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Marine Engineer


To achieve employment in the marine engineering field that challenges my skill level, while allowing for career advancement and personal growth.


• United States Navy Port Engineer

USS New York LPD 21

Camber Corp. Port Engineer Contract

Huntsville Alabama

Responsible for all maintenance on board ship routine minor repair and planned maintenance tasks. In charge of major repairs, Refit and design changes, PM System, Coordinating with the Captain as other departments on the ship, Project Managers, Contractors.

• Senior Marine Engineer

Rolls Royce/ Seaworthy Systems Inc.

PO Box 965 Essex, CT 06426

Senior Main Propulsion and Auxiliary (SMART) Inspector on Military Sealift vessels and US Navy vessels, evaluating and writing detailed reports on engine room material readiness. Government Expert Contractor responsible for Root Cause Analysis of equipment failures on government vessels, Diesel Engine Performance Analysis, advising operators in efficient balanced diesel optimum performance.

• First Engineer

Development Driller II Dynamic Positioning Oil Exploration Vessel

Global Santa Fe/Trans Ocean 15375 Memorial Dr.

Houston Texas, 77079-4101 281-925-6277

Senior Operating Engineer Supervisor off all Engine Room Personnel Responsible for the proper operation and maintenance of Eight 3616 CAT, ABB 1100KV Gen set’s with ABB Thrusters and Class 3 Kongsberg Ships Management System. New build programming and trouble shooting. PM System start up. Training of junior personnel, Supervised refueling operations Emergency Drills and Daily operations.

• First Engineer

Quantum 4000 Dynamic Positioning Ocean Service Vessel

Cal Dive International/C-Mar, 11231 Richmond Ave. D111

Houston TX 77082, 281-556-1115

Senior operating Engineer in Engine Room, Supervised all engineering personnel, Welders, Electricians, Electronics Tech’s, Deck Engineers, Junior Watch Engineers and unlicensed personnel. Responsible for the proper operation and maintenance of six B&W MAN 4600HP diesels driving Alstrom 1100KV Generators and six Rolls Royce Azimuth Thrusters with Alstrom drive motors and Alstrom computer automation and control system Assigned watches, routine minor repairs, planned maintenance tasks. In charge of major repairs, Refit and design changes, PM System, Training, Daily Engine Logs, Records, Inspections, Trouble shooting coordinating with contractors as well as other departments on the ship. Insured vessel and personnel safety in the engine room, Supervised refueling operations, Emergency Drills and daily operations.

• First Engineer

TECO Transport 702 N. Frankland St. P.O. Box 22048

Tampa Fl 33622-2048 813-209-4200

M/V Betty Wood, Ocean going, Integrated Tug and Barge

M/V Cynthia Fagan, T5 bulk carrier

M/V Sheila McDevitt, T5 bulk carrier

M/V Elena Hicks, Ocean going Integrated Tug and Barge

Sailed as First Engineer on board ITB’s with twenty cylinder EMD main engines, 871 Detroit generators and 12 cylinder Caterpillar bow thrusters. Became certified on EMD’s Practical and Technical at ESI INC. Rocky Mount North Carolina. Responsible for implementing ABS Safe net Planned Maintenance and Inventory System. Vessel representative at Tampa Ship Yard during major overhaul of main engines and hull repairs. Sailed as Second A/E on board two Bulk Carriers. One, with a Sultzer slow speed main engine and Daihatsu auxiliaries. The other with Enterprise medium speed main engines and Detroit auxiliaries.


Feb 22 1987 Machinist Mate School

United States Navy

Great Lakes, IL

Apr 10 1991 Boiler Operators’ License

State of Maine

May 2 1992 Bachelors of Science Marine Operations Engineering

Maine Maritime Academy, Castine, Maine

United States Coast Guard Merchant Marine Officer

Unlimited Third Assistant Engineer Steam &Diesel

Oct 09 1992 High Speed Separators

Alfa Laval Separation

Westminster, N.Y.

Mar 27 1997 Basic and Advanced Marine Fire Fighting

Delgado Community College- Fire School

New Orleans, L.A.

Apr 06 1998 Damage Control

Government Vessels, Military Sealift Command

Piney Point, Maryland

Apr 09 1998 Small Arms Qualification

Military Sealift Command

Fort Bragg, Virginia


Oct 27 1998 Second Assistant Engineer of Motor vessels, Unlimited

Third Assistant Engineer of Steam vessels Unlimited

United States Coast Guard Merchant Marine Officer

Oct 27 1998 STCW Standards of training, Certification and Watch keeping

Engineer in charge of the watch, Basic Safety Training

Survival craft proficient

July 15 1999 Falk Reduction Gear School

Falk Corporation

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Sep 17 1999 Electro Motive Diesel

Technical Service Training

Rock Mount, North Carolina

Mar 17 1999 Electro Motive Diesels

Practical Service Training

Rocky Mount, North Carolina

Sept 15 2001 Confined Space Entry

May 24 2005 Vanuatu Second Engineer

Feb 15 2006 CAC Military Clearance

Mar 15 2007 Security Clearance (Secret)

Jun 13 2007 Unlimited Chief Engineer Motor and Gas Turbine


Bachelor of Science from Maine Maritime Academy which covers Theory, Operation and Maintenance of Steam and Diesel Propulsion and Power Generation Systems. Other related skills acquired are Electrical Theory and Trouble shooting, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration, Advanced Welding, Machine Tool, Detailed Technical report writing, Work management, Military leadership.


Twenty years of sailing and onshore experience on all types

of vessels.

Unlimited Chief Engineer on Diesel and Gas Turbine powered ships.

Government expert contractor on medium speed diesels,

Root Cause Analysis, Diesel Engine Performance Analysis, (SMART) inspector on Military Sealift Command


United States Navy Port Engineer with secret clearance.

Chesapeake, VA,
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