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Safety Officer/Advisor/Manager/Auditor


To further develop my skills which relating

to my experience in health and safety

aspects in the maritime industry


Since 1999 -2005 – Captain of seagoing vessels at Novorossiysk Shipping Company (NOVOSHIP)

1993-1999 – Chief mate at Novoship

1992-1993 – 2nd mate at Novoship

1989-1992 – 3rd and 2nd(cargo) mate at Sakhalin Shipping Company


1983-1989 – Novorossiysk Marine State Academy (Novorossiysk Higher Engineering Marine College)

1989-2005 – all training, requiring STCW 78/85:


Master certificate with no limitation and all revelant courses


Highlights of experience - Six years’ experience working in the Shipping Company as a captain of the tankers(chemical tankers).

Dealing with safety, security, navigation and cargoes’ handling have always been my speciality.

Sixteen years experience working with people

Good communication and listening skills

Flexible and has good time managment skills

Honest,friendly and helpfull

Fluent in English and Russian


Full Cv will be sent upon request with email.

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