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ROV Pilot/Tech


I am a qualified ROV Pilot/Tech based in South Africa. I have extensive knowledge on repairing hydraulic circuits, electronic circuits and fiber optics/fusion splicing, for i have been employed in various industries using these skills. I have also worked for Transocean and Cape Diving on Sedneth 701 and Rig 140. I have a total flying time of 50 hours. I completed my ROV training with a final mark of 96%. I am hard working and learn easy. I love my job and would like to further my career as an ROV Pilot/Tech.


1995 – 1998 – Network Engineer and IT Technician

Hoedspruit Coca Cola, South Africa

1999 – 2000 – Team Leader/Technician, Repairing Banking ATM’s - De La rue

Cash Systems, Supervised Y2K Project.

Cash Paymaster Services, South Africa

2001 – 2006 – IT Network Manager/Tech, Telecoms, Network, Fiber Optics & Electronics

Trance City Trade Investments, UK, London

2007 – 2009 – Hydraulics - Africa Plant Hire

September 2009 - Rig mooring, Sedneth 701 Project. Cape Diving/Transocean

October 2009 - Rig mooring, Rig 140 Project. Cape Diving/Transocean

Jan - Feb 2010 - Trainee Position - Help setup Super Mohawk controle room and TMS conversion


High School - South Africa

West Minster Uni. - London, UK

Trade Qualification - Electronics - CPS, South Africa

Maralco Foundation - Phillipines

Idess - Maritime Centre - Phillipines


ROV Pilot/Tech



Fiber Optics

Fusion Splicing

High Voltage

BOSIET Survival - Valid till - 05/2013

UKOOA Medical - Valid till – 06/2011


Job Function Years Experience

ROV Pilot 50 hours

Hydraulics 2

Electronics 5

Fiber Optics 5

Telecommunications 5


Yes - I will travel domestically

Yes - I will travel internationally

Kempton Park, Gauteng,
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