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Marine Survey Engineer, New Construction, Existing Ships, Rigs, Platforms




ABS, American Bureau of Shipping, Houston, TX 08 May, 2008 to present,

Presently ABS Greater China Division, Ningbo District, Jinhaiwan Shipyard-Station, Jin Hai Heavy Industry, Co., LTD Project Manager New Construction Bulk Carriers, Tankers, LNG Zhejiang Province, P.R. CHINA.

Prior ABS assignments, Surveyor Offshore New Construction Rig & Platforms; Keppel Fels, Gulf Marine and Kiewit Offshore Project Management Surveys, Offshore Vessels and E and D Rigs, SOLAS Life Saving Equipment, New Construction Project Management-Shipyard Classification, New Construction for Production TLP, SPAR, SEMI, Annual and Period Surveys/Inspections and Repairs of Ships, Marine Vessels, Exploration & Production Rigs and Production Platforms. Saturation Diving Systems, DP-2 and DP-3 Systems Surveys (Shenzi, Tahiti, Perdido, Thunderhawk, Titan (MinDoc-Mirage), Opti-Ex (EXPRO), Mad Dog II (BP), Drillships CDS, (Pride), Certified Riser and Drilling Systems

DIAMOND OFFSHORE DRILLING, Houston, TX 09/05/96-02/14/00 and 05/03/05 – 03/15/08

Safety Department Representative

Senior Safety Department Representative

Sr. HSSE, Country Manager, Mexico Operations- HSSE and Risk Engineer

Charged with control of safety issues addressing the needs of up to 136 rig based allied well control professionals, environmental protection and emergency medical services, (paramedic).

• Delivered a career long exemplary record of safety on 25 semi-submersible and 5 Jack-ups with only 2 RDC’s and 1 LTA recorded in 20 years.

• Onshore Shipyard Construction Projects and Offshore Construction, Refining HSSEQ

N.B.,Offshore years calculated on 183days=1 Offshore year. So 27 years were 20 calendar years.


PCB/LSB & T, Education/Counseling Diploma, Lancaster, PA

Calvary College B.A., Education, Chemistry with Teaching Certificate, Kansas City, Mo, USA

Baylor Univ BS, Physio-Chemistry Engineering, Baylor, Texas US Army AHS-FSH Campus

UMKC, Grad School, Educational Psych and Counselling, KC, MO.

UNC, Grad School Communication-Human Relations Greeley, CO

M.S. Environmental Engineering, Pacific Northwestern Univ, (Belford), ROP

Ph.D. Biochemistry Engineering and Hyperbarics, Pacific Northwestern Univ, (Belford), ROP


? British Safety Council, Safety Management H&SE Certificate

? NEBOSH International Safety Certificate

? U. S. Pub Health Service, Ctrs for Disease Control & Pre, Biochemical Engineer Lic # 5441013

? Nat’l Registry Emer. Paramedic, Med Tech 1766361 / exp 03/2011

? U.S. Coast Guard Merchant Mariner Document License 105835 exp 09/2011

? Republic of the Marshall Islands, Merchant Mariner Document License MH101280 exp 09/2011

? Confined Space/Shipyard Competent Person n.e.08/2009

? USCG Offshore Survival(USA), North Sea UK & Norway Survival Tng & (HUET), H2S Instructor

? AHA, Healthcare Provider CPR

? Int’l Assn Drilling Contractors Rig Pass, IADC No. A1010429

? COSHH, HLO, HUET, QA/RM, Manual Lifting and Banksman-Slinger (U.K.)

? HazMat Marine Safety Training Center -Proficiency in Survival Craft , Lifeboat ops and inspection

? U.S. DOT Drug Test Collection and Reporting

? Offshore Fire-Fighting School, Rig Firefighter, DEGADO (NOLA) Certification Programme

? Dive Operations Safety Officer and Hyperbaric Chamber Paramedic Certification 06/1992

? DuPont S.T.O.P. Program Supervisor/Instructor/Administrator

? Kongsberg Dynamic Positioning DP-2 and DP-3 Operations and Inspections

? ASME /ABS PVHO and Diving Systems construction and testing; new and after construction

? ABS/AWS Welding Trainer/Examiner and NDE/NDT Surveyor


HSSEQC US and UK, • Highly experienced multi-lingual offshore Risk HSSEQC Engineer guiding Health, Safety, Security and Environment professionals with an extensive background of international assignments serving the needs of offshore oil and gas exploration and production around the world in risk assessment project management and onshore refinery start-up/turn-arounds and new build construction.

• An experienced offshore master saturation diver, HSSEQC specialist and Paramedic with advanced education in Hyperbaric Dive Safety and Risk Assessment. More than a decade of employment (1996-2008) independent contract HSSEQC and staff Diamond Offshore, Houston, TX as a SDR, Sr. HSSE-Mexico Operations, Senior HSSEC Safety DO/BP-Egypt, TOTAL-Libya, QPD- Qatar Dubai with a roster of international assignments on 25 semi-submersibles and 5 Jack-ups, 2nd thru 5th Generation in Northern and Southern GOM,(USA&MEX), Brazil, Black Sea (Bulgaria), West Africa (Angola, Nigeria, West Congo), and North Africa, (Egypt, Tunisia), Middle East (Dubai, Libya), Australia, R.P.China

• Practiced in HSSEQC, Management Support and Maritime Operations with demonstrated expertise in Safety, Risk Assessment and Project Management. Risk assessment and control of work record of superior safety in rigs world-wide. Retired US Army Commander.

• Demonstrated ability to lead, manage and organise small groups to large organizations in providing project risk management algorithms to mitigate risks. Education and experience and training all levels of employees in Upstream and Downstream Oil, Gas, Petro-Chemical, operations, materials, machinery, audits, risk assessments and incident investigations.

• Knowledgeable and experienced in interacting with offshore world-wide HSE regulatory and legislative groups and reporting requirements. Trained and experienced in drills, prevention and mitigation of Hazmat spills and remediation organizing Sub Sea SIMOPS and UK/Australian Case Studies.

• Proficient in incident investigations, “Why Tree” analysis, Quality Assurance, Risk Analysis Management


Widower, all children grown, available for travel 100%, Residence can be anywhere, for any length of time,US or International, USA(born- US citizen, can qualify dual US/UK citizenship. Presently building LNG, Container, Bulker and Tankers in remote Island East China Sea.

Shanghai, Lu Wan District, Shanghai,
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