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Marine Offshore Expert & Marine Master

Vessel Operations


1- PERSONAL DETAILS                                                                                   


            Date of Birth          : 20-04-1972           

             Nationality            : IRANIAN               

             Marital Status       : Married                 

             Language             :  Farsi (Native Language)

                                            English (Good in Writing / Speaking)                                  


            Year                                   Education 

            1990-1996         BSC, In Marine Science, IRISL Training Institute  

            1989                 Diploma from High School, Tehran        

            2003                 Master Ticket (Unlimited (          

3- QUALIFICATIONS                                                                                         

            -Master Mariner Ocean going vessels      IRISL

            -Operation manager                                  Deep Offshore Technology   (Sadra) 

            -Project Manager                                      Morvarid Parsian Kish Co.   

            -Operation and technical director            Morvarid Parsian Kish Co.      

√          Familiar with a shipping company in compliance with international rules &                                                                                       regulations ,       familiar with class rules & regulation

            √          Familiar with ship's insurance & claim    

            √          Familiar with shipping management system (commercial and operation(  

                   √      Familiar completely with ship construction and dry dock

            √          Familiar with off shore operations         

            √          preparing charter party and all contracts relating to shipping and offshore

4- TRAINING           

             - ELECTRONIC CHART             IRISL training institute   

            -ISPS COURSE                          IRISL training institute 

            -SAFETY & RESCUE                 IRISL training institute   

            -GMDSS                                     IRISL training institute 

            -ADV. FIRE FIGHTING                IRISL training institute  

            -SURVIVAL CRAFT                    IRISL training institute   

            -OIM (Offshore Installation Manager (     Arvand Blue Wave Maritime training cenrer         

            -BOSIET                                   Yak Marine Academy    

            -BTM    (bridge team management) IRISL training institute          

            -RADAR / ARPA) management level)  IRISL training institute       

            -ISM COURSE                      IRISL training institute        

            -MEDICAL CARE                 IRISL training institute         

            -CHART TRACK       IRISL training institute         

            -ISM AUDITOR course               ISM code         

            -HUMAN RESOURCES        IRISL training institute         

            -ISPS AUDIT COURSE      Yak Marine Academy

            -DPA COURSE                  Yak Marine Academy           

            -TFT                                     IRISL training institute        

            -BIOS & FIOS                     Arvand Blue Wave Maritime training center    


              Period:              1996-2009                                                                                                       

            Position           :            Master  & Deck officer

             Company          :                      IRISL

Job Description     :      -Working as deck officer and Master.

                                       -Full experience for docking vessels at least 4 vessels in Baku Dry dock.

                                       -Experience for upgrading 4 vessels in Malta Dry dock


            Period              :           2009 to 2011    

            Position           :            Operation Manager         

            Company          : Deep Offshore Technology (Sadra(

            Job Description:  Operation Manager of Shipping in Offshore Operations in Projects.     


            Period              :           2011 to 2014    

          Position           :  -Project Manager for purchasing of 14 offshore vessels such as Crew Boat -PSV- Jack up Barge (DENA 1)

                                         - Operation and technical director     

            Company          :    Morvarid Parsian Kish Co. 

            Job Description:       Manager of a shipping management company - Operation and Technical


            Period              :       2014 to 2018        

            Position           :                   Operation and Commercial Manager             

            Company          :      Morvarid Parsian Kish Co.           

            Job Description:                  Managing Operation-Managing Commercial              

  • Operation Manager in Offshore 9 years by 2019
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