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Looking for an opportunity to continue working in the maritime field with an emphasis on working tug boats.


United States Coast Guard- Seaman in the Deck Division on the USCGC Sherman (378’)


-USCGC Sherman (Alameda, CA), Naval Shipboard Firefighting School (San Diego, CA), USCG Boot Camp (Cape May, NJ), Devry University (Long Beach, CA), Long Beach City College, Fontana High School (Fontana, CA)


-Helm, Messenger, Lookout, Lee Helmsman, Aft Steering Helmsman, and Sound Powered Phone Talker

-Damage Control (SCBA and OBA)

-Inport Security Watchstander (inport QMED)

-Anchoring Detail (Capstan / Brake Operator)

-Line Handling, Mooring, & Leadsman

-.50 Caliber Machine Gun Loader / Gunner

-Forklift Operator


All seaman / deckhand jobs and evolutions:

-Helmsman, lookout, messenger

-UNREP (refueling and replenishment at sea qualified)

-All deck maintenance and up keep

-Line handling, mooring, and anchoring including anchor watch

-Shipboard firefighting

-Lowering, raising, and operation of cutter small boats and life rafts

-Loading supplies and equipment via forklift


Oakland, CA,
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