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Shoreside Operations

July 2015

Re:  Maritime Executive

Dear Sir/Madam,

Please consider me a candidate for a Maritime Executive position with your organization. I am confident that after you have had the opportunity to review my résumé, you will find that with my combine 34 plus years of experience in the industry as a Senior Port Executive, U.S. Naval Officer, Chief Engineer on large deep sea vessels, Consultant and Maritime Business Owner; I will bring a wealth of knowledge, energy,  passion and distinction befitting to the maritime industry.

I am very proud of my career and how it has transcended in serving the maritime community. My interest in becoming your next senior executive is consistent with my career goals and I intend to apply to this position the same enthusiasm that has served me well over the years.   

Some of my notable accomplishments include:

  • Directing the operation of the world’s largest cruise ship port and the nations 10 largest container port. Successful in achieving a record passenger and TEU throughput during multiple fiscal years.
  • Successfully directed the port’s 300 million dollar Capital Improvement Project, which included new cruise terminals, two new 60 ton super post panamax container gantry cranes and the dredging of the south channel and turning basin to - 45 feet.
  • Directed the port during multiple emergencies including hurricanes and the aftermath of September 11.
  • Authored the port’s first comprehensive Facility Security Plan (FSP) as mandated by Homeland Security and the State of .
  • Chief Engineer, responsible for all VLCC engineering and shipboard operations, which include the propulsion, electrical, mechanical and all safety systems.  Acted as Captain/Engineer responsible for maintaining vessel operations to include scheduling of provisions, spare parts, fuel, tugs, pilots, repairs, mail delivery, crew and any other request to ensure efficient operations of each vessel. This included meeting with each vessel’s captain and chief engineer during each home port call to discuss the voyage and report my finding to the company's Senior V.P. of operations.  In addition, I provide the necessary corporate oversight during shore-side operations, port operations and dry-dock activities at various ports throughout the world.  This includes working closely with ABS and other classification Societies.
  • Successful in starting my own consulting company which has attracted business from some of the more notable clients in the maritime industry.

In summary, my experience has given me the ability to successfully manage large organizations and its complex projects.  My skills include:  effective high level communications with the of Commissioners, Department of Homeland Security, the industry, stake holders and the various applicable regulatory and law enforcement agencies. I strive on problem solving challenges and possess the ability and expertise to successfully negotiate complicated contracts and agreements as well as direct and report on large scale budgets and financial matters. 

My leadership style is based on example. My personality is one that takes charge and thrives in a dynamic and high demanding environment, and my demeanor instills confidence. 

Thank you for the opportunity and consideration.




Operations Manager/Project Manager, Ferry Operations

McAllister Towing and Transportation Co. - -2013 to 2015


Managed the ongoing Ferry Operations and Facility Security at the and Port Jefferson Steamboat Co. located in including Project Manager for the development of the proposed new Ferry Terminal located across the channel from the existing Facility.

Skills Used:

Engineering, Project Management, Operations Management, Administration and Maritime Security.


Cafiero Maritime Services, LLC -2006 to 2013

A Maritime Consulting firm specializes in Port Operations, Business Development, Security and Master planning.

Highlights include:

•   Successful in introducing the company to new and potential clients/markets on the Gulf and South East coasts.

•   Resurrected and won an otherwise dead project lead for engineering services for the New York City Department of Transportation, Staten Island Ferries.

•   Responsible for producing the winning bid to provide engineering and port security planning services for the .

•   Responsible for the successful teaming arrangements and bid document production for six major projects.  Four of which were ranked in the top three for consideration.

•   Notable clients include Parsons Brinkerhoff, Carnival Cruise Lines, AECOM, , and .


Dade County Seaport Department - -1998 to 2006

Highlights include:

•   Developed and directed the planning and oversight of nine seaport departments, 240 Employees, and a $20 Million operations Budget.

•   Successfully directed the Request for Proposals process, negotiations and procurement of two new 60 ton container gantry cranes from .

•   Directed the Port's production to a record 1 million plus container throughput thus making the of the largest container port in and 10th largest container port in the nation.

•   Responsible for the Seaport's $300 million Capital Improvements Project comprised of the construction of two passenger terminals, numerous wharfs and bulkheads as well as cargo yard and mooring improvements. A sixteen-lane cargo gate, state of the art complex. Reconfiguration of all roads in and around the ports facilities. Dredging of the South Channel to minus 42 feet and the General Re-evaluation Report necessary for future dredging to minus 50 feet.

•   Managed all Subcontractors, Engineering and Consulting firms contracted to provide services to the .

•   Directed the shut down and resumption of business during 10 major Hurricanes and Tropical Storms.

•   Directed all efforts including law enforcement activities relating to the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks. Established the Command and to facilitate communication between Federal and State Agencies as well as the Port stakeholders. Directed the development, coordination and implementation of the Post 9/11 Seaport Facility and Tenant Security Plans, jointly mandated by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and the U.S. Coast Guard for compliance with the Maritime Transportation Security Act and corresponding Navigation and Vessel Inspection Circulars.

•   Prepared the managed operational and constructions multi million-dollar budgets.

•   Prepared and presented various reports to the Board of County Commissioners.

Department Highlights:

•   Engineering: Developed the Port's "2020" master plan, which included cargo and passenger projections, capital improvements and staffing requirements. Directed the Port's engineering staff and the various Consultants and Engineering firms employed by the Port.

•   Facilities Maintenance: Directed the in-house maintenance activities and small construction projects on all common facilities and infrastructure. Implemented a computerized maintenance management system capable of performing predictive maintenance reports. Implemented a computerized inventory system enabling the Port to reduce its unscheduled downtime on critical systems and employed the "just-in-time" inventory system thus reducing the need to stock unused costly assets.

•   Cruise Operations: Directed the safe and efficient operations of the cruise terminals, parking garages, bus staging and inter-modal areas. Provided liaison services to the cruise lines and stevedore companies to ensure the highest level of customer service to the passengers and cruise line management staff.

•   Security: Ensured the compliance with all Federal, State and Local statutes and laws. Maintained the Port's high state of readiness as required by MARSEC level changes and facilitated a cooperative working environment between port, tenant operators, law enforcement and regulatory agencies representing different jurisdictions. Established the interagency command post with tenant operators to sustain mission essential functions resulting from 9/11, Free Trade of Americas Agreement civil unrest, hurricane activity, and other transportation safety and/or security threats.

•   Cargo Operations: Responsible for ensuring that the cargo terminal operators were performing in accordance with their respective terminal operating agreements and requirements of the Port's tariff. Participated in contract renegotiations.

•   Harbormaster Office: Responsible for the Port's berthing officers who scheduled and assigned the Port's 12 container cranes and 14 berth assignments to every cruise and cargo vessel.

•   Property Management: Responsible for negotiating and managing all tenant agreements.

•   Safety: Responsible for the development and implementation of all safety training programs that benefited the different trades and field personnel such as "lock-out/tag-out" training, "right-to-know", and weapons of mass destruction awareness. Ensured that the Seaport was operating in compliance with all OSHA and County workplace safety requirements and best industry practices.


- -1988 to 1998

Highlights include:

•   Project Manager in charge of oversight, operation and maintenance of 's 3,000 tons per         day, 80 megawatt, waste-to-energy facility with an annual operating budget of $43 million.

•   Project Manager for the Resources Recovery Capital Expansion and Retrofit Project with a total construction budget of $111 million.

•   Implemented self developed design changes relating to the retrofit of the facilities' four boiler flu gas bag-houses and scrubber systems resulting in saving the County a documented $25 million of otherwise lost revenue and increase operating cost.

•   Spearheaded efforts to modernize the facilities preventive maintenance program, which reduced unscheduled down time from 40% to 5%.



Atlantic Richfield Company - -1984 to 1988

•   Responsible for all VLCC engineering and shipboard operations, which include the propulsion, electrical, mechanical and all safety systems. Acted as relief Port Captain/Engineer responsible for maintaining vessel operations to include scheduling of provisions, spare parts, fuel, tugs, pilots, repair, crew and any other request the Captain and or Chief Engineer has to ensure efficient operations of their vessels. In addition, I provide the necessary corporate oversight during shore-side operations, port operations and dry-dock activities at various ports throughout the world. This includes working closely with ABS and other classification Societies.


ARCO Marine, Incorporated -, CA -1979 to 1983


American Export Lines

CARGO SHIPS - -1976 to 1979


Bachelor of Science in Marine Engineering /Marine Transportation/Shipyard Management

Maritime Academy -



Ability to adapt to any situation and provide the vision and expertise to ensure success.

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