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Field Operator


work in Offshore job


? Presently working with Saudi National Petrochemical Company (NATPET) as Field Operator in Propylene Dehydrogenation Unit.

? From November 2009 to June 2010 worked in Naptha Cracking Project (Indian Oil Corporation Ltd, Panipat, India) in TOYO Engg India lTD, Panipat, India, as Field Operator.

Details: Involved in Pre-Commissioning, Commissioning & Start-up Activity of 800kMTPA Capacity of Ethylene, 530kMTPA Capacity of Propylene at Naptha Cracking Unit (NCU)

? From April 2009 to August 2009 worked in G.S E&C, Laffan Refinery Project (Qatar Gas), Qatar as Field Operator

Details: Involved in Commissioning Start-up Activity in fractionation of Condensate liquid and Naptha Hydrotreating Unit

? From June 2005 – April 2009 worked in Reliance Industries Limited, Jamnagar, India, as Process Operator.

Details: I have worked in Fluidized Catalytic Cracking Unit (FCCU), 200kbsd of Capacity. I have handled safe operations of fractionating-distillation columns, strippers, centrifugal compressors (Gas & Refregeration-C2R/C3R) (Steam turbine driven), pumps,Reboilers,Gas dehydrators, catalytic Reactor,Regenerator,Hopper System



[2002~2005] Diploma (Petro Chemical Engineering) from (CPCL Polytechnic College)

Passed distinction with Honours

[2005~2006] Diploma (Industrial Safety) from (Annamalai University


? Undergone In-plant Training at M/s. Chennai Petroleum Corporation Limited, Manali, and Chennai, India.

? “Six Sigma” Training by M/s. Reliance Petroleum Limited, Gujarat, India.

? Safe Work Permit System Training by M/s. Reliance Petroleum Limited, Gujarat, India.

? Industrial First Aid Training by M/s. Reliance Petroleum Limited, Gujarat, India.

? Fire Fighting Training by M/s. Reliance Petroleum Limited, Gujarat, India.

? Safe handling of hazardous chemicals & Toxic gases Training by M/s. Reliance Petroleum Limited, Gujarat, India

? H2S/BA training by Qatar Gas, Qatar

? LOTO,PTW,Work Crew,Lead Crew by Qatar Gas, Qatar.


Pre-Commissioning Experience:

I have involved following Pre-Commissioning activities:

• P&ID-check

• Involved in Iso-clearance, Loop clearance, Hydrostatic Test, Pneumatic Test, Boxup clearance etc

• Involved in Loop Flushing activities like Cardboard blasting, Rotomole flushing, Pigging, Air blowing and Steam blowing etc

• Standard line & vessel cleaning (air/steam blowing, water/oil flushing)

• Air/nitrogen drying, Chemical cleaning, Mechanical cleaning

• Test runs of non-critical rotating equipment

• Function test of non-safety relevant and non-complex instrumentation

• Filling of bulk material & Tightness test

Commissioning Experience:

I have involved following Commissioning activities:

• Test runs of critical pumps, such as high pressure boiler feed water pumps

• Test runs of compressors, turbines and expanders

• Start-up of utility systems

• Test- and standby operation of entire process units, such as water scrubbing, process

Steam, caustic scrubbing and demineralisation-water units.

• Air operation of mole sieve dryers and related regeneration system

• Inertization


Fire and Safety

? Deluge Valve and Sprinkler system operation.

? Fire detection system, operation of fire hydrants & monitors.

? Expertise in handling of fire extinguishers like Foam, DCP and CO2.

? Good Knowledge in using PPE’s like SCBA.

? Acting as Emergency First Aid Coordinator of the Department.

? Issuing Safe Work Permits to ensure safety of job.

? Detailed understanding of Gas Detectors like Combustible gas, Toxic gas etc.

? Near miss, Unsafe Act and Unsafe Condition Reporting.

? Periodic Checkups of fire & safety equipments.

Chennai, TamilNadu,
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