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Explosive Detection


• Wish to join and be part of a reputable corporation, directly assisting and adding value to National and International endeavours

• My passion is to help others with the knowledge and skills I have developed

• I have proven myself in the Governmental Services, Privatized Sector, which has prepared me well for a position within your company.

• Financial reasons

• Be part of a motivated and exceptional team



Ronco Consulting Inc (17 October 2005 – Present)

• Contracting employee at Ronco Consulting Inc as part of the Baghdad Embassy Security Force (BESF)

• Currently holding the position as EDDH (Explosive Detection Dog Handler)

• Work in close relations with MNIF (Multi–National Forces), US EODT (Explosive Ordinance Detection Teams)

• Appointments: Team Leader to Swing Shift NEC (New Embassy Compound, Baghdad, Iraq) and Team Leader to Swing/Night Shift Training Program.

Job Description:

Explosive Detection K-9 Handler working as a team with his assigned K-9 to conduct patrols of assigned areas/facilities and inspections of vehicles, packages, and personnel as directed by the particular initiative. Attending regular training with assigned working dog (Practical and Theoretical) to maintain acceptable performance levels, and providing necessary health maintenance care, feeding/watering, and grooming of working dogs. Ensuring that assigned K-9 is correctly certified and accredited; and ensuring that handler is using the full potential of the dogs in all aspects of the particular initiative. Upholding all SOP’s (Standard Operating Procedures) and policies from US State Departments and Defense’s contractual agreements.

• Self reliant and able to work independently and/or as a part of a multi-cultural team

• Received numerous certificates and letters of appreciation from US Contracting Company Ronco Consulting Inc President for exceptional work done in hostile/ dangerous conditions with Certificate of qualification of the “Basic Guard Force Training Program” and “Competency Firearms Skills Development” qualification certificate with Handgun and Rifle, Certificates from DOS (US Department of State) and DOD (US Department of Defense).

• Exceeds expectation regarding to “Employee’s Performance Evaluations”.

• Fluently speaking English and Afrikaans and basic Spanish and sign language.

• Cultural aware, sensitive and responsive to local environment

• Computer literate with Windows XP Pro and Windows Vista Programs

• Physically fit and in good health.

• Experienced with working in developing countries and remote locations, austere living conditions, and challenging environments.

• Willing to accept requisite responsibilities for working with or around explosives in a training medium or in an operational environment if so requires.

• Able to deploy overseas for extended periods.

• Willing to adapt and learn.

*** Have undergone a US Government (FBI and CIA) background investigation ***


SOUTH AFRICAN POLICE SERVICE (January 1994 - October 2005)

South African Police’s Dog Unit from February 1995 - October 2005. Received numerous achievement awards during this time period for hard work and taken command of exceptional crime scenes where terrorist bomb attacks have been committed. (Cape Town, South Africa)


• Charge office commander and assistant

• Receive and attend complaints

• Crime Prevention Patrols

• Maintain Law & Order

• All relevant administration duties

Work Related Achievements:

• Catch of the Month (+3) “Evaluated Quarterly”

• Certificate of Appreciation (+2) “Hard Work”

• Good Health Leave Certificates

• Letters of appreciation from public to Unit Commander

• Arrests publicized in local news papers and televised

• Command was assumed over the following exceptional crime scenes caused by alleged terrorist organization IED (Improvised Explosive Device) attacks.

1. Planet Hollywood, V&A Waterfront, Cape Town

2. St. Elmo’s, Beach Road, Camps Bay, Cape Town

3. Mowbray Police Station, Cape Town

4. Wynberg Magistrates Court, Cape Town

5. Something Fishy, Claremont, Cape Town

6. Keg & Swan Pub & Grill, Bellville, Cape Town

• Special Operations with S.A.P.S Special Task Force ( Detected and Identified x2 “Pipe Bombs” ready for usage, similar used at “Exceptional Crime Scenes” caused by “Terrorist” attacks)

• Numerous “Bomb Threats & Complaints” and assumed command of such crime scenes.

• Special clearances with Explosive Detector Dog at Governmental, Electoral, Major Sporting Events est.


8 SAI BN (Upington, South Africa) Basic Training. Deployment to 12 SAI BN (Potchefstroom) and selected to the SOUTH AFRICAN NATIONAL DEFENCE FORCE’s DOG UNIT (Specialist Unit) Bourks Luck.

• National Service

• Basic Training

• All Practical and Theoretical Training

• Special Operations

• Selection to S.A.N.D.F Specialist Dog Unit (Explosive Detection Dog Section)


Services provided as follows:

• Personal Protection to “Principles” at conferences and seminars

• C.I.T (Cash In transit)

• Basic K-9 Training conducted for clientele

• Self-defense

• High Speed Driving

• Practical Weapons Training

Contact references for the above:

Peet Van Der Walt: +27 (0) 83 230 6228

(Netstar Vehicle Tracking)

Heinrych Aylward: +27 (0) 82 359 2780

(E.P.S Member)


Weapons: Rifle Grenade Launcher, Patmore Grenade Launcher, R1 - 7.62mm, LMG - 7.62mm, R4 – 5.56mm, R5 – 5.56mm, AK47 7.62mm, Browning 201 Shotgun, M4 & M16 5.56mm Semi-Automatic, 9mm Glock pistol, 9mm STAR Pistol, 9mm Z88 & Beretta Pistol, 40mm Vektor SP2 Pistol, all relevant hand grenades and flairs.



1. All Windows program files

2. CAS – Crime Administration System ( Accessing Crime Reports)

3. PROCIR – Criminal Records (Check suspects as wanted or previous criminal records)

S.A.P.S College (Bishop Lavis, Cape Town 1994)

1. Criminal Law

2. Criminal Procedures and Evidence

3. Police Administration

Additional Experience Gained – Legal Knowledge

1. Law of Evidence

2. Criminal Procedures Act

3. The Constitution

4. Judicial System

5. Court Experience

Grade 12/Matric 1992 Stellenberg High School, Bellville, Cape Town


• PFSO (Port Facility Security Officer) Certified by Maritime & Underwater Security Consultants (Certificate Number: 10/6220)

Gary Higson: +44 (0) 207 067 2977 (MUSC Training Manager)

• CSO (Company Security Officer) Certified by Maritime & Underwater Security Consultants (Certificate Number: MUSC/CSO/10/6219)

Gary Higson: +44 (0) 207 067 2977 (MUSC Training Manager)

• SSO (Ship Security Officer) Certified by Maritime & Underwater Security Consultants: STCW 95 Regulation VI/5 and STCW Code Section A-VI/5.(Certificate Number: MUSC/SSO/10/6218)

Gary Higson: +44 (0) 207 067 2977(MUSC Training Manager)

• Competency Firearms Skills Development (Ronco Consulting Inc. 1 Oct – 4 Oct 2005)

• Basic Guard Force Training (Ronco Consulting Inc. 30 Sept – 14 Oct 2005)

• Explosive Dog Handler (S.A.N.D.F 1993 + S.A.P.S 1997 – 2005)

• Identification of Explosive and Explosive Devices (S.A.N.D.F 1993 + S.A.P.S 1997)

• Patrol Dog Handler ( S.A.P.S 1995 – 2005)

• M.S.O.S (S.A.N.D.F 1993)

• Vet nary Science ( S.A.N.D.F 1993 + S.A.P.S 1995 + Ronco Consulting Inc 2005 – Present)

• Specialized Weapons Craft (S.A.N.D.F 1993)

• Counterinsurgency (S.A.N.D.F 1993)

• Urban Terrorism (S.A.N.D.F 1993)

• First Aid “Level 1” (S.A.N.D.F 1993 + S.A.P.S 1994 + Ronco Consulting Inc. 2005)

• Advanced Driving Course ( S.A.P.S 1996)

• S.W.A.T Training ( S.A.P.S 1994)

• Human Rights and Policing ( S.A.P.S 2001)

• College Sensitivity (S.A.P.S 2003)



• The ability to communicate at all levels internally and externally, both verbally and in writing.

• Excellent incident report writing skills

• Ability to manage and motivate people

• Excellent interpersonal relationships

• Ability to manage conflict situations effectively

• Excellent leadership and management skills

• Analytical thinking. Able to break down a scenario and see the root cause and understand it’s relevance in terms of the objectives of the organization

• Integration. Able to gather information from many sources and combine it into a meaningful scenario that can improve safety and security

• Self starter and motivator. Able to set and achieve targets that will add value to the organization

• Comprehensive understanding of security concepts

• In-depth knowledge of physical security equipment, standards and equipment

• Use initiative


Interest and Achievements

• Practical Shooting

• Angling: Rock/Surf and Inshore/Offshore (Social and Local Competitions) with “Skippers” License Category “C” 15NM with deep sea vessel surveyed for Category “B” 40NM.

• Field Hockey: Provincial Player (2years); Captained 1st Teams, Coaching; Best Junior&Senior Player

Reasons for application:

• Wish to join and be part of a respected corporation, directly assisting and adding value to National and International endeavors

• My passion is to help others with the knowledge and skills I have developed

• I have proven myself in the Governmental Services, Privatized Sector, which has prepared me well for a position within your company.

• Financial reasons

• Be part of a motivated and exceptional team

Kleinbrak River,
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