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Marine Engineer


To work in one or more of the following areas consultancy,surveying,constrution,operation,maintenance,logistics,design in the marine engineering/naval architecture field.


At Present: Stationary engineer with Corrections Canada in a First Class boiler plant. (HVAC maintenance included). Since Aug. 05

Refrigeration engineer at Versacold in Chatham, a food processing facility having blast tunnel freezers using ammonia as a refrigerant. July 05- Aug 05 Laid off due to lack of work

Working as a Quality Auditor in an auto stamping plant. April 05-July 05

Coop: Implementing ISO 9001-2000 in C.M.E. a ship repair company in Victoria, B.C.

In charge of documentation of all departments of the company ie. Sales, Estimation of contracts,

Ship repair including mechanical repair, Structural, Dry docking, Welding, Electrical, Piping, Valves, Painting etc. Work involved changing forms in pdf format into M.S. word format & checking that the work complies with ISO 9001-2000 guidelines. Jan.05-March 05.

Computer technician: At Computer Plus in Brampton Oct 03-Dec 03

Refrigeration Operator/ technician at Dan Exports: A meat processing/storage plant have three ammonia Frick screw compressors of 800 HP, blast freezers, plate freezers, contherms . Mar 02-Aug 03

Stationary engineer: Corrections Canada

in a 400 thermal hours heating plant with diesel engine cogeneration at Warkworth penitentiary on contract. 2001-2002

Canada Bread: Worked part time in the maintenance department. Lubrication of plant machinery ,cleaning filters, maintenance of conveyer belts, repairing chain drives, ovens and belts. 2000-2001

First Assistant Engineer

Span Marine ay 1996-2000

• Worked on product tanker, seismic vessel, gas carrier, chemical tanker.

• Engines worked on: Caterpillar (3 *3 00h. p.), Sulzer (26,000h.p.),Bergen(3 *3 000h. p.), Akasaka (4000 h.p.)

• Conducted repair, refitting and maintenance on main engines, boilers, and generators, compressors, chillers.

• Supervised staff for the delegation of duties

• Developed effective preventive and conditional maintenance programs

• Maintained inventory control for adequate levels of spare parts and stores at all times

• Tested boiler water, engine cooling water and trouble shooting

• Managed fuel oil and lube oil storage and purification following all health and safety practices

• Prepared ship installation and machinery for classification society inspection

Chief Engineer/First Assistant Engineer

Reliance Shipping , Hazira, India 1991-1995

• In charge of maintenance and operation of ship machinery, refrigeration plant for maintaining ethelene in liquid form, propulsion machinery and auxiliaries

• Engines: Alpha B& W Caterpillar.


B.S. in N.A. & Marine Engineering

B.S. in Electrical Engineering

Marine professional and safety certificates

Stationary engineer certificates

P.G. Diploma in Quality Assurance


Class 1 motor Part A.

Completing Part B in Canada.

Third Class stationary (T.S.S.A.)

Fire fighting,Marine Safety C & D

L.P.G. & Tanker Safety Endorsements


Mechanical & Electrical Trouble Shootng & Repair

Operation & maintenance of deisel powered ships.

Operation & maintenance of First Class Boiler Plants.(>400 Thermal Units)

Refrigeration & H.V.A.C. operation & maintenance


Available after current contract is over in April 06

Able to relocate anywhere

Brampton, Ontario,
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