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Naval Architect


A challenging position as a “Naval Architect” or “Marine Surveyor”


Employer: Northern-Gate Consulting- Toronto, Canada

Position held: OfficeClerk July 2011- Present


Employer: Iranian Classification Society (ICS)- Tehran, Iran

Position held:

Manager of Stability, Load Line & Tonnage Team

August 2010- March 2011

Technical Staff of Technical Investigation Department August 2010- March2011

Surveyor of New building Vessels Department July 2008- August 2010

Surveyor of Existing Vessels Department

July 2007- July 2008

Main Activities:

Design and Evaluation of different types of vessels including Cargo Ship, Tanker, Floating Dock, Tug Boat, Barge, Landing Craft, Small High Speed Crafts, In following fields of calculations:

-Structural and Outfitting (Rule Based and Direct Calculation Based)

-Stability calculations (Intact and Damage) in accordance with IS Code 2008 and SOLAS Convention

-Freeboard calculations in accordance with Load Line Convention

-Gross & Net Tonnage calculations in accordance With Tonnage Measurement Convention

-Fire Control and Safety plans


Employer: Sadra Omid Shipbuilding Company- Tehran, Iran

Position held: Trainee June - September 2006

Main Activities:

- Getting familiar with Ship Building processes from Basic Design to Launch

- Preparing some Workshop Drawings of a cargo ship by AUTOCAD


Sharif University of Technology- Tehran, Iran

M.Sc. in Naval Architecture Engineering- 2007- 2009

Thesis: “Planing Hull Longitudinal Motion Simulation”


- Evaluation of “Nonlinear and Parametric Rolling” in Cargo Ships

- Dynamic simulation and control of an one degree freedom system by using Neural Network method

- Calculation and Estimation of Resistance and required Power for a frigate by model test in towing tank


Amirkabir University of Technology( Tehran Polytechnic)

B.Sc. in Naval Architecture Engineering- 2003- 2007


1.“Extracting Energy Methods from Ocean Waves”

2.“Analyzing Marine Accidents Causes”


- Study on the Concept design principles of a Tanker Ship

- Evaluation of the Design principles of an Offshore Platform in Persian Gulf by SAP2000 software

- Evaluation of the design principles of a cargo ship propeller and rudder

- Calculation of hydrostatic properties for a ship from 60-series by programming tool


“Ultrasonic Testing,ASNT- Level I & II”, Certified by ICS, Tehran, Iran, 2011

“ISO 9001:2008 Internal Auditing”, Certified by ICS, Tehran, Iran, 2011

“Offshore Unit”, Certified by KR-ICS, Tehran, Iran, 2011

“Draft Survey”, Certified by ICS, Tehran, Iran, 2010

“Underwater Survey Skill”, Certified by ICS, Tehran, Iran, 2010

“Welding Design Engineering”, Certified by ICS, Tehran, Iran, 2009

“Vessels Freeboard Calculations According to International Load Line Convention 1966”, Certified by ICS, Tehran, Iran, 2009

“Ships Safety Management in Accordance with ISM Code”, Certified by ICS, Tehran, Iran, 2009

“ISO 9001:2000 Internal Auditing”, Certified by DAS, Tehran, Iran, 2008

“Vessels’ Hydrostatic Calculations and Analyses of Criteria in Relation to IMO’s Stability Requirements”, Certified by ICS , Tehran, Iran, 2008

“Existing and New Building Vessels Inspection”, Training Course(ICS), Tehran, Iran, 2007


-Have the ability and developed to work under pressure and meet deadlines in projects

-Strong knowledge of ship design aspects

-Outstanding knowledge of IACS members Rules and Regulations, and IACS Publications such as UR, UI, Rec. and PR

-Superior knowledge of implementation of Statutory Regulations (IMO Conventions, Codes, Resolutions, etc.) in design process

-Proficient in Intact and Damage Stability calculations

-Well-experienced in Rule Based Structural Design of different types of vessels

-Proficient in selection/design of equipment of vessels in accordance with Class Rules and Statutory Regulations

-Excellent software skills including comprehensive knowledge of MaxSurf, AutoShip, and AutoCAD and familiarity with FEM analysis software such as ANSYS

-Demonstrated experience in power estimation of various types of vessels

-Proper experience in performing Towing Tank Test and analyzing the outputs

-Experienced in Inclining Test and analyzing data

-Demonstrated accuracy, attention to detail and ability to work in a team environment

-Creativity and proven ability to offer innovative and practical solution


Toronto, Ontario,
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