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Security Expert/ PSD Operator / V.I.P Protection / CPO / Bodyguard / Convoy ops


Marine-time security on a vessel or any PSD



Client is director of BMW South Africa, Aston Martin, Rolls Royce South Africa.

VIP Unit - Body Guard/PSD

May 2010 – current

Protection of the principal whilst in transit.Protection whilst entering and exiting a vehicle & premises.Protection whilst the principal is on foot.Driving the principal , and his family to a destination of their choice.Protection at the residence.Monitoring the security at residence.Checking of the vehicles for safety and road worthiness.Checking that everything in and around the home is in sound working order.Completed and passed all Advanced driving courses at DEROTEC.

United Resource Group - Babylon Gates IRAQ



August 2008 – April 2009

PSD Training, Hands on training, and conducting missions with team.Day to day protective security functions.Security clearing of Boardroom/Meeting rooms for United Nation Military & VIP meetings and functions.In & Outgoing Vehicle searches to and from RTI compound and other dedicated locations in RED ZONE.Securing Residential areas for delegates.Continuous monitoring of security operations

REED Security IRAQ

Team Member

January 2008 – July 2008

Day to day OPS missions.Weapon & Vehicle training.Conducting medical training

Vigilant Strategic Services AFGHANISTAN

Director of Training

March 2007 – January 2008

The company specialises in all security factors and construction as PSD, Guard Forces, Japanese Intel & construction of rebuilding Afghanistan

Provided PSD Convoy Protection for TMG.Provided close protection to the Chairman of the Japanese Intelligence Services in Afghanistan and provided PSD services as part of the protection services.Provided close protection for TMG representative for future convoy contracts.Providing close protection to multiple businesses from Kabul to Kandahar and surrounding areas.Responsible for all K9 training programs.Training of green EDD’S , NDD’S and MDD’S.Cleared 87 hector for Economics for future airfield and agriculture in Hellmann.Worked NDD’S with the Afghanistan Border Police at Kabul Airport, searching planes, luggage in cargo section and hand luggage.Worked closely with the British Counter Narcotics Unit to improve the prevention of drugs entering and exiting Kabul Airport.Personally doing the EDD mission down town Kabul Post Office with Camp Phoenix searching all US, BRITISH and other nationals’ mail before loading on to US vehicles.

Cochise Consultancy IRAQ

Team Operator

April 2006 – January 2007

Convoy Commander.PSD Operator / Security Specialist.Rendering a high standard of VIP protection.Fixed site security and access control to work site.Perimeter security and roving patrols around work site.Training and supervision of local security personnel.Risk analysis and assessment.Armed convoy escort.Vehicle commander and operator.

Static guards supervision

Canine Associates International – Iraq

Operator/Assistant Trainer & Team Leader/ POC

October 2004 - March 2006

Conducting of internal PSD for company president and staff all over Iraq.Detection of Explosives and improvised explosive devices at US Army controlled check points.Conducting raids wit US Army and special forces.Road side sweeps.Open area clearing.Building searches and clearing.Specialized searches with US Navy Seals of Presidents Residential quarters.Clearing and searching of all buildings for Top/High level government meetings.Luggage and parcel searches at Bagdad International Airport.Searching of aircraft at Bagdad International Airport for President and all top VIP’S.Vehicle searches at US Army check points and government buildings.Searching of DEFAC facilities on US Army Compounds.Clearing of voting pole stations for Iraqi elections.Conducting vehicle searches on election days in Baghdad street.Assisting all handlers on training uses

Working close with military veterinarian to assure dogs’ health

Canine Associates International – Afghanistan

Team Leader

Overseen task for the Romanian Presidents Visit to Kandahar Airfield Base and multiple VIP’S from the USA.Drawing up of daily work schedule for daily tasking.Planning and allocating of missions whit multi special forces.Detection of Explosives and improvised explosive devices at US Army/ Dutch Army/ British Army and Canadian Army controlled check points.Deploying of k9 teams all over multiple military FOBS for tasking.Conducting missions and raids on villages.Assisting on training issues.Clearing local market on market day

Omego Risk Solutions – Iraq

Specialised Dog Services

Kennel Master & Dog Handler

May 2004 – September 2004

Operations with OMEGA were to conduct vehicle searches at main gate of the Military Academy Al-Rastemia with Explosive Dogs and have part in Access and Egress Control.Conducting of PSD task daily for KELLOGS BROWN ROOT (KBR) as driver for the Principal’s Vehicle and providing Close Protection.Overseeing all dog related issues, kennels and all logistics.Training of Local PSD drivers and team members.Route assessment planning for movement.

Mine Dog Centre - South Africa

Zimbabwe, Lebanon & Iraq

Country Manager & Dog Handler

January 2001 – November 2003

The Company specializes in the training and use of Landmine and Explosive Detection Dogs.

Clearing of known and un known minefields.Drawing up maps and taking log of all findings and cleared areas.Over seeing of all training programs while deployed overseas.Building of training minefield for company , United Nations accreditations minefields and for military mine detection dogs.Overseeing all surveys done by the mine detections dogs, capability of work and performance.Clearing of border lines for new border posts and access points.Clearing of areas to be used for building of schools or for reconstruction of buildings.Clearing of War looted Military Establishments.Clearing of water point to allow safe community access to such point.Conducted raids on houses for hidden weapons.Clearing of high profile organization building like for example the United Nations Head Office.


N2 Pretoria west College



I have over 15 years’ experience gained, in various aspects of the security field from around the world whilst working with multi-national and international security force teams. I completed various international appointments over the last 9 years working in high threat environments in Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Mozambique.

I have completed various extensive operations in:

• Personal Security Detail

• Convoy Protection

• V.I.P Protection

• Body guarding

• Close Protection Ops

• Family Protection (client, wife and children)

As certified Canine Trainer I have trained K9’s for:

• EDD - Explosive Detection Dogs

• NDD - Narcotic Detection Dogs

• MDD - Mine Detection Dogs

I have managed to build a very good track record for development and implementation of various resource initiatives. I am very punctual and my work is consistent. I have acquired very good interpersonal communication- and organisational skills through co-ordinating and controlling various multi-disciplined multi national teams. The latter has also proven my ability to lead and motive my team, and to ensure ultimate task performance.



• Management ability

• Good Leader

• Independent worker and team player

• Excellent Communication skills (Verbal & Written)

• Professional conduct

• Performance based worker

• Meticulous & dedicated

• Practical thinker

• Motivator

• Qualified K9 Trainer (EDD/NDD/MDD)


Lyttelton, Gauteng,
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