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Shipbuilding Technical Superintendent , Marine supervisor

Engineer  / Naval Architect


 Dedicated Marine Supervisor and Shipbuilding Technical Superintendent with excellent technical, analytical and communication skills demonstrated by 15 years of experience in Marine Industry.


Strong computer skills in Windows XP , Win 7, Win 8, Win10

Strong computer skills and working knowledge of Microsoft Office products

Strong  knowledge of SCADA and WIN VIEWER

Strong electrical and electromechanical skills (PLC’s troubleshootings ), VFD monitoring

Strong knowledge in Mechanics ( M.E., D.G. S.G ). Alignment of Shaft line, Rudder line, Propulsions line

Strong skills in Hydraulic ( HVRC, TLG )

Strong Skills in System Computer Control ( AHTW calibration, HVRC calibration, TLG calibration )

Excellent managerial, supervisory and leadership skills

Excellent budget management skills

Strong communications skills : English-fluency , French-familiar , Chinese Mandarin - beginner


AHTW vessels & MPSV vessels building supervision

MacGregor AHTW computer programming

Hydraulic / Electric troubleshooting of knuckle-boom AHC cranes

Commissioning of hydraulic/pneumatic systems ( HVRC , TLG , Compressors )

Training of new crew-members

Training of Service Engineers



            Bourbon Offshore Greenmar                                                              Aug. 2010 – April 2015

Conducted, led and supervised the dry-docking operations after sea-trials

Provided technical support to the crew of new vessel

Personally involved in Computer calibration of Active Heave and Towing Winch Directly

Involved in troubleshooting of Knuckle-boom Active Heave Control Cranes 

Inspected all the systems before starting the commissioning

Hand-over tests and issuing comments in time, if it was necessary.

Liaised with Site Manager in charge of production regarding conditions of systems and surrounding equipments before proceeding ahead

Led the system's commissioning with maker's service engineers.

Issued comments to test procedures or protocols submit by Yard where was necessary

Ensured that tests are performed according to Owner, Makers, Class and Flag authorities requests, bases acceptance standards on Flag and class rules, maker's documentation and usual marine practice.

Supervised all tests, trials and commissioning of equipments during docking and sea trials.

Ensured that all equipments and systems have been tested and are in condition to allow proper delivery of the vessel.

Organized weekly meetings with Yard  to check status of progress and clear up pending items

Ensured that Safety remains a key focus at all times

Worked on vessels : AHTW , PSV, OSV, MPSV.


Besi Marine Services                                                                                 May 2009 – June 2010

Trained the service engineer for commissioning the HRVC system, TLG systems

Traveled to shipyards to check and supervise the quality of system implementation on board of new shipbuildings

Led and coordinated the activity of service engineers

Trained the Service Engineers in order to have the best accomplishments

Liaised with yards in order to plan  the commissioning and hand-over in time

Elaborated checking and testing procedures

Checked and supervised the quality and standards of commissioning jobs

Participated and supervised the systems Hand-Over

Worked on vessels :Bulks, Ro-Ro, LPG’s, LNG’s, Oil Tankers, Dredging vessels


G.S.P. Rig oil platform                                                                              Oct 2005 – April 2009

Tested circuit connections using the proper electrical test equipment as well as digital generator and VFD monitoring components.

Installed, tested, troubleshooted and maintained electrical equipment such as air conditioning, heating and refrigeration equipment. As needed, install and repair lighting systems.

Repaired electrical and electronic equipment such as panel lighting, circuit breakers, junction boxes, voltage regulators and reverse current relays.

Built and installed electrical distribution panels for motor starting, operations and multi-dwelling office/camp installations including its accessory equipment.

Built, installed and maintained alarm system.

Installed, calibrated and maintained gas detection equipment.

Ensured an adequate amount of tools and spare parts are available and, as needed, submit requisitions to Toolpusher / Purchasing Manager for approval.

Ensure the proper implementation of the Rig Maintenance System (RMS)


Besi Marine Services                                                                                       Nov 2004 – May 2009

Checked the HVRC , TLG , systems during commissioning ( computer control, electrical, hydraulic, mechanic )

Organized the hand-over and presented the system to Client and Class Issued comments to shipyards in order to respect the implementing requirements of the RVC on board of the vessel

Solved the after sales troubleshootings

Assured the service after sales for the systems commissioned

Worked on vessels : Bulks, Ro-Ro, Chemical Tankers, Oil Tankers


Damen Shipyard Group                                                                                    Nov2003 – Nov 2004

Organized the work for all departments from the shipyard involved in ship-building production : Pipe department , Electrical department, Mechanical department, Painting dept,etc.

Communicated and established bridges between all departments involved in shipbuilding in order to respect the terms established for vessel's delivery.

Supervised the work on board of vessel in order to respect the Safety rules.

Worked on vessels : Special U.K.Navy Patrol Vessel.


Damen Shipyard Group                                                                              Nov 2001 – Nov 2003

Coordinated and ensured that all mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic equipment maintenance and repair is done in a safe and prudent manner

Ensured that the permit to work and isolation systems are in place and followed

Operated, maintained and repaired as necessary the engine cooling water system, lube oil system, and fuel system

Supervised the maintenance and repair of all pumps and valves of the ballast system, thrusters, associated driven pumps and auxiliary equipment

Liaised with the marine department regarding the loading, ordering and use of fuel, potable water

Planned equipment periodic maintenance according to the RMS guidelines

Maintained an adequate supply of spares to fulfill maintenance requirements and facilitated a safe and efficient operation

Ensured that reports for repair and maintenance of equipment are accurate and complete


Principal :  State Technical University ( 5 years )

        Profile : Mechatronics

        Bachelor Degree in Industrial Robots, obtained in 2001 with 9.83%

Secondary :

-       Marine electro-mechanic Certificate

-       Sparrow 1 Offshore Knuckleboom AHC cranes operator Certificate

-       Electrical authorization Certificate for work below 10 KV

Citizenship : Romanian

Marital : married

Skype : roamar2

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