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To apply as Master Mariner in Sea going vessel but preferably in offshore operation. The position applied wuold be flexible and can be 1 rank or 2 ranks lower it depend on employment terms and condition agreed.


Employer Employment Dates Position Held Type of Vsl

Norden 12.11.08 - 20.12.08 Master Mariner Bulk/Panamax

Svendborg 11.07.08 - 12.11.08 Master Mariner Bulk/Panamax

Svendborg 29.11.07 - 30.05.08 Master Mariner Bulk/Gen.Cgo

ABC Mar. 30.12.06 - 30.06.07 Master Mariner Supply boat

ABC Mar. 19.05.06 - 06.10.07 Master Mariner Supply boat

Bourbon Offshore 18.11.05 - 27.03.06 Chief Officer AHTS

Tide Water 12.06.05 - 13.10.05 Master Mariner AHTS

Sembawang 21.08.04 - 07.03.05 Chief Officer Livestock

Generals 29.11.03 - 01.06.04 Chief Officer RORO

Aboitiz Jebsen 14.03.03 - 27.10.03 Chief Officer Passenger

Aboitiz Jebsen 05.08.02 - 05.01.03 Chief Officer Container

Santoku 07.06.01 - 14.05.02 Chief Officer Bulk/Gen.Cgo

Acomarit 11.03.00 - 27.12.00 2nd Off. Log/bulk

Acomarit 22.02.99 - 21.10.99 2nd Off. Roro

Anglo-Eastern 26.06.98 - 12.11.98 2nd Off. Log Bulk

Sembawang 11.03.98 - 07.06.98 3rd Officer Reefer/cont.

Acomarit 21.05.97 - 02.12.97 3rd Officer Bulk

Acomarit 12.03.97 - 12.04.97 3rd Officer Tanker - OBO

Nordic Or. 03.01.97 - 27.02.97 3rd Officer VLCC

Sembawang 21.10.05 - 14.10.06 3rd Officer Reefer

Sembawang 13.10.94 - 07.06.95 Deck Cadet VLCC

Sembawang 12.08.93 - 05.08.94 Deck Cadet Reefer/Cont.

Experience in Dry Docking of Vessels.

Maritime Instructor: Aug.2007 - Nov. 2007/ Jan. - Mar. 2009

Short Courses handled: Advance and Basic Fire Fighting, PSSR, PST and Crowd and Crisis Management.


Master Mariner - Owner's Rep, Over All in command of the vessel. Used overriding authority for safety reasons and pollution preventions.

Ensure that company Safety Management System, safety instructions and procedures are fully implemented onboard.


Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation Major in Nautical Studies - 1994

Presently taking up Master in Maritime Education - 2nd Semester.


Master Mariner License - Unlimited

Certificate of Competency

IMO 6.09 (Instructor Course)

Induction Course - Basic Dynamic Positioning

Trim and Stability

Ship Security Officer

Ship Simulator and Bridge Team Work

Medical First Aid

Medical Care

Maritime Laws

Cargo Handling and Cargo Care

Advance Fire Fighting

Basic Fire Fighting

Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities

Maritime English

Marine Meteorology

Amos Express

Crowd Management

Crisis Management

Inert Gas System

Crude Oil Washing

Radar Observer Course

Radar Simulator Course

Automatic Radar Plotting Aid


General Operator Course


Radio Telephony


Ship's Manuevering both offshore and Sea going vessels.

Conversant on Excel, Word and Power point.

Handle Administrative Jobs.


I am scheduled to join onboard a handy max Bulk carrier on this coming 31st of March 2009 for 5-6 mos. contract.

I have to join the vessel on Dry Dock.

I would be available by September - October 2009.

I would appreciate to those offshore companies who will consider my qualification and sponsor me to pursue in taking up "Advance Dynamic Positioning" training and work back to Offshore operation.

Quezon City,
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