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Master, Project Manager


To obtain job as a: Master of cruise vessel; Master of cruise sailing vessel; Master of mega yacht; Project Manager (cruise industry)


Captain. Corpus Christi Day Cruise Ltd, Captain of cruise–casino vessel” Texas Treasure”. Responsibilities include management of 250 crew members, 1010 passengers, vessel daily operations, maintenance, crew training and Company marine management. Dates: November, 2003 to Present

Captain. Corpus Christi Day Cruise Ltd, Captain of cruise–casino vessel “Texas Treasure II”.Responsibilities included management of 220 crew members, 1020 passengers, vessel daily operations, maintenance, crew training, Company marine management.Dates: April, 2003 to November, 2003.

Staff Captain. Florida Day Cruises Inc. Cruise-casino vessel “Texas Treasure”. Developed and implemented ISM code Paper Work for vessel and Company.Responsible for on board day to day operations and vessel maintenance.

Dates: September, 2001 to November, 2002.

Captain, Chief Officer. Amasus Chartering b.v, Wijnne & Barends ( Holland )and Interzee ( Germany ). Captain, Chief Officer aboard of multipurpose cargo vessels in all trading areas worldwide.

Dates: December, 1993 to June, 2001.

Captain/Project Manager. Yalta F. Company. Cruise sailing vessel “Pantikapey”. Advisor for vessel design for Naval Architecture Project Institute “Giprorybflot”. Also managed vessel building in shipyard “Zaliv” located in Ukraine.

Dates: November 1991 to December 1993.

Captain, Deck Officer. Odessa Black Sea Shipping Co., (USSR). Captain, Deck Officer aboard cargo, cruise and passenger vessels in all trading areas worldwide .

Experience also includes 3 years of captain/chief engineer position aboard hydrofoil passenger ships and one year of captain job aboard training sailing vessel “Kruzenshtern”.

Dates: December, 1970 to November, 1991.

Additional Information: Advisor for cruise and passenger vessel designs, refurbishments, and cruise business researches for a special Lab “Paxfleet“ of Odessa Marine University. Dates: 1988 to 1993.


Navigational/Technical Engineer;

Odessa Navigational School, Ukraine 1967-1970


Odessa State University, Ukraine 1972-1978

Navigation Engineer;

Odessa Higher Engineering Marine School, Ukraine 1979-1984

Third Class Marine Engineer for HSS;

Odessa Navigational School, Ukraine 1981

Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Marine Engineering


Master on Ships 500 gross tonnage or more

GMDSS General Operator Certificate

All appropriate STCW 95 Certificate for Cargo and Passenger vessels

ISM code Internal Auditor Certificate


- Tall Ship Captain

- HSS Captain

- Analytical skills to diagnose problem and devise viable


- Excellent interpersonal and communication skills

- Possess people management and leadership skills

- Working knowledge of personal computers and standard

Office applications

- Thorough knowledge of USCG and USPH requirements


- 37 years of sea-going experience including 20 years of Master Position

- Vessels types experience: multipurpose cargoes, training sailing, hydrofoil, cruise, passenger

- Excellent knowledge of cruise and passenger vessels designs, onboard management, safety and environmental issues

- Ability to work under pressure in environment which expects the highest level of confidentiality and ethical behavior

- Ability to find solutions for complicated technical problems and to maintain multiple projects simultaneously

- Capable to manage any substandard or emergency situations aboard

- Fluent in two languages, English and Russian

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