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Master Mariner, Marine Project Consultant


After gaining vast experience on all types of tankers covering, Oil, Chemical and Fully refrigerated gas tankers and reaching to highest position on board.

Would like to use this experience to provide my services to industry from shore.



Sea Experience

Name of the Ship Name of the Company G.R.T Rank Remark Duration

M.T. STOLT VANGUARD FLEET MANAGEMENT 15345 MASTER Carried out dry-dock at Jurong Shipyard, Singapore 1/6/07 TO 9/06/07

M.T. VEGA SPIRIT FLEET MANAGEMENT 15016 MASTER Chemical Tanker- Methanol, Ethanol, U.S Coast, S. America and Europe 14/12/06 to 14/04/07

M.T. NORDIC SATURN Teekay Marine Services 81565 Chief Officer Crude Oil, N. America and S. America 11/07/2006 to 17/09/2006

M.T. NORDIC HUNTER Teekay Marine Services 80187 Chief Officer Crude Oil, World Wide 19/06/2006 to 06/07/2006

M.T. LAUREN-PRODUCT/CHEMICAL CARRIER OMI MARINE LLC. 29242 Chief Officer Petroleum Product – Black and White, Chemicals Class C & D

World Wide 06/12/2005 to 08/04/2006

M.T. DELAWARE OMI MARINE LLC. 81270 Chief Officer Crude Oil, World-Wide 31/01/05 to 7/06/05

M.T Champion Peace NYKSM 56249 Chief Officer Petroleum products and Crude 10/04/04 to 18/10/04

M.T Jag Leela GESCO 58374 Chief Officer Petroleum Products and Crude,

Carried out Dry-dock at Singapore 27/11/03 to 19/02/04

M.T Halifax/M.T. Aegean Pride V Ships 16515/

58243 Chief Officer

Petroleum products – Black and White, World Wide 25/02/03 to 31/05/03

M.T. Halifax V Ships 16515 Chief Officer

Petroleum products – Black and White, World Wide 11/07/02 to 9/01/03

M.T. Black Point/M.T Halifax V Ships 27001/

16515 Chief Officer

Petroleum products – North Europe, FRAMO SHIP 18/08/01 to 14/03/02

M.T Amity/M.T World Trumpet World Wide 39036/

29351 Chief Officer

Petroleum products – White and Black, World Wide 10/08/00 to 21/01/01

M.T. Maersk Marlin Maersk 39256 Chief Officer Petroleum products – White and Black, World-Wide 24/10/99 to 23/01/00

LPG/C Pacific Harmony Barber Ship Mgmt.

(Navix) 42465 Chief Officer Propane and LPG from Persian Gulf to Japan.

Carried out Dry-dock at Osaka, Japan and took over management from Japanese. 15/01/99 to 13/03/99

M.T. Cabo Tamar Barber ship mgmt. 38812 Chief Officer Petroleum Products between N. America and S. America 18/07/98 to 12/11/98

T.T. Petrobras 37/T.T Friendship Barber Ship Mgmt. 129203 Chief Officer VLCC, World-Wide, Handed over in the Yard after full cleaning for conversion to FPSO 04/01/98 to 25/04/98

T.T. Karaka/

T.T Juno ULCC Barber Ship Mgmt. 169401 Second Officer Crude from Persian Gulf to U.S Gulf 15-05-97 to


LPG/C Nanga Parbat S.C.I Ltd. 17778 Chief Officer LPG and Propane from Persian Gulf to India 29-07-96 to


LPG/C Anna Purna S.C.I Ltd. 17778 Second Officer Ammonia and LPG from Persian Gulf to India 21-11-94 to


M.V. Hardwar S.C.I Ltd. 28739 Second/Third Off. Bulk Carrier along the Indian Coast 14-03-94 to


M.T. Dada Bhai Naoroji S.C.I Ltd. 15046 Junior Officer Petroleum products along the Indian Coast 02-10-93 to


M.V. Bharatendu S.C.I Ltd. 11311 Junior Officer General Cargo/Containers from U.K Continent to India 3-5-93 to


M.T. J. Lal Nehru S.C.I Ltd. 51743 Junior Officer Crude Oil from Persian Gulf to

India 29-10-92 to


Project Head for the development of

Marine Portal,

Simulator for Marine training on Oil/Gas and Chemical.

Training solutions to shipping fraternity as per IMO Model courses and STCW 1995.


B.Sc. Nautical Science from T.S Rajendra under Bombay University, India.

Certificate course in Web site designing and Management from IGNOU, India.

Completed course in Microsoft Certified Software engineering course for Windows.


Master (F.G.) Certificate of Competency under STCW 1995, unrestricted, from Mercantile marine Department, Directorate General of Shipping, Govt. of India.

Dangerous Cargo Endorsement, Level 2,(As per STCW 1995) from Govt. of India to work on board Oil tankers.

Dangerous Cargo Endorsement, Level 2,(As per STCW 1995) from Govt. of India to work on board Chemical tankers.

Dangerous Cargo Endorsement, Level 2,(As per STCW 1995) from Govt. of India to work on board Gas tankers.


.Ability to lead, mentor and retain highly skilled, multi-functional teams located across geographies.

.Ability to learn and apply new skills and technologies

.Good interpersonal and team mentoring skills

.Ability to resolve problems and decision making skill

.Proficiency in using Computer systems.

. Master mariner with an experience on board, Oil, Gas and Chemical tankers.


•Master Mariner with more than 15 Years Sea experience, out of which 10 Years experience in senior ranks at Sea on board Oil, Chemical and Gas tankers.

•Been functional consultant for the development of Marine Simulators (as per IMO requirements such as Oil and Gas Tanker Simulators, Ship maneuvering simulator) and Comprehensive Maritime Education Portal.

•Contributed to the Development and conduct of IMO model courses for Marine Officers serving on Tankers and preparing for Competency Exams.

•Involved with various departments, operating and fixing the ships at OMI headquarter, Stamford, USA during office assignment.

•Have carried out project on Quality management system for OMI with Hudson Marine, USA, drafting VRP/SOPEP/SMPEP for the entire fleet.

•Successfully operated Oil, Chemical and Gas tankers, trading world wide under the charter of reputed companies, such as Shell, BP, Chevron/Texaco, Brostrom, Odfjell, Total, Petronas, IOC etc.

•Have successfully taken the Yard delivery of tankers, coordinating with diverse external agencies, in a multilingual and multinational environment.

•Have taken over the vessels from other managements, Handled Dry dockings (including 20 yrs special survey).

•Have handled successfully unforeseen situations out at Sea, where Shore support left the decision making/judgments to the wisdom of Master.

•Have acquired Legal knowledge of various International and localized rules/conventions and regulation.

Gurgaon, Haryana,
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