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Shipboard Officer / Personnel / Crew

OBJECTIVE: Looking forward to delivering my hard working, dedication, and experience as a professional
mariner who really likes the work that I do, and it has been so for the 30 years working in the maritime industry,
and always looking forward for any improvement and training to enhance my work capabilities and
Waters, Master of Towing Vessels Upon Oceans/N.C/Inland Waters License, Radar Unlimited, Marine Radio Operator
Permit and GMDSS License, ARPA, ECDIS certification, V.S.O, rating endorsements as Able Seaman Unlimited,
Tankerman PIC-DL, Lifeboatman.
STCW: MASTER- (OICNW) 3000 GT-ITC Upon Oceans Waters, Master of Towing Vessels Upon Oceans
Waters, V.S.O, GMDSS, ARPA, ECDIS, Able Seaman Unlimited, Tankerman PIC-DL, Lifeboatman.
2017: July/September, obtained the Radar Unlimited and ARPA recertification, and the STCW B.T revalidation
certificate at the Maritime Professional Training School, Fort Lauderdale, Fl.
2016: Attended the 360-Control Tug & Offshore Simulator Training Center, located in Ijmuiden, Netherlands, and
obtained the Basic ASD Tug maneuvering and general tug handling, and the Advance ASD Tug maneuvering and
assisting operation certificates.
2015: Attended the Professional Maritime Institute in Fort Lauderdale, FL and obtained the Leadership &
Teamworking Skills (Operational Level), and the Leadership & Management Skills-HELM (Management Level)
2014: Attended the Professional Maritime Institute in Fort Lauderdale, FL and obtained the ECDIS certificate.
2012: Attended the Professional Maritime Institute in Fort Lauderdale, FL and obtained the following
certificates 1-I.S.M (International Safety Management-DPA auditor).
2-CFO-VSO (Combined vessel, company & facility security officer).
3-Radar unlimited and ARPA renewal.
1-Master /Mate 200 Domestic/500 ITC Near Coastal
2-Towing officer class.
1-OICNW 500/1600/3rd Mate Terrestrial and Coastal Navigation.
2-Celestial Navigation with all the practical assessments.
3-Ship Stability and Construction.
4-Bridge Resource Management.
5-Advance Fire Fighting
6-Radar Unlimited
8-Marine Radio Operator License
9-Flashing Light
EDUCATION: High School Otto Parellada.
11/21/2017-12/31/2018: Some freelance jobs , including American Tugs Inc contract voyages as Chief Mate onboard the
tug “Aurora”
11/15/2015-11/21/2017: Company: AMERICAN TUGS Inc, Tugboat mate/relief captain onboard the tugboat
“El Morro” and “Mitchel”, two 1800 h.p, 191 GRT, twin-screw ocean-going tugs, towing deck barges transporting
construction materials and aggregates, also different types of deck cargoes from Puerto Rico to the Leeward and
Windward Caribbean Islands, Turks & Caicos Islands, Dominican Republic, U.S Virgin Islands, British Virgin Islands,
Saint Barthélemy ( French Overseas Territory), also from South America to and between the Caribbean Islands.
11/06/2014 to 02/02/2015: Company: HARLEY MARINE GULF, Tugboat 1st and 2nd Mate, working onboard the tugboat
“Brooklyn”, a twin screw 3900 h.p tugboat 198 GRT, 134 NRT, 344 (GT-ITC), towing an 87,000 barrels’ clean oil tankbarge
from and back the Mississippi River- Port Allen petroleum terminals and other Ports around the Gulf of Mexico U.S
06/12/2014 to 10/18/2014: Company-BORINKEN TOWING & SALVAGE, Tugboat Mate onboard the tugboat “Punta
Borinquen”: a 191 GRT, 1530 h.p, twin-screw ocean-going tug, towing a 30,000 bbls tank barge carrying petroleum
products from Puerto Rico to the USVI ports of (Hovensas, Christiansted, St. Croix, St. Thomas), also around Puerto Rico
servicing the power plants fuel needs.
12/14/2013 to 01/23/2014: Company - GULF ATLANTIC TOWING (A.R. Cheramie Marine Management Inc.), Tugboat
1st Mate for the tug “Gulf Cajun”, a 3900 h.p twin-screw ocean-going tug, towing barges with pipes for an offshore project
in the Gulf of Mexico, as an SSE (Short Term Employee).
10/22/2011 to 05/24/2013: Company - SANTE SHIPPING LINE, Tugboat Mate for a single screw 3000 h.p tug “Santé
02/03/2011-06/17/2011: Company-SHIP 7 MARITIME, Captain/Mate for two sister ship 2400 h.p twin-screw oceangoing
tugs “Seven Mako and Seven Marlin”; towing a 10,000 tones aggregate barge throughout the Caribbean Sea
and South America, visiting Jamaica, Haiti, Trinidad & Tobago, and GITMO Navy base, Cuba, as well as Bahamas,
and Turks & Caicos Island.
04/25/2010-06/11/2010: Company-MOBY MARINE, Tugboat Mate (Part Time/ Spot work) for the tug” Miss Ann”,
a 125 ft. LOA, 3600 h.p twin screw tug, doing tandem tows between the US mainland, Puerto Rico, and Eastern
Caribbean Islands to South America, towing barges of different sizes.
01/30//2008-11/05/2009 Company-VANE BROTHERS LINE BUNKERING, Tugboat Mate, doing all the
maneuvering and navigation of a twin screw 4200 h.p tug and a 375 ft. LOA barge combination, carrying up to 50,000
bbls of crude oil navigating the eastern seaboard and inland waters of the United States, Training Mate /AB.
08/14/2007-12/10/2007: Company-TIDEWATER MARINE L.L.C, Captain for the Tugboat Michele A. Defelice, a 127.00
ft. of LOA. , GRT 196.00, 4200 h.p twin engine with Kort Nozzle, towing rigs, barges, and doing tanker assist in the Gulf
of Suez, Egypt, Captain for the tug Gulf Rambler, 150 ft. of LOA. , 198.00 GRT, 5800 h.p twin screw, Captain for the tug
Godfather, 150 ft. of LOA., 198 GRT, 6800 h.p twin screw working in the Gulf of Mexico ( Bay of Campeche), as Master
my responsibilities were maneuvering, safety, navigation ,implementing the SMS manuals as per company policies
,maintaining the up most professionalism and quality service for the customer as well as the management of a 9-12 crew
02/01//2006-07/15/2007: Company-MARITRANS-OSG, as AB/Tankerman Tugboat -Freedom ,125 ft. of LOA ,5400 hp
twin engine /Barge M-215 211000 bbls light oil product, ATB Tug-Honor 125 ft. of LOA, 6140 h.p twin engine/Barge
M¬214 double hull 250,000 bbls, light oil product with a 114,000 brls ballast, and Inert gas system, ATB Tug Intrepid 127
ft. of LOA , h.p twin s /Barge M-254 250,000 bbls light oil product, and Tug and Barge - Tugboat Sea Swift 125 ft. of LOA,
6000 h.p twin screw engines /Barge M- 215 211,000 light oil product carrying petroleum product from to the Gulf of Mexico
to the eastern seaboard of the United States, as AB/Tankerman PIC I had to stand cargo watches, including the operation of
the ballast system, wheel house watches ,line handling ,and deck maintenance.
11/2005-01/2006: Company- KEYSTONE SHIPPING, as AB/Tankerman-ATB Tugboat Columbia Bay /Barge South
Carolina Bay with a DWT of 20,866 L.T, 175,000 bbls of cargo capacity, and 471 ft. of LOA, carrying petroleum products
from the Gulf of Mexico to the East coast, with a Nitrogen Inert Gas System which I was trained to operate.
10/04/2004-/13/09/2005: Company-SEABULK TANKERS, as Able Seaman-M/T Seabulk Energy, M/T Challenge/T
Seabulk Power, M/T Seabulk Trader carrying from 260,385 to 341,459 bbls , up to 630 ft. of LOA, with a DWT capacity
from 45,311 to 52,398 L.T, working the Atlantic Coast of the U.S and the Gulf of Mexico, as Able Seaman my responsibility
were, deck maintenance, wheelhouse watches, assisting the loading and discharging cargo operations, line handling.
04/2003-04/2004: Company-BOUCHARD TRANSPORTATION INC as Able Seaman, Tankerman -Barge Mate; As Able
Seaman my responsibilities were line-handling wheelhouse watches, and deck maintenance, working around the Atlantic
Coast, the Long Island Sounds, and the Gulf of Mexico, on different tugs ranging from 3,900 to 6140 h.p , up to 127 ft. of
LOA, and up to 293 GRT.
Tankerman -Barge Mate: B-245 a 252,000 bbls, 580 ft. of LOA, and 15,559 GRT light oil tank-barge, my responsibilities
were the transferring of dangerous liquid cargo, and the ballast operation, the Inert gas system operation, line handling,
deck maintenance, and maintenance of the cargo and ballast pumps, I was also trained onboard this barge on the operation
of the flue gas type inert gas system.
01/2002-02/2003: Company-COASTAL TUG & BARGE, Tugboat Deck Hand/Ordinary Seaman, my responsibilities
were line handling, and deck maintenance, working the inland waters, and the Atlantic coast, onboard twin screw tugs
ranging from 1350 h.p, 76.8 ft. of LOA, and 168 GRT, to a 4000 h.p Z-drive, 80.9 ft. of LOA, and 153 GRT.
01/2001-12/2001: Company/Vessel ELLA STAR CASINO, as Deck Hand, a 153 ft. of LOA, 99 NRT, three engines
2300 HP casino boat, as deck hand my responsibilities were the line handling, wheelhouse watches, deck maintenance,
and working with the passengers.
02/1999-10/2000: Company-GILDAN ACTIVEWEAR, as Shift Supervisor, forklift driver, loader/unloader;
responsible for the shipping and receiving of goods in a 240,000 sqft warehouse, being responsible for 40+ employees,
the training of over twenty machine operator and system troubleshooting, as well responsible for the safety and
maintenance for over twenty warehouse machines, fork lift, auto pickers, and pallets jacks.
05/1998-11/1998: SOUTHERN SHIP MANAGEMENT, Tugboat Captain for the tug “Petrojam Negril”, a 106 ft. of
LOA, 314 GT, and 2500 h.p twin screw, responsible for the management, navigation, maneuvering, safety, crew hiring,
pay roll of the 10-man crew, towing a 23,000 bbls black oil tank barge working in the Caribbean Sea trade.
07/1996-04/1998: Company-Private Yacht, Second Captain for a 63 ft. of LOA, 3600 h.p private yacht” Kampai”,
navigating around Jamaica, Bahamas, and The Turks & Caicos Island.
Other skills:
1-I’m bilingual in English and Spanish, speaking, reading, and writing.
2-I have good computer skills being able to work with Mac O.S, Windows, and office programs (excel, words, power
point, outlook), PDF programs.
3-Some mechanical and electrical skills.
Homestead, FL,
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