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Aaser Elhalawany Resume


Cover letter-

Hard working individual willing to work months at sea. Interested working onboard a vessel with the certification achieved at the Marine Institute of Memorial University of Newfoundland. Marine diesel mechanics program completed, just in need of a work term. Mentally focused and well prepared for the engineering duties in a vessel’s engine room. Great understanding of safety onboard a ship. Eager to learn more about vessel’s engine by working onboard. Very good listener and ready to prove myself on the ship.


-All requirements and courses to work on ship as oiler completed June 12, 2017

-Ready to work for company employing seafarers

-Have great understanding of the ship duties of a marine diesel mechanic (oiler)

-Well informed by great instructors at Marine Institute on the importance of safety on ships

-Will follow all rules and regulations onboard a ship

-Acquired a TWIC card and Marine medical certificate

-MMC wiper acquired/ Mariner merchant credential discharge book

Sincerely, Aaser Elhalawany

To: Marine Companies for employment

Resume for Aaser Elhalawany


Young able bodied seafarer looking for an opportunity to work on a ship. After working on completing the marine diesel program, finally done with all the course requirements. Well educated on the basics of a marine diesel engine and auxiliary systems. Safety is the upmost of importance when working on a ship. My mission is to ensure that all watch keeping duties is done in the engine room, following all of the manufactures instruction manual. In need of a chance to implement everything I learned in school on the real life vessel’s engine. Will work hard to ensure all engineering duties are completed.

Skills and strengths:

-Healthy and strong seafarer eager to work on the ships. Speak and understand English and Arabic very well. Always calm in bad situations. Can listen well to instructions given. Great at organization and paper work. Computer and electronics wise. Work well with others and teamwork.


Completed a Floorman- oil operation (roughneck) certification program at the Maritime Drilling School 2016

Completed marine diesel mechanics program at Marine Institute 2017

Work experience:

- Health administrator assistant 2013-14 at bright home care organized paper work, faxed documents, and entered data on Microsoft Exel. Left to finish my studies in Canada.

- Worked at computer outlet store as a computer technician assistant. I left August 2015 to finish college in Canada. Responsibilities were taking customer calls in, helping customers decide on phone plans, installed software on desktop computers, and shelved store products.

Certificates acquired in Floorman- oil operations Program:

1. Pre-Employment Floorman (Roughneck)

2. WellSharp Introductory (Well Control) or Awareness for Drilling Operations

3. HSE RigPASS with offshore endorsement

4. Confined Space Entry

5. Fork Lift Operator

 6. W.H.M.I.S. / HAZMAT

 7 Basic Fire Safety

8. H2S Alive or H2S Awareness

 9. Occupational Health & Safety

10. Standard First Aid & CPR

11. Hoisting and Rigging

12. Fall Protection & Scaffolding Ending

Marine diesel mechanics courses completed:

CMSK 0102 (Communication Skills), ELTK 0102 (Electro-technology), ENGR 0108 (Engineering Graphics), MATH 0102 (Mathematics), MREK 0101 (Marine Engineering Knowledge),SFTY 1104 (WHMIS), WKPR 0100 (Fitting Shop), BSMG 0202 (Workplace Preparation), CMSK 0202 (Communication Skills), ELTK 0200 (Electro-technology), MATH 0200 (Mathematics), MREK 0200 (Marine Engineering Knowledge), MREK 0201 (Ship Stability and Construction), WKPR 0103 (Welding Practice), and WKPR 0200 (Machine Shop)

Marine diesel mechanics program certificates:

1. SFTY 1114 (Basic Safety - STCW’95 VI/I)

2. SFTY 1117 (Survival Craft - STCW’95 V1/2)

3. SFTY 1123 (Oil and Chemical Tanker Familiarization STCW`95 A-V/1)

4. SFTY 1124 (Confined Space Entry Awareness)

5. SFTY 1129 (Security Awareness Training for Seafarers with Designated Security Duties)

Criminal background certificate and marine medical completed

Closing statement:

To complete the diesel program in need of a work term and I don’t mind where ever I end up working as long as I’m on a ship. Ready for the life of a seafarer because many great things will happen to me. I want to have a successful life and going to sea is the best of my options. Want to help my family out and pay back my college expenses debt. In need of the opportunity to work on a ship and I will become a great asset to the company. Anyway, I hope we meet soon for an interview and wish you a wonderful day.

Aaser Elhalawany

orland hills, IL,
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