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Want to become a rigger on a supply vessel, to earn money to further study for my tickets, I use to be skipper of a 25ton/14 metre vessel in South Africa, but I want to become captain one day, I have it in my to accomplish something like that.


I started off in 2000 in South Africa as a commercial diver class III. Masekhane Diamonds, Alexander Bay. Soon became skipper and diving supervisor. I was in charge of vessel and all the crew. 2005 I left the diamond bussiness and began commercial longline fishing for P&H Fishing Saldanha, It was a 100ton/25meter vessel, I sailed as second mate. Then in 2006 I began on a 40m diamond vessel as tool operator, and in charge of underwater mining. We used a remote underwater tool to suck up gravel from the seafloor, to get diamonds. I also did the anchor spread of the vessel on a program called FLEXI-MINE, our mining was all done with GPS and FLEXI-MINE on computers, I did all of that. Currently I work for company manufacturing diamond proccesing plants, as rigger and fitter (field service)


Finished grade 12 High school


Skipper U/25ton

Commercial diver/supervisor class III

Rope access technician level 1

Basic rigging module 1

Offshore survival and medical

Pre-sea familiarisation

Seamans record / discharge

International Yellow fever vaccination


I'm very good with small vessel handling, in very rough conditions. Also very capable of handling any vessel size I'm allowed to operate. With rigging I am very good


Alexander Bay, Nortern Cape,
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