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Marine Engineer


I would like the opportunity to bring my organization, quality, and efficiency skills to the benefit of a maritime company whose operations are diverse and challenging.


For the last two years I have been completing my Associate of Science Degree in Heavy Equipment Technology, with emphasis in Caterpillar Dealer Service. Concurrently, I have been employed by a Caterpillar dealer, charged with diagnosing and repairing machinery within Caterpillar's product line.

In 1990, I began working as an Outside Machinist for a shipyard in San Pedro, California. While in their employ, I was responsible for the installation and repair of propulsion equipment, as well as, auxiliary machinery necessary to sustain vessel functions.

In 1993, I obtained my MMD from the US Coast Guard and I have maintained this document to this date. While in posession of my document, I have worked aboard vessels ranging from 5 ton crew boats, to my largest vessel, a 211,000 DWT VLCC. My positions have been from OS to Unlicensed Assistant Engineer.

From 2006, until my employment with Caterpillar, I progressive worked in the auto dismantling industry and held the position of Assistant Manager at my departure in mid-2010.

In maintaining my current employment, all of my performance reviews have been rated outstanding and are available for your review.


In 1989, I took my first course in a mechanical dicipline; Marine Diesel Overhaul.

In 1992, I took courses at the community college level in Medium-duty Diesel Fuel Systems and Tune-up. It was here that I also took Fundamentals of Conventional Machining.

In 1993, when I first went to sea, I was required to take a SOLAS course, HAZWOPR, basic firefighting, first aid, CPR, and fall protection.

In 2007, I decided I wanted to work for the railroad. It was from shipping that most of the railroads labor migrated over from. I completed the coursework required and obtained a Vocational Degree in Railroad Operations.

In 2010, desiring to advance my position with my employer, I solicited the opportunity to participate in Caterpillar's ThinkBIG program. Out of several hundred applicants, myself and another employee were selected to participate and will graduate in May of 2012 with an Associates of Science Degree, Caterpillar Dealer Service Technician.


USMMC, United States Coast Guard 1993- Present

TWIC, US TSA, valid through 2015

Motor Vehicle Operator's License, CA DMV, 1991-Present

Forklift Operator Certification, Caterpillar, 2010-Present


I am experience in the diagnosis and repair of diesel propelled machinery in land and sea-based applications. Within this I am proficient in hydraulics, welding, electronics, electrical, and computer-based technologies necessary to complete these tasks. I maintain a selection of tooling necessary to complete repairs and am familiar with techniques necessary to complete repairs in the confines of machinery spaces found aboard vessels. I have zero lost-time incidents to my credit and work hard to be as safe and efficient as my employer will allow me to be.


I love boats. My earliest memories were aboard boats. I have worked my whole life with the intention of bringing my experience to work for a company who needed to get things done. I am a self-starter with an eye for detail and a desire to be challenged. I guaranty you will not be disappointed.

Long Beach, CA,
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