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Port captain. Marine consultant, Quality Assurance auditor,

Superintendent, Fleet manager, Supercargo.


1984- Nov Start seaman’s career as junior officer in Far East shipping Co.

1990- Oct Senior (Choff) Officer license rcvd

1992 – June Start work on Chemicals tankers

1994- Nov Join Stolt-Nielsen Transportation Group as 2nd officer

1996- Aug Senior(Choff) assignment on Stolt ships rcvd

1997-Nov Master license and assignment on Stolt ships as master

Till now last contract complete 2007 -11-06


Master on ships of 3000mt or more

Latvian marine college 1984year

Baltic state Academy as Navigational engineer 2006year

Management level of Navigation, Cargo storage and handling.

Controlling the operation of the ship and care for person on board.


Various courses including: Full Quality Assurance for master of ships,

Medical care courses, Security care course, Bridge management courses,

Cargo ship handling, Cargo tank cleaning/coating seminar, Shiphandling courses.

Assessor on board training.

Advance Marine Fire Fighting strategy and Tactics in Texas university,

Vetting, CDI, PSC, ISO-2002 and class examination program experienced.


A Captain of merchant fleet (master mariner) with a wide range of experience

in the chemicals carried in bulk.

Preparations , and safety keep chemicals in storage facilities

(ship’s cgo tanks; shore hold tanks)

Able to work on own initiative and as part of a team.

Proven leadership skills involving managing, developing and motivating

teams to achieve their objectives. Dedicated to maintaining high quality standards.

Proven solving skills keep right direction in performance of various tasks, problem.


• Proven possibility/ experience training/teach of people

• As per order of LAPA crewing manager prepared learning program for pumpmen

• Provided that program for crew in training centre.

• Provided Chemical training program (IMO module) for officers in LAPA crewing agent.


As additional info following task have been performed:

Managed quality assurance of officers on board and reported directly to the Fleet Manager.

Managed a crew of 70 people; assigning those tasks, and motivating them to meet deadlines.

Demonstrated the quality assurance and hospitality to customers on board visits.

Performed Master Review Audits at the ships and crew.

Analyzed the quality assurance system and made recommendations for improvements.

Examined equipment on board to check that it met the company standards.

Driving Licence: Full, clean.


Volleyball, Table tennis, Darts, physical fitness – gym, ,

crosswords , read a fantasy.Cooking. Floriculture.

Riga, Latvia,
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