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Radio Operator, Rig Administrator, Roustabout


I would like to apply for a position as an Offshore Radio Operator. I would like to develop my career in the oil and gas industry and specialise in telecommunications. I understand that this position may not be available and so I am willing to undertake other tasks (ie. Roustabout) until a suitable position arises.

I have over 6 years experience in Telecommunications and Information Systems and believe that my skills and experience of GMDSS networks on large naval vessels, together with my extensive training on a wide range of marine radio equipment will enable me to make a positive contribution to any platform.



Royal Australian Navy (Posted throughout Australia).

•Supervise transmission and reception of messages via strategic and tactical data communications and information systems. Prepare and handle classified material, decode and encode signals. Carry out control room watch keeping and on call duties on a staggered shift system.

•As part of Bridge and Operations Room Team oversee security operations, radio nets, reporting incidents and responding to emergencies. Produce written and verbal reports for management. Advise ships command on manoeuvring of ships in company, interpret rules and signals and transfer information to Officer on Watch. Form part of boarding parties, conduct boarding operations from ships boats or helicopters.

•Administration of IT infrastructure, set up accounts, revise permissions etc. Maintain communications compartments and specific equipment such as signal projectors, lights, flags, portable radios and selected IT equipment.

•Identify and eliminate failure modes in Telecommunications infrastructure. Develop maintenance strategies to enhance reliability and reduce costs.

•Supervise and train junior sailors in radio operation, including emergency calls, calling ship to ship, ship to shore, types of marine radios, rules and regulations governing radio use locally and in foreign ports.


2000-2001 BAR MANAGER

Dellaware North/Rollan Sodexo

•Meet and greet customers and provide service of food and drinks.

•Operate cash registers, accept payment, prepare invoices and contracts.

•Supervise staff, provide on the job training, deal with customer complaints.

•Manage stock, tills, cash floats, cash skims, security of premises.


YR 12 Bacchus Marchus Grammer 2000


Certificate III in Secure Communication Network Operation 2005

•Certificate II in Public Safety (Communications Operations)2005

o Provide First Aid

o Survive at Sea in the event of Vessel Abandonment

o Minimise the risk of fire and maintain a state of readiness to emergency situations involving fire

o Fight and Extinguish Fires

• Certificate II in Information Technology 2004

Statement of Attainment

•Certificate III in Transport and Distribution (Maritime Operations) 2006

•Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training 2005

•Certificate III in Public Safety (Boatswains Mate) 2003

• TBOSIET (HUET)July 2008

•Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) General Operator Certificate # AA05630 2008

•WA Construction Blue Card #194463 2008


Highly skilled in transmitting and receiving messages around ship and shore establishments, liaising with department heads and personnel by radio telephone, radio, satellite, Morse flashing light, semaphore, flags and through the use of cutting edge technology.

Manage flow of information into and out of operational units and maintain security of special compartments. Prepare, handle and distribute messages, use secure and non-secure voice and data systems. Coding and decoding highly classified material.

High level of computer literacy including spreadsheet and database skills. Record and maintain information on messages received and relayed, prepare reports of communications traffic handled.


•Demonstrate a high level of enthusiasm, leadership and driven attitude when under pressure. Consistently produce work of a high quality and collaborate in team to achieve departmental goals.

•Excellent interpersonal skills, communicate clearly with people from a wide range of backgrounds. Able to impart knowledge to others and train personnel to develop technical and personal skills.

•Liaise with wide range of internal and external agencies regarding set up of new accounts and exchange of information. Committed to providing highest level of service possible.

Safety and Security

•Able to remain calm, make decisions and offer advice to all levels of staff, including management, during emergency situations and instil confidence in times of stress or difficulty.

•Ability to cope with repetitive work without losing attention to detail, able to start up and maintain security for communication and information systems during emergency situations.

•Highly trained and qualified in fire fighting, first aid and able to respond to a wide range of emergency incidents and maintain a state of readiness at all times.


Highly trained, multi-disciplined Telecommunications and Information Systems Operator with over 6 years experience in maritime communications on large naval vessels. Plan, deploy and maintain robust, scalable, secure local and wide area networks. Experienced in using satellite terminals, hand held and desk top terminals, radios operating in different frequency bands, security equipment and specialised communications equipment and cutting-edge technology designed for specific tasks. Operate global communications networks world-wide, working on and off shore, in difficult and demanding situations preparing highly classified military material for transmission. Qualified to operate a number of devices used on vessels, these include:

Radio Equipment • VHF/UHF AM/FM hand portable radios, repeaters and base stations

•EPIRBs, SOLAS/GMDSS MF/HF SSB and VHF maritime radio stations

•Maritime mobile and satellite phones, low power on board UHF equipment

•Inmarsat (A, B, C) Satellite communications equipment

•Citizens Band (CB) radio equipment

•Digital and analogue microwave LOS links up to 24 GHz

•Optical fibre data links

•Wide range of antennae frequencies for military communications

Port Kennedy, Western Australia,
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