control; ii) Load and discharge documentary instructions; iii load/discharge and voyage instructions; iv) analysis and negotiation of demurrage cases. I reported to Panama´s Managing Director.


Employer: FertiNitro, Fertilizantes Nitrogenados de Venezuela CEC

Job Title: Commercial and Logistics Manager

From: 07/2000 12/2007. Location: Jose, Venezuela

Description of Duties: Successful development and implementation of the Commercial & Logistics

management to assure timely and on spec delivery of 1,800,000 metric tons per year of fertilizer (dry bulk urea & liquid refrigerated ammonia) for this mixed capital Venezuelan fertilizer production company (state owned Pequiven as a shareholder). Responsibilities included Sales and dock services contract administration totaling approximately 430 million US$ per year. Optimized marine dock utilization and management of logistics, scheduling and marine transportation operations of 110 ships per year to ensure: safe operations, compliance with customers’ expectations; eliminate/minimize ship demurrages. I took a hands-on approach the optimization of production plans, inventory management and storage utilization (130,000 MT warehouse and 41,000 MT tank) to efficiently comply with sales programs as well as Market analysis to ensure the highest netback possible. Developed and implemented the department’s key performance indicators. Implemented SAP system´s Sales & Distribution module. I supervised 6 employees and reported to the General Manager.


Employer: Metor, Metanol de Oriente, S.A.

Job Title: Marketing Supervisor

From: 12/1995 06/2000. Location: Jose, Venezuela

Description of Duties: Development and implementation of the Marketing/supply unit to assure timely and on spec delivery of 800 KMT/YR for both local and international clients of Methanol for this mixed capital Venezuelan Methanol production facility (state owned Pequiven as a shareholder). Efficient management of logistics, and operations of marine transportation resulting in a drastic reduction of demurrage payment of the company. Generated cost-saving ideas such as swaps and shipment combinations that brought about 30 % freight savings. Implemented and maintained SAP R/3 system (Sales & Distribution S&D module) and ISO 9002 quality system (internal auditor) within the marketing unit. Efficiently performed as an internal ISO 9002 auditor. I reported to the General Manager.


Employer: Mobil Venezuela, S.A. (a Mobil Oil Corp. affiliate)

Job Title: Supply and Distribution Supervisor (Supply Chain)

From: 03/1995 12/1995. Location: Caracas and Guacara, Venezuela

Description of Duties: Headed master start up for lube oil blending plant operation. Demonstrated ability to analyze, evaluate and implement changes within the manufacturing system to maximize the plant’s capability to comply with customers’ requests. Selected and developed reliable suppliers and coordinated all operational aspects for new finished lubes to be launched into the then newly opened market. Designed and implemented an efficient local and international distribution and storage network to achieve on-time deliveries. Responsible for all import and export operations. I reported to the General Manager.


Employer: Keystone de Venezuela

Job Title: Sales Engineer

From: 06/1994 03/1995. Location: Anaco, Venezuela

Description of Duties: Initiated market entry and sales of Keystone International product line (valves, actuators, etc.). Prevented the removal of 50 Keystone valves from a filtering plant by fully analyzing all aspects of the problem, which contributed to a reputable image for the company.


Employer: Maraven, S.A., (PDVSA affiliate, a state owned Oil Company)

Job Title: Several positions: International Sales & Supply Operations: Crude Oil, Base Oils & Refined Products

From: 06/1989 06/1994. Location: Caracas, Venezuela

Description of Duties: Responsible for the contract administration of crude oil, and base oils supply contracts with third party customers as well as associations and refineries within the Maraven-PDVSA system. Also actively participated in spot and term contract negotiations as well as spot strategic purchases and sales. Cultivated business relations with major accounts. Coordinated exchanges of Venezuelan products. Efficiently programmed and scheduled tankers to comply monthly and quarterly local and export sales programs to refineries and end users of crude oils, refined and base oils. Effectively handled and negotiated demurrage cases.


Employer: Produvisa, S.A. and Detinca, S.R.L.

Job Title: Assistant Head Serigraphic Dept (glass bottle print shop) & Plant Manager

From: 10/1986 06/1989. Location: Aragua, Venezuela

Description of Duties: Developed and implemented production programs per machine, operator and each 8-hour shift (3) that resulted in a 40% production increase. Established quality controls, equipment maintenance programs, and training for mechanical maintenance personnel. Motivated and enhanced employee , which reduced absenteeism by 15% within the department of 150 employees. Drastically improved raw material reception, dry blending, bag filling, packing and delivery operations of a powdered detergent plant and recyclable raw materials handling facility. Optimized warehouse utilization and operation. Converted manual systems to computerized systems resulting in improved administrative processes in production, inventory, payroll, sales and accounts payable and receivable.


Languages: Fully bilingual in English and Spanish.


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