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Port Mangement & Operations


To seek a challenging position for a suitable job in a challenging and stimulating environment expectation personal growth and career development associating with an organization that provides an ambiance for learning and professional growth.


Assistant Planner

United Arab Shipping Company

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

I am coninually working for the same company since graduation from United Kingdom 1988.

Presently working as an Assistant Plalnner and had been offered this shore job in the company's Central Planning department ( Head Office -Dubai ) only last year and to be precise was offered in December 2005 .

My Job can be summarized by the following tasks :-

* Assist & Cordinate with senior Planners/Planners on

sections statics reports

* Prepare Vessels Daily Movement report and distribute


* Update & verify vessels position on the schedule system

* Verify Baplie file against TOR and distribute same

* Arrange Bay Plan and container lists and distribute same

* Maintain Vessel file Archive

* Verify sections statistic reports & distribute same

* Ensure timely completion of paperwork and formalities, to

update documentation of vessel's in line with UASC's


* Follow all relevant safety, quality and environmental control

procedures & instruction so that personal safety / the

safety of others is not jeopardised & a minimum level of

product / service quality & environmental impact can be


* Follow all relevant operational procedures & instructions

so that work is carried out in a controlled & consistent


Assistant Senior Electrical Engineer

United Arab Shipping Company (S.A.G.)

Dubai - P.O.Box: 55586, United Arab Emirates



After the College Graduation from United Kingdom in 1988 I worked as a Marine Radio Officer on board United Arab Shipping Company's Vessels & was working together with a multinational staff as a team to accomplish smooth operations and maintenance of all the vessel's equipments .

Time conducted this post ( from graduation year 1988 till year 2000 ) .



From year 2000 till year 2005 conducted as an Assistant Electrical Enguineer .

In year 2000 I attended the Control & System Technician Course at Alexandria - Egypt,hence I was promoted to an Assistance Senior Electrical Engineer and My job was to assist My Senior Electrical Engineer in maintaining & servicing all Electrical / Electronics Equipements on board the company's Vessel and My responsibility can be summarized by the following under mentioned tasks :-

* Maintenance & Servicing all Navigational

equipements which includes Marine Radars,

Inmarsat A, B & C & Mini-M Satellite


* Anschutz Magnetic Gyro

* VHF/HF Transmitters & Receivers

* GMDSS System

* Auto Pilot System & Bow Thrustor maintenance

* Fire/Heat/Smoke Alarm Systems (Sensors &

Detectors )

* Vessel's Data Recorder & Echo Sounders


* I am responsible for Electrically maintaining 3

Numbers of AC Alternators capacity of

1400 AMPS output for each Alternator

* DC Generators of High tensions which is used

in Cranes for Cargo operations

* Servicing All kinds of Pumps & Motors on board

* All on Deck Machinery ( i.e. Auto Tension

Winches, Windlass Motors & Cranes of 25 to 80

Tons & Stulcken Crane of 110 Tons weight limit

* Emergency Generator of 225 KVA

* Electrical Maintenance of the Water Steam




Then finally in year 2005 and precisely in December 2005

I had been offered a shore post at My company at the Main Head office ( Central Planning Department ) as an Assistant Ships Planner and still working till present day .


Port of Singapore ( PSA ), Singapore, Singapore

Certification/diploma, Port Operations & Management

Attended the above mentioned Course which was conducted by Singapore Port Authority between the date 23rd October till 7th September 2007

Singapore Shipping Association, Singapore, Singapore

Certification/diploma, Principles of Ship's Handling & Operations

Completed the 2 weeks course and awarded the above mentioned certificate

Rochville Unvivercity, United States


"Associate Degree in Business Administration Program" 2007

(Check Certificate & use link undermentioned :- )

ID: RV1125652

PW: 68781498

Control & System's Technician Certificate, Alexandria, Egypt

Certification/diploma, Electrical Field

Arab Academy for Science Technology & Maritime Transport

A+ Microsoft Certified Technician, Alexandria, Egypt

Certification/diploma, Computer Science Field

The American University in Alexandria

Microsoft Hardware / Software Part I & II Technician, Alexandria, Egypt

Certification/diploma, Computer Science Field

The American University in Alexandria

BTEC Higer National Certificate ( H.N.C. ), South Shields, United Kingdom

Bachelor's degree/higher diploma, Telecommunications field

South Tyneside College

Marine Radio General Certificate( M.R.G.C.), South Shields, United Kingdom

Certification/diploma, Telecommunications Field

South Tyneside College

BTEC National Diploma, South Shields, United Kingdom

Certification/diploma, Telecommunications field

South Tyneside College


Navis ( Power Stow ), USA, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Certification/diploma, Ship's Planning Programm

Had attaended the Seminar introduction to the NAVIS ( Power Stow ) Program which is used for Ship's Planning / stowage .

NAVIS (PowerStow) Container Stowage Coordination lets you quickly plan containers using a powerful suite of graphical software tools. Point and click to place containers in container bays one at a time or in groups. Assign each container a unique visual identity by using different colors and icons to represent container size, weight group, contents, discharge port, load port, final destination, and many other attributes. Reposition containers and instantly see stress and stability factors change. Move a container, and voila! - the stowage plans you created for all down-line ports are instantly updated and displayed on the screen. The result? Better stowage plans that enable you to stow more containers faster and more efficiently, improving your line's profitability.

CASP ( Computer Automated Stowage Planning ), Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Certification/diploma, Vessel's Container Planning Program

Had attended the seminar of the Container Planning /Stowage Program which is a scheduling Program for loading and unloading the containers is developed and computerized for efficiently operating the loading and unloading cargo from the container ship to the assigned storage site or vice versa, and organizing the container storage system. A computer readable recording medium is also developed for recording the computer programs of the scheduling method for effectively performing the optimal loading and unloading process with the shortest time consuming. The recording medium contains a data acquiring step for establishing Yard Information Database, Container Database, Shipping Order Database, a Unloading Step including assigning an available quay location identifying unloading containers and assigning an available container storage site, Loading Step including identify the loading containers, location of storage site, cargo destination and ship quay location, and Data Storing Step for maintaining Bay Plan .


Skill Skill Level Years of Experience Last Used

Hardware & Software Technician - Computer field - Expert More than 10 years 1 month or less

Arabic / English Translator ( International Membership NO. 1550 ) Expert More than 10 years 1 month or less

Automobile's Mechanics by Experience Expert More than 10 years 1 month or less

MS office Expert More than 10 years 1 month or less

STCW, SOLAS, ISM, ISPS, Flag State requirements on Shipping and Law. Expert More than 10 years 1 month or less

Ship's Stowage Planning Programm (NAVIS) Intermediate 1 year or less 1 month or less


WATA World Association of Arab Translators & Linguists January 1988

Dubai, U.A.E.,
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