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Engineer  / Naval Architect


To work in a prestigious company and be part of its mission, vision and further enhance my knowledge, skills and know advance technology equipments used in the said company while obeying the policies with full honesty and due respect to my superior within the company.


Technical Officer/Marine Surveyor             Overseas Marine Certification Services (OMCS)

March 17, 2014 Present                               Office No. 101 Room 106, ART Tower Building                                                                                                                      Al Mina Road, Bur Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Job Description:

  •       Provide advice and respond to any technical queries received from OMCS Class                                customers/surveyors in the Middle East Region.
  •       To review technical reports from another surveyors on the database and provide

                                  proper follow up of any missing documents or clarification needed.

  •       To perform consultancy, third party inspections, cargo inspections, annual safety    inspections, statutory & class surveys and any survey, inspections and audit

                                  requestedby the company in the Middle East or any other country as needed.

  •       To provide weekly reports of any travel/office expenses report.
  •       To reply emails professionally and on a timely manner to other colleague and         clients.
  •       To make sure that all information with regards to the vessels/managers     companies managed by the Middle East Regional Office are up to date on our    data base and they are been properly notified when their vessels/companies           are due for inspection.
  •       Any other professional work related to OMCS as may be assigned by any                 Regional               Manager of Head Office.
  •       To assist in any company administrative process as per management request.
  •       Follow policies, codes of ethic, work programs, instructions and procedures.
  •       Work with due care, efficiency and observe good manners and follow company      ethics during services.

Marine Surveyor                                                 Intertek Maritime Bureau

December 15, 2012 December 29, 2013         Al Raihan Bldg. The Square Compound

                                                                                               Room 402, Al Mamzar

                                                                                               Dubai UAE

Job Description:

  • Production of technical studies such as:
    •       Stability booklets as per SOLAS & IMO stability code.
    •       Tonnage Calculations as per ITC Convention
    •       Conduct inclining test experiments
    •       SOPEP & Cargo Securing Manual as per IMO Guidelines
    •       Ship structural strength analysis & design as per Class Rules
      •       General Arrangement plan, fire fighting & safety plan, capacity plan, etc. as per applicable Rules & Regulations and Flag requirements.
    •       Technical review for approval of Fire plans, Stability Booklets, manuals, etc.
    • An  approved  RO  Surveyor,  performing  ship  statutory  surveys  under         applicable International Conventions on behalf of Panama flag.
    • General inspections of Ships Main Engine & Auxiliary machinery.
      • Communication with Major Classification Societies (e.g. BV,ABS,RINA,NKK)         prior to Class surveys, Class survey attendance and assisting in complying                with the requirements.
        • Familiar with Ship registration forms & requirements.

Piping Draughtsman / Pipe Preparator            Drydocks World - Dubai

September 9, 2009 December 6, 2012           P.O. Box 8988 Dubai UAE

Job Description:

  •       Over-all responsibilities for preparation of models, drawings and other engineering deliverables inline with the project and yard requirements.
  •       Preparations of engineering deliverables, assuring that they are mistake free and in line with project standards.
    • Working in accordance with relevant instructions and OH&S requirements.
    • Preparation of design drawings following Class Rules and guidance from responsible Engineer.
    • Preparation of detailed production drawings including 3D models.
    • Knows and understand the use Piping and Instrumentation Diagram (P&ID).
    • Ensures all pipe drawings are based on P&ID.
    • Producing production spool fabrication drawings, pipe supports including installation drawings.
    • Preparation of bill of materials and weights calculation.
    • Inspection onboard vessel or assemblies for preparations, verifications or improvements.
      •       As a pipe preparatory my duty is to provide detailed description of the design either pipes,valves, etc. that carries water, steam, air or other liquids or gases its sizes and materials needed.
      •       Produced  detailed  drawings  /  sketches  in  accordance  with  the  company  work  instructions  and department process manual.              Prepares material requisition with define delivery time to material controllers and follow through material tracking system on the availability of materials and status of delivery time. (stock / non-stock)
        •       Carry  out  onboard  measurements  for  pipeline  routing  and  prepare  piping  arrangements  in accordance with the Owners requirements for new pipe lines and acknowledged signature from the Ship Supt.
          • Collating, updating and filling all relevant production documents by project.

Marine Surveyor                                                 International Technical Gulf Experts

June 05, 2008 August 06, 2009                       Abu Shagarah Liberty Signal

Kuwaiti Bldg., 10th Floor Room 1004

Sharjah - UAE

Job Description:

  • Classification Surveys and Certifications for Hull and Machineries for existing ships.
    •       Conducts  statutory surveys  and  certifications  for  vessel flying  Panama  and  Belize  flag.  Intertek Maritime Bureau has a representation agreement with Recognized Organization on behalf of this Organization. List of certificates include:
  • Technical studies  and Marine Consultancy including naval architecture and other such as:

Project Engineer                                                 R&LT Shipyard & Realty Development. Corp.

August 1,2006 May 05,2008                            51 E. Rodriguez St. Tanza, Navotas City, Phils.

Job Description:

  • Implements the safety and security measures to avoid accidents
  • Monitors and ensures that quality control procedures are followed in detailed precision
  • Attends the daily/weekly/monthly technical forum meetings
    •       Conducts  inspection  on vessels due  for drydocking for  actual  estimation on costing  and  bill  of materials
    •       Do the Quotation and Bill of Materials to be submitted to customers after every inspection of vessels due for drydocking
  • Do the Final Billing to be submitted to ship owners

  • Constantly coordinates to the Yard Superintendent and reports in detail the following:
    1. .    Implementation of work schedule per ship or vessel
    2. .    Details of change/additional orders on plans and specifications to be implemented c.    Materials availability and delivery
    3. .    Quality of work rendered by contractors
    4. .    Billing of contractors vis a vis work accomplishments
      1. .    Implements and gives proper direction on plans, drawings and specifications as instructed by Yard Superintendent
    5. .    Recommends working conditions and working habits of every worker in the area to ensure

continuous smooth and efficient operation to the Yard Superintendent

  1. .      Coordinates with Administration Section from time to time regarding Company policies and procedures and immediately report any infraction committed by workers within area of responsibility
    1. .      Attends meetings, trainings and seminars that may be called by proper authorities of the companyk.    Closely monitors the proper working attire of all operation personnel
      1. .     Performs  other  related  function  that maybe  assigned  from  time to  time  by immediate superior

Project Engineer.                                         Santiago Shipyard & Shipbuilding Corp.

January 26, 2006 July 15, 2006                      Tayud, Consolation Cebu City Phils.

Job Description:

  •       Conducts inspection on vessels due for drydocking for actual estimation on costing and bill of materials
    •       To assist strictly in the safety guidelines procedures in ship repair, shipbuilding, ship conversion of

private and government vessel from time to time

  •       To supervise production activities on site and ensure prompt work progress such as Hull structural, pipings, carpentry, electrical, scaffolding & staging, blasting & painting ,and underwater machineries and mechanical machineries
    •       To coordinate on working out of engineering design & drawings to clients, Bill of materials,

prepare coast estimate which is to be check by the Shipyard Superintendent / Yard Secretary

  •       To liaise the ship owner, owners representative, technical superintendent, yard contractors &sub- contractors of the on-going projects such as shipbuilding, ship repair & ship conversion
    •       Do the Quotation and Bill of Materials to be submitted to customers after every inspection of

vessels due for dry-docking

  •       Do the Final Billing to be submitted to ship owners
  •       Do the ship repairs, hot works and hull preservations
  •       Performs ultrasonic gauging test
  •       Prepares shell expansion plan


EDUCATIONAL ATTAINMENT                             SCHOOL / ADDRESS                              YEAR

College                               :                           University of Cebu                                          2000 2005

Cebu City

Course                               :                           Bachelor of Science in Naval Architecture

& Marine Engineering


Member                        -           SONAMES

(Society of Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering

Student) UC-Chapter 2000 2005



Ship Stability and the Inclining Test   :           Engr. Richard B. Stewart

June 12, 2003                                                                    Stewart Marine Design Pty. Ltd., Australia

Main Campus Function Room

University of Cebu

Marine Technology Modern                :           Engr. Jerry K. Begin

Propulsion Systems                                       Rope Systems Corporation

February 28, 2003                                                           

Main Campus Function Room

University of Cebu

ISM Inter Auditor Course

Intermaritime Group, Panama

ISPS Code Course

Panama Maritime Training Services

Safety Inductions Courses includes:                       Drydocks World Dubai

  • General Safety and Accident Prevention                     Jumeirah Road, Dubai - United Arab Emirates
    • Hazards and Risks in Ship Repair Industry
  • Emergency response
  • Current HSE Procedure
  • First Aid Fire Fighting
  • Basic Fire Drill and Operation of Fire Extinguishers and Fire Hoses

Basic H2S Training (Cert. No. 103390140206140001)                SMTC Global

June 2, 2014                                                                                                      Dubai Maritime City - Dubai U.A.E.

BOSIET incl. EBS (Cert No. 103357000506140010)                   SMTC Global

June 3 - 5, 2014                                                                                                               Dubai Maritime City - Dubai U.A.E.

ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System Auditor               Mr. Nikolas Protonotarios

September 3 - 5, 2014                                                                                     Lead Auditor - Euro Certification

Zalka Beirut Lebanon

Educational Tours:

  • Keppel Cebu Shipyard, Inc.                     -             Lapu-lapu, Cebu, Philippines SY 2003-2004
  • Tsuneishi Heavy Industries                     -             Balamban, Cebu, Philippines SY 2004-2005


Age                                     :                           32 years old

Birthday                              :                           May 19,1983

Birthplace                           :                           Tagbilaran City, Bohol Philippines

Sex                                     :                           Male Citizenship                         :                           Filipino Height                                 :                           56” Religion                              :                           Christian

Civil Status                           :                               Married


  • Open-minded, Resourceful, Hardworking, Honest & GOD fearing person
  • Drawing and Designing
  • Computer Literate: Microsoft Office (Word, Excel & PowerPoint)
  • Proficient in AutoCAD (2012 and below)
  • Proficient in FORAN Ship Design
  • Average in oral and written communication skills in English


Eng. Javier Bru

CEO  OMCS - Overseas Marine Certification Services - 0750D Williamson Place Balboa Republic of Panama

Mobile: +50766768505 / +971501048562

Eng. Daniel Rojas

Operation Manager - Overseas Marine Certification Services - 0750D Williamson Place Balboa Rep. Panama

Mobile: +50766706771

Marin Medic

Manager Engineering Department Drydocks World Dubai

Mobile: +971505527186

Medhat A. El Tawil

Flag Inspector/Naval Archt Intertek Maritime Middle East Sharjah-UAE Mobile # +971 50 291-9182

Jed Igot

Naval Architect/Boat Designer navispec marine services Hamriyah Free Zone, Sharjah, UAE Mobile #  +97150-2878609

Dioslindo Villaester Jr

Naval Section Head Archirodon Construction Co. S.A. - RAK UAE Mobile # +97150-4587237

Jose Antonio P. Dupal-ag

Technical Executive/Estimator - Malaysia Marine and Heavy Engineering - Pasir Gudang, Johor, Malaysia

Mobile : +60149114074

Jose Marian Semblante

Naval Architect Archirodon Construction Co. S.A. - RAK UAE Mobile # +97158-3428646

I hereby certify to the legality and truthfulness of the above statements.

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