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I have 14 years of progressive leadership development, goal setting, problem solving, teaching, and training experience in the military community. I have an extensive background in analyzing difficult tasks and conceiving innovative solutions, developing and achieving short- and long-term goals. I am computer literate with office automation products, techniques and applications.

I am seeking a position with a Specialty Team, such as S.W.A.T, CQB, or V.B.S.S teams, using leadership, dependability and rapid decision making skills.


1995 -1997 Served as a member of the United States Marine Corps Security Forces, Marine Detachment aboard the Aircraft Carrier U.S.S Carl Vinson (CVN-70) to conduct Visit Board Search and Seizure (V.B.S.S) Missions.

1997-1999 Assigned as a Squad leader for a mortar squad with 2nd Battalion 2nd Marine Division, also deployed on a Med Float on vessel, U.S.S Tortuga (LSD-46) where we were tasked as the Non Lethal Weapons Team for our deployment.

1999-2000 Security Response Team Member for a nuclear power plant

2000-2001 Assistant Saw man Sonoco Products Incorporated

2001-2002 Patrol Supervisor for a Military Police Unit at Marine Corps

Base Quantico, Virginia.

2002- 2004 Developed new products for Sonoco Products Incorporated.

2004-2005 Triple Canopy’s Special Defense Services Group in Baghdad, IRAQ

2006- Present, Blackwater USA, Personal Security Specialist (PSS), Shift Leader (SL).


1995-1999, 2001-2002

U.S. Marine Corps Sergeant E-5

Assigned to a Personal Security Detail (PSD) for a Two Star Admiral during Operation Desert Strike in the Arabian Gulf (1996). Member of a Security Team for a Nuclear-Powered Aircraft Carrier for two years, where conducted Visit Board Search and Seizure (V.B.S.S) missions throughout the world. Supervised the guard force, coordinated duty rosters, conducted security drills Received Personal Recognition for Outstanding Performance from Task Force Commander (U.S. Navy Admiral) Received Personal Recognition from Unit Commander for Superior Performance while serving as the Solo Artist and as a member of a Silent Drill Team.

2004- 2005

Triple Canopy – Team Leader

Deployed to Baghdad Iraq, led 3 man security team to set up security for the Multi-National Coalition – Iraq (MNC-I) Intelligence SCIF (Secure Compartmentalized Information Facility). Led 5 man Quick Reaction Force (QRF) team focused on Close Quarters Battle within the Al-Faw Palace. Worked to develop SOP for compliance with the Scope of Work, utilizing the experience of team members, and guidance from Field and Flag grade officers to implement the plan. Supported 14 man team by arranging housing, transportation and logistics.


Blackwater USA

Deployed to Baghdad Iraq, and served as a member on the Counter Assault Team (C.A.T), trained in Personal Security Details (PSD), which specializes in Diplomatic Security of Foreign and Domestic personnel throughout the Baghdad area. Provided personal protection for Former U.S Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, worked hand and hand with the United States Secret Service’s Counter Assault Team providing close personal protection for Former U.S Vice President Dick Cheney during a visit to Baghdad.

2008- Present

Blackwater USA

I am currently assigned to the Quick Reaction Force (Q.R.F) as a Shift Leader, and Tactical Commander for the Kabul, Afghanistan area. I also served on the Ambassador’s protection detail who is currently serving as the Deputy Chief of Mission, (Mr. Chris Dell). Which includes the position on the US Embassy’s Protective Detail as an Advance Team driver, responsibilities also included performing site survey’s and security analysis, Exterior, Perimeter survey. Evaluation of local security forces, mapping and logging interior of venues to be visited by principals with a detail room assessment of the entire site. As well as K-9, EOD and counter sniper survey and route planning. The Embassy Protection Detail also is responsible for all Congressional Delegation protective details which include all US Diplomats from the United States that are attached to the US Embassy. We provide personal protection to these personnel throughout the entire Kabul, Afghanistan area, to include, Former First Lady, Laura Bush and Former Vice President Dick Cheney, also the Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff, and Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates.


Some college, US Marine Corps Basic training, US Marine Corps Basic Security Detail school, Close Quaters Battle school (Maritime Tactics Course), Non Lethal Weapons Course, Triple Canopys Special Defense Services, Worldwide Personal Protection Serives (WPPS) for Blackwater.


Completed Marine Corps Basic Security School

*Physical security


*Basic room clearing

Completed Close Quarters Battle (CQB) School / Maritime Tactics Course (MTC)

*Advanced Room Clearing

*Dynamic Entries

*Combat Shotgun and Pistol

*Visit Board Search and Seizure (V.B.S.S)

Completed Non-Lethal Weapons Course

*Riot Control

*Compliant and Non-Compliant Escorts


*OC-10 Pepper Spray Qualification

*Baton Training

Additional Qualifications and Certifications

Qualified Expert with the M-16 Service Rifle (2 Awards)

Qualified Expert with the M-9MM Service Pistol (2 Awards)

Qualified Expert with the AK-47

Qualified Expert with the CZ 75, 9mm Pistol

Qualified Expert with the M-4

Qualified Expert with the GLOCK 19, 9mm Pistol

Certified Open Water Diver (P.A.D.I.)

Currently Hold Secret Clearance

Currently Hold a Concealed Weapons Permit for the state of South Carolina


Currently the Shift Leader for the Quick Reaction Force (QRF) in Kabul, Afghanistan.


Darlington, SC,
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