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Shipboard Officer / Personnel / Crew

I'm experienced third,second officer on different type of ships (Container,MPC,Ro-Ro,Passenger ferry,Lo-Ro,Bulk carrier,General cargo) with multinational crew.I've experience as Chief officer of ASD tugboat being engaged in construction project with special jackup barges and pontoons handling during the new terminals building as well as ships handling as forward or aft push-pull tug assistant under pilot command during mooring operations.

I’m an ambitious man,Personal improvement is something that I always strive to achieve.I’m willing to learn new skills,and work in all areas.I’m presently seeking uniqe opportunity to be considered as Third,Second,Chief officer to gaine valuable experience.
My vision is returning regularly to the same ship that bring a personal interest in the ship and its maintenance.I’m hard-working,pro-active,enthusiastic and a team player.I’m able to demonstrate diligence and attention to details,excellent team spirit and proactive attitude,ability to deliver high quality work on time,ability to work on my own initiative with good problem solving skills,ability to deal with multiple issues,tasks and priorities concurrently.I’m adaptable to the constantly changing situations.

I definately take pride in my work and I will be more than happy to gain a reliable and professional reputation.
I’m presently seeking uniqe opportunity to be considered and to be further employed as Second officer or Ch.Officer on any type of tugboat in seagoing or harbour segment in the event that a suitable vacancy arises.Vacancies for any other type of ships that meet my experience are also suitable to me.

I'd like to obtain employment permanently that will allow me to use my abilities,knowledge and experience to work with people and take advantage of reaching the highest possible standards.

I've all my certificates updated with latest requirements.Non-smoker,No tattoos

  • Second Officer 8 years by 2019
  • Third Officer 5 years by 2010
  • Second Officer at NSC Shipping
    2012 December - May 2019
    General: Familiarizing and complying with the Navigation Policy and Procedures,Standard Operating Procedures,Master's Standing Orders and STCW.Performing bridge navigation,deck watch and port watch during specified periods.Reporting to the Captain and assisting the Master in communicating and enforcing all Company Policies and procedures.Providing information and consultancy in case of inspections.Crew training on weekly,monthly schedule basis.Routes planning,charts and publications corrections,advising on ordering of navigation charts and publications.Operation and maintenance,cheks and tests of navigational equipments,radio equipments and radio-telephony stations.Maintaining of the navigation bridge supply inventories and requisitions.Guiding through the Bridge Procedures Check lists and keeping on entering of the records of all tests and inspections in the log book and Maintenance system.Assisting in the event of First Aid.Administration of medicines and medical aids.
    At Sea: Supervising of the course and speed for safe vessel navigation.Navigating of the vessel taking into account of prevailing conditions to ensure avoidance of marine hazards such as reefs,outlying shoals,shallow waters.Determining the ship’s position in frequent intervals using all available means such as GPS,aids to navigation such as lights,lighthouses,and buoys,radar’s ranges,visual observations,depth sounders.Calculating of sunrise,sunset times and information of the tides and currents.
    At Port: Supervising of moorings ropes and be aware of any important work in progress outside during normal working hours.Assisting in the safe and efficient operation of the deck department and responsible for the safety and integrity of the vessel including ballast operations and stability.Ensuring that relevant procedures for the loading and unloading are followed by the appointed personnel.Ensuring that all work on deck is carried out in a safe and efficient manner.
  • Chief Officer at United Marine Dredging
    2018 August - Nov 2018
    Assisting dredger with precise positioning for dredging activities.Handling with the special full or empty barges delivering it to dredger from dumping ground area and vice versa.Assisting the special pontoons equiped with special equipments and specific tools for building new terminals.Shiphandling as forward or aft tug pull assistant or push assistant under a pilot command.
  • Navigator (Bachelor)
    Navigation at Odessa National Maritime Academy
    2012 - 2015
  • Navigator
    Navigation at Odessa Secondary Marine School
    1998 - 2001
  • Cyprus Endorsement COC Dec 2018
  • Cyprus Seaman’s Book Dec 2018
  • Ships Security Officer (A-VI/5,B-VI/5) Oct 2018
  • Security Training for Seafarers with Designated Security Duties Oct 2018
  • Liberia Seaman’s Book Sep 2017
  • US Visa C1/D Sep 2017
  • Travel passport (Biometric) Jul 2017
  • Liberia Endorsement COC Feb 2017
  • Deep Sea Navigator Nov 2016
  • GMDSS General Operator Certificate Nov 2016
  • GMDSS Endorsement Nov 2016
  • Radar Observation and Plotting Simulator (A-II) Sep 2016
  • Automatic Radar Plotting Aids (ARPA) Sep 2016
  • ECDIS Sep 2016
  • Bridge Team and Resource Management (VIII/2) Sep 2016
  • Dangerous and Hazardous Substances (V4,V5) Sep 2016
  • Training of Passenger Ship Personnel (A-V/2,B-V/2) Sep 2016
  • Training of Passenger Ship Personnel (A-V/2,B-V/2) Sep 2016
  • Basic Safety Training and Instructions (VI/1.1-4) Sep 2016
  • Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boats (VI/2) Sep 2016
  • Advanced Fire Fighting (VI/3) Sep 2016
  • Medical Care (VI/4.2) Sep 2016
  • Medical First Aid (VI/4.1) Sep 2016
  • Seaman’s book Dec 2015
  • Yellow fever Vaccination Dec 2015
Vilkovo, Odessa region,
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