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Master, 1st officer , safety petty officer, AB , OS


I want to operate tugs and marine equipment on the tailing ponds. I want to be part of this operation but I am open for all opportunities!


4 years working as a 3rd officer for Teekay Shipping on oil tankers. Trained in loading and discharging operations and ship handling. Very very good knowledge of pumps and loading systems!

3 months working as 3 level power engineer in oil refinery.

I currently am working for Island Tug and Barge and have working for them for 6 years! My current company operates transporting fuel of many grades. Loading and discharging and navigating fuel barges is my job. I have excellent boat handling skill,moving equipment and booms. I am currently a 1st officer with great skills in boat and barge handling. Excellent training in safety, oil spill response and team leadership skills. Have spent 3 years working in the Arctic in very dangerous situation moving fuel, booms, heavy equipment with a safety recorded of 100%. I am certified by transport Canada to transport, discharge fuel anywhere in the world!

Two years ago I sail across the Altantic I was the captain!


4 years bcit marine school as a cadet.

16 years working on the ocean!


Master certificate

Watch keeping mater unrestricted

All meds A,B,C and D

Radio operators certicitate

Advanced medical certificate

Advanced marine fire fighting


Operating a tug and barge at a very highly level.

A excellent seaman and leader.

Computer skills are great.

I am trained in marine engineering!

Very experienced in the operation of navigational systems, pumps and barges.

Very good communicator and leader .

Hard worker and honest


By all previous employers performance report, I always exceed the standard and take pride in doing a excellent job. Safety first. I read the posting 13533 and I feel I am tailor made for this position.

I just got engaged and am having a child. My wife to be is a nurse and we are looking for a change!

Comox, BC,
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