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Manager Shipping Liner ( Sales & Marketing )


Job Objective: Senior level positions in Operations, Business Development, Key Account Management, Cargo Management, Logistics, Commercial Functions with leading organisations in the International Shipping industry.


Since Apr’01 at M/s. Dragon Shipping Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai. Currently designated as Senior Manager - Sales & Marketing and E Commerce Promotion Team Leader.

Joined as Assistant Manager; promoted as Manager 2002. Elevated to Senior Manger - Sales & Marketing and E Commerce Promotion Team Leader in 2006.

Steering initiatives towards achievement of organisational goals with chief responsibilities pertaining to Business Development for Outbound / Inbound Cargo for Senator Line GMBH, Trade Lanes between West, East Mediterranean Ports, Gulf, Canadian locations & the Indian Subcontinent as well as promoting the Senator Line’s Web Page and various other Interfaces to customers.

Significant Highlights:

§ Reporting to the General Manager (Commercial) & Commercial Director.

§ Managing a team 7 sales personals. (including 2 Assistance Managers.

§ Other responsibilities include Strategy Planning, Sales, Market Analysis, Tariffs, Commercial Functions, etc.

§ Achieved 95% E-Bookings and Shipping instructions of the total business procured as per the targets set by the Senator Principals at Limmasol, Cyprus and Bremen, Germany.

§ Closely monitoring / assisting the sales teams in meeting the set target implemented by the Principals i.e 325 Twenty Footer Equivalent Units (TEUS) amounting to approximately Usd 4,50,000/- weekly.

§ Conducting intensive Market Analysis with complete Outbound / Inbound accountability to the Principal’s (Senator Lines GMBH) offices based in Germany, Cyprus and Hong Kong.

§ Factors include Sales; i.e.; FOB / Prepaid Contribution Reports, New Target Accounts, Sales Achievement Ratio, information on new Government Policies, Laws, Rules, Regulations and issue based Economic Progress on both Inbound and Outbound Fronts.

§ Maintaining Ocean Freight Tariffs and Quotation in accordance with Company’s and Principal’s guidelines / parameters, filing Customer wise Ocean Freight with Online System Software.

§ Directly procured business new shippers / exporters / forwarders / logistics companies and consignee / importers Key clients include: Outbound - INDAL, GACL, Panalpina World Transport, DHL Danzaz etc. and Inbound - Van Ommeren, France; Western Arya Logistics Pvt. Ltd.; MUL; Geologistics; Jeena & Co; Padma Traders Ceramics Pvt. Ltd.; Kajaria Tiles Ltd.

§ Pivotal in constantly motivating and guiding the Sales force to target potential Exporters / International Freight Forwarders / Custom House Agents.

§ Have regularly monitored competition activities by regularly abstracting information from the port in regards number of inventories loaded for various trade lanes, and according taking persuasive action in consulation with my senior.

§ Successful in convincing Senator customers in understanding the essence of E-commerce in today’s world and the future it has from now on.

§ Attended Senator’s E-Commerce Regional Seminar / Training held in Hong Kong for promotion of the line’s own Portal, GT Nexus, Inttra, Direct Interface.

§ Along with my Sales teams have given personalized service and attention to Senator customers by offering special ocean freights etc and entertaining clients regularly.

Apr’97-Mar’01 at M/s. Alligator Shipping Service Pvt. Ltd. as Senior Sales & Marketing Executive

Managed Business Development, Bookings for Inbound / Outbound Cargo for Nantai Lines (S) PTE Ltd. & South Bay Lines (S) PTE Ltd., SINGAPORE for Trade Lanes between Southern African, Far Eastern as well as Port Louis, Mauritius and the Indian Subcontinent.

Significant Highlights:

§ Reporting to the Sales Manager.

§ Obtained maximum support for the organisation by regularly meeting clients and introducing Services rendered by Nantai.

§ Successfully procured Cargo Bookings through rigorous Sales Efforts, utilised space allocation obtained by Principals; thereby avoiding the Principal’s liability which involved of payment of dead freight to the Vessel Operator / Liner.

§ Enhanced market share through regular personal meetings and maintaining excellent relations with customers.

§ Achieved Targets Set of 150 Twenty Footer Equivalent Units (TEUS), fortnightly , amounting to approximately Usd 1,50,000/-

§ Key clients included: Outbound - PEP Stores, Clicks Organisation, ECS (R. South Africa); FRITZ; Export Consolidation Service and Inbound – M/s. Sabero Organics Ltd., Mumbai.

§ Regularly corresponded with Principals and Overseas Counterparts for Sales leads in case of CIF / C&F and FOB on the Outbound / Inbound fronts, Special Freight Requests, Loading pre-alerts, Hazardous Cargo Requests etc.

§ Acquired exposure on Logistics, Cargo Management, Sea Transportation etc. Successfully booked Less Than & Full Container Loads (LCL/FCL) for Cargo for various sectors on the Far Eastern, South African destinations in Mauritius, Gulf, Japan and USA.

§ Represented International Freight Forwarders like Zen Continental Inc, Maris Line, IFB Freight Bridge International and TSC Container Lines.

§ Gained excellent experience on operational aspects such as calculation of measurement of cargo and coordinating / instructing the process of stuffing at the nominated site.

Jul’96-Mar’97 at M/s. Samsara Shipping Pvt. Ltd. as Senior Sales & Marketing Executive

Oversaw the Booking for Outbound / Inbound Cargo for Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) for Trade Lanes between East African, South African, Central African, East Mediterranean, Far Eastern ports and USA, Canadian locations with the Indian Subcontinent.

Significant Highlights:

§ Reporting to Trades Manager and General Manager (Commercial) .

§ Have achieved Targets set 40 TEUS set by the management also, regularly exceeded 55 Twenty Footer Equivalent Units (TEUS), amounting Usd 48,000/- weekly.

§ Have regularly meets customers on a daily basis and regularly maintain Sales reports which was monitored by my senior and in case of difficulties in procuring a customer, they would suggest / advise the correct strategy in making prudent client.

§ Maintained Ocean Freight Tariff, Long Sailing Schedules, Display Charts for Vessel Routings of various Trade Lanes. Offered the same depending upon the customer’s requirement.

§ Regularly assisted the Documentation Dept, which helped in enhancing knowledge on terms of Negotiable Documents.

§ Visited the MSC Container Freight Station (CFS); nominated Site / Carting point to check on various customer cargoes. Directed / inspected stuffing of the same into the required inventory.

§ Key accounts included: Outbound - GACL, Kuehne & Nagel Pvt. Ltd, Geologistics etc. and Inbound - Geologistics, Jeena & Co, Padma Traders Ceramics Pvt. Ltd. etc.

Jul’94-Jul’96 at United Liner Agencies (India) Pvt. Ltd. as Junior Sales Executive

Handled Booking of Outbound / Inbound Cargo for K Line, Wilhelmsen Line, CSAV, DB Turkish Lines, ONTC, Rickmers Line and other Break Bulk Lines into Trade Lanes of the Far East, Japan, China, USA, South America, Australia, Persian Gulf, Colombo and India.

Significant Highlights:

§ Reporting to the Assistant Manager and Sales Manager .

§ Managed issuance of Delivery Orders for Factory Stuff Units booked and Carting Orders to customer’s for Dock Stuffing Units at the company’s nominated site.

§ Conducted research on the International Maritime Organisation for Hazardous Cargoes and sought Vessel wise approval for the same, prior to booking.

§ Was able to maintain a good inventory position in India by regularly sending out prudent sales leads to various load ports.

§ Have achieved Targets of 20 Twenty Footer Equivalent Units (TEUS) amounting to Usd 14,000/-

§ Regularly meeting various Clearing agents , Forwarders, Exporters , and Buyers and procuring their requirements and market information and advising the same to my seniors.

§ Keeping a check on competition activities such as ocean freights, transit times, routing and customer’s comfort levels with various lines.

§ Liaised with Principals in for forecasting, business potential, booking forecasts, feeder loading revenue reports and correspondence with Principals, Load Ports and Destination.

§ Also maintained tariffs, attended to enquiries related to Containerized and Break Bulk Cargo.

§ Successfully handled accounts like FRITZ, Pier 1, Canadian Retail Shipper’s Association (CRSA) movements to the US and Canada



Bombay University, Mumbai

§ Bachelor of Commerce Special subject “Accounting & Auditing”.

§ Other subjects were Export management, Human organization management and world economics.

§ Awarded Degree in Second Class

§ Institution attended: Mithibai College, Mumbai.


Higher Secondary Certificate Examination, Mumbai

· Std Xii Under 10 + 2 Pattern

· Awarded Certificate in Second Class


Secondary School Certificate Examination, Mumbai

§ 10 year course

§ Awarded Certificate in First Class



Bombay University, Mumbai

§ Awarded Degree in Second Class


Higher Secondary Certificate Examination, Mumbai

· Awarded Certificate in Second Class


Secondary School Certificate Examination, Mumbai

§ Awarded Certificate in First Class


Areas of Expertise

Strategy Planning /Business Development /Key Account Management /Cargo Management/Logistics/Market Analysis/

Tariff Management /Commercial Functions/Competitor Evaluation/E-Commerce / Liaison / Coordination/People Management


A seasoned professional with over 15 years rich experience in Business Development, Key Account Management, Cargo Management, Logistics, Tariff Management, Commercial Functions, Liaison in the International Shipping industry. Currently designated as Senior Manager - Sales & Marketing and E Commerce Promotion Team Leader with Dragon Shipping Pvt. Ltd. at Mumbai. Demonstrated abilities in addressing operational issues, resolving performance bottlenecks and achieving desired objectives. Pivotal in developing key clients among Corporates as well as amongst Exporters, International Freight Forwarders and Custom House Agents. Well versed with Shipping Operations for Outbound / Inbound Cargo across international Trade Lanes. Enterprising leader with strong analytical, problem solving and organisational skills.

Mumbai, Maharashtra,
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