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Summary of Qualifications

• While employed as a contract Electrical Supervisor at Newport News Shipbuilding I led a 45 man team of Northup Grumman, Pac Ord, and several Temp Service company employees in the Planning, Layout Installation and testing of over 56 shipboard systems on the USS Bush which were completed in accordance within the program time frame and budget with no safety issues and in perfect working order.

• While a Electrical Supervisor with Pelagic Technologies I took over the LSV-3 mid contract and successfully completed the overhaul and upgrade of all shipboard systems from the main switchboard and distribution system to berthing upgrades to alarm and communication systems.

• While Employed at Pelagic Technologies I took control of 2 Army Warping tugs and brought a contract that was several months behind schedule to a successful completion which allowed my company to retain both there profit margin and also there reputation on the local waterfront in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia.

• While employed at Colanna's Shipyard, I led a team of several electricians, welders and ship fitters in the complete overhaul and rebuild of the #1 Caisson Gate for #1 dry-dock of Norfolk Naval Shipyard, Led a team of 4 electricians in the exterior electrical upgrade of 4 Army LCU's.

• Participated as Electrical Lead man for the Colanna's Shipyard Team on the LCS-1 Sustainment Mission.

• Participated as an Electrical Supervisor and or Lead man/Team leader in the projects as diverse as DDG Sea Whiz upgrades to SSBN towed sonar upgrades, commercial tug boats and barges to Staten Island ferry and NOAH boat upgrades and Overhauls. While At Electric Boat I participated in the new construction of Trident, Los Angeles class, Sea Wolf class and Virginia class submarines.

Relevant Experience

[ Functional Area of Expertise ]

• I am skilled in the electrical  supervision and management of both new construction and overhaul projects, master marine electrician.

• Proficient in ABS and Naval Standards, Microsoft Office.

• 34 years experience as a Marine Electrician with many Leadership roles in leading small to medium work groups in both new construction and overhaul/upgrade projects


Trade Skills

  • Layout – Proficient in the layout and installation shipboard of Wire ways, including construction of rack systems and stud shot or welded systems.

Layout and placement of various shipboard components including heavy electro mechanical equipment, rack systems, bulkhead mounted panels and equipment, motors, overhead mounted equipment including foundation mounted and stud or rack systems installations.

  • Installation – Proficient in the fabrication of mounting systems including bracket, welded, bolted systems. Layout and penetration of all many types of ship board components including brass, stainless, water tight and non water tight enclosures, Nylon tubes, brass tubes, cses boots, explosion proof fittings and penetration. Layout and installation of steel and aluminum deck and bulk head tubes.
  • Hookup – Proficient in the hookup of shipboard systems including power and distribution – switchboards, load centers, power panels, controllers, group controllers,  lighting, communications, alarms, motors, generators, MOV’S,  Flight deck lighting, elevators, galley equipment. IO drop boxes, control panels, battery systems, transformers, refrigeration,  AC systems, winches, anchor windlasses, consoles, engine monitoring, circuit breakers. 
  • Trouble shooting – proficient in trouble shooting and diagnosis of both high voltage AC and DC power systems, low voltage DC systems, control systems, communication, motors, generator control, alarm systems including smoke and fire, security, ships brigs, galley equipment and Gaylord, lighting, controllers, power panels, load centers, switchboards, machinery controls, cabling, transformer and distribution systems.

Employment History

Q.E.D Group

Motor shop Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, Portsmouth Virginia. 2014-Pesent                                                                                                                                                                      Tradesman International/Faith Industries/Marinette Marine                                                                        Marine Electrical Foreman 2013-2013     

Skanska , Norfolk Virginia

Chief Engineer Marine Group Portsmouth Tunnel Project, 2013 - 2013

Pelagic Technologies, Virginia Beach, VA

Electrical Supervisor, 2011 - 2012

Colanna's Shipyard, Norfolk, VA

Electrician/Lead man, 2009 - 2011

VT Milcom, Newport News, VA

Tazewell, Tennessee,
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