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Master Mariner


Certified Captain with over 30 years experience in the maritime industry, including planning, leadership, and problem-solving for clientele with stringent demands.

Capable of working independently and in a team environment.

Flawless safety record.


2006 to Present. ZIM American Integrated Shipping Services Co., Inc. Vessel planner, responsible for loading and safe operations of container ships.

2006 to 2006. NSC, Hamburg, Germany. Capt. of the m.v. CAPE DONINGTON, regular container service between Australia and East Asia.

2005 to 2006. BBG, Bremen, Germany. Capt. of the m.vs CCNI ANTARTICO and CCNI MAGALLANES, regular container service in the Pacific ocean.

2004 to 2004. B.NAVI SpA, Marina di Carrara, Italy. Capt. of the m.v. LEPTIS STAR, regular container service in the Mediterranean sea and Atlantic ocean.

1999 to 2004. Lasco Shipping Co., Portland, Or., USA. Capt. of the m.vs PACOCEAN, PACPRINCESS, PACPRINCE, PACROSE, PACDREAM. Area of work: wordwide. Experience with various dry bulk cargoes, logs, lumber. Experience in ship repair in drydock (China).


1970 to 1974. Odessa Marine College, Odessa, Ukraine. Technician-navigator.

1976 to 1982. Odessa National Maritime Academy, Odessa, Ukraine. Engineer - navigator.


I have all required licences and certificates as per STCW, and additionally licences of following Flag States: Liberia, Bahamas, Marshall islands, Cayman islands, Ukraine.


Computer knowledge in several software applications, incl. Windows XP, MS Office, Star Office, etc.

Proficient use of equipment such as satellites communications, Radar, ARPA, and other electronic devices used on modern ships.

Language skills: fluent in English, Russian, Ukrainia. Basic knowledge of Spanish.


Norfolk, VA,
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