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Naval engineer


• I want to be productive and give my capacities to an enterprise, which permit me to do it. It is sharing my knowledge operational and administrative to benefice enterprise. Furthermore, I like to participate and grow as a person in the Canadian or world society. Furthermore, I like to try different kinds of people.


Powell Industries Inc  2014 - 2018                                            Facilities   Maintenance Technician

Acheson –Alberta

 Daily Inspection to Equipment and Installations.

  • Perform minor repairs to Electrical and Mechanical Equipment.
  • Perform minor repair to drywall, plumbing, painting heater system.
  • Inspection monthly to fire extinguisher.
  • Maintenance and testing of the Fire Alarm System.
  • Maintenance to perimeter gate and interior doors.
  • Perform Maintenance to heater boiler and pumps.
  • Organizing Technical Manuals and writing work instructions
  • Keeping clear all walking areas of the building.
  • Perform maintenance machinery and equipment of the building
  • Checking the cleanness of the areas.

Mid- City Roofing   2014                                                                        Helper Construction

Edmonton –Alberta

  • of reparation regarding the kind of work roofs etc.

GardaWorld August 2013                                                                        Safety Officer at Lac Mégantic city, Quebec

  • Monitoring places ensure compliance with security procedures. Look for and report to the competent authorities of fire hazards, anomalies in the functioning of systems or interruption  from utilities ‘’electricity, heating,  ventilation’’
  • Respond to emergencies.

Company Fabritec Lteé                                                                                            Bromont city, Quebec 2011-2012

  • Responsible for the store tools or other equipment.
  • Duties at Shipping and receiving.

 Inventory Easter Enterprise                                                                              Sherbrooke city, Quebec 2009-2011


  • Enter data information into the software control.
  • Report
  • Conducting the inventories of several storage products in magazines or warehouses

Terminal maritime S.P.R.C. Cartagena - Colombia 1995-2007

Job position: Ship Planner

• Coordinate the loading and unloading of containers of commercial lines' such Happag Lloyd, Evergreen Csav.
• Perform planning and after loading and unloading of containers in general loading vessels.
• Control operations for loading and unloading of vessels from the software NAVIS SPARCS and all relationships maintain personnel, and finally to make the begin report and final report of the operation.

Job position: Responsible repairs of empty containers belong to shipping lines 2003-2005

• Ensure staff under polite of direction to make repairs and maintenance standards in compliance with line owners such EWL in accordance with specific standards (Institute International Containers lessor) IICL. In addition, I calculate the costs necessary for container damage estimation.

Job Terminal Coordinator 1997-2002

• Coordinate, supervise and report operation's terminal also to make statistic data daily referring to operations into such as operation’s maritime and terrestrial. In fact, the terminal’s security physical was the principal tasks.

Job Box of warehouse 1996-1997

• In this job, I coordinated the space for loading and unloading containers, which were being full cargo I maintained, updated the inventory of the warehouse such as cargo importation as exportation cargo.
• I reported to the customs national about the cargo, which stays into for more than sixty days.
• I was made the schedule shift of the worker.

Job position: Logistics ships tourist and commercial 1995-1996

I prepared areas to receive the tourism ships; also, I coordinated the schedule and services, which were requested by the vessel such as water service, security service for the people came on board.

Engineer naval (Navy Army) Cartagena - Colombia 1989-1995

I was seven years, on the sea as Naval Engineer. It was a wonderful experience. Among the mains task was:

• The main task was updated and maintained the schedule maintenance of propellants engines, electrical systems air-conditioned air marine naval vessels.
• Control and supervise maintenance of diesel engines, gas boilers (kettles) electrical, air-conditioned airs and auxiliary machines.
• Assign tasks and responsibilities for the screw under my direction.
• Control maintenance work schedules.
• I was getting the statistical control corresponding to the Department of engineering vessels.
• Maintain the system of maintenance of the vessels.
• Perform the main vessel and auxiliary machines working hour’s reports.


Institution Year

Bishops University 2009 -2011
Sherbrooke Quebec - Canada

Certificate in transport logistic 2008
Cégep Sherbrooke QC - Canada

Diploma of French language studies 2007
Cégep Sherbrooke QC - Canada

Institute International Container Lessors Inspector 2007

Master of administration, 1996-1999
of Mexico with
The University of Cartagena - Colombia
(Equivalent Canadian: 2 training cycle administration)

Bachelor Naval engineer mechanical 1984-1989
Naval School of Cadets Almirante Padilla Cartagena Colombia
(Canadian equivalent: Bachelor training 1 cycle, profile mechanical engineering)


Institute International Containers Lessor 2005
Quality Auditor ISG ISO9000- ISO14000


• I am speaking and writing current French, Spanish and English.
• I know and operate the software (Navis Sparcs version 3.1) to manage operation such as ship planner, yard planner equipment control.
• I can operate the software Microsoft office, excel etc.
• I know the rules of quality system ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 and also I did a course about against-fire in the United States.
• I like to work because is a way to obtain the best performance.
• I can work under pressure, and I consider that I have an open mind.


In   I studied as a Mechanical Engineer. Talking about education, I have a formation in both fields as operational and administrative skills, which means in each one, I am able to develop my capacities. I have experience chain of the cargo such as maritime container and general cargo. Thus, I had worked under pressure especially from customer service. I also like to participate in projects of construction mechanical or social where I can develop my knowledge.
In I worked as Maritime Inspector in order to check all reparations vessel coming to port.

Edmonton, Alberta,
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