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Marine Engineering Manager or Chief Engineer


Work as Marine Engineering Manager or Chief Engineer


Chief Engineer: B.C.Ferries 1980-2005

Engineering Manager: U.S. Gypsume 1970-1980

Present: Engineer: B.C.I.T.


BSc Electro-Mechanical Engineer


First Class Marien Engineer Steam and Motor Canadian, U.K.


Technical risk assessement

Technical support to fleet operations and maintenance

Manage the provision of technical consultancy services, utilising available discipline engineer as appropriate. Resonsible for several projects at the same time.

Design and concept feasibility and detaild structure analysis.

Specification developmen, technical varification and site supervision.

Maritime HSSE audits and vessel condition surveys.


Sailed as Chief Engineer over 200 different types of Vessels

Steam, Diesel, Gas Turbines, Water Jets, Diesel Electric, Steam Electric, CO-Geeration Steam Plants and OIL and LNG Ships.

Vancouver, B.C.,
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