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Equipment Management and Vendor Relation


becoming one of the experts in Liner Logistic Business and Operation.


Company Name : MISC Berhad (K.L)

Level : Executive

Specialization : Freight/Shipping/Logistics


Maintenance and Repair (purchasing technical parts) ( MISC Berhad ) 2006-2009

• Manage Container Technical spec for Europe, Gulf, South Africa and Indian Sub Continent (ISC) for the Container Technical issues such as machinery and parts for reefer container and dry container in shipping services.

• Arrange and purchase procurement of mechanical parts in order to maintain inventory of the security seal all over the trade lanes globally and Monitor credit collection of Third Party Claim from responsible party for the container damage.

• Monitor repairer performance and depot throughout the continent in order to achieve the Key Performance Index of repair operation.

• Prepare proposal paper for any container which has been declared total loss and missing while in operation at the fleet.

• Evaluate and monitor the repair rate tariff increment in every port location at the respective area.


• Achieve in increasing the recovery cost in most European main port and South Africa. Recovery rate has increased by 100% to compare with the previous year.

• Success in raising the recovery collection more than 100% in 2009 amounted USD600,000

• Manage to control the operation shoreday within KPI of 21 days.

Contract and Leasing ( MISC Berhad) 2003 - 2006

• Liaison and negotiate with International leasing companies for sourcing supply of equipment and container from MNC companies and responsible to negotiate and maintain good relationships on behalf of the company interest for equipment.

• Managing the contract agreement between for MISC and vendors. Responsible for the Leasing contracts and agreements.

• Negotiating with Partner (other operator or carrier) on the trade pertaining t the guideline and the agreements are well understood.

• Prepared proposal/working paper for all of new purchase containers or new lease equipments.


• Successfully negotiate to receive credit from the leasing company to waive the pickup charges which allow MISC liner to save cost and made a recovery of USD2.5million (MYR8.75million) for financial year of 2006/2007.

• Manage to control cost within the given budget range for the financial year of 2003/2004 and 2005/2006 respectively.

• Successfully to ensure and have more “free use” unit to reduce operation of empty repositioning cost which had save MISC direct cost over RM3.9million from 2003-2006.

• Achieve increasing the sourcing variety from 3 major vendor to 9 major vendor in oligopoly market and able to achieve continuity support of supply as partnership.

• Led a team and cooperate with ICT to enable the first “Container Invoice Verification” (CIV) Project for container and automated generate container invoice in MISC Liner division in 2004 and complete the project in 2005.

• Had successfully reduced and get a very competitive tariff 30%-50% from vendor from the successful negotiation due to pro long economic crisis in 2003, 2004 and 2005.

Company Name : Konsortium Logistik Berhad (Sep 2002- Apr 2003)

Position : Marketing Coordinator

Specialization : Freight/Shipping/Logistics


• Responsible to support customer need in order for a smooth understanding between customer and service provider.

• Planning for Philip Morris Malaysia (Godfrey Philip Marketing), retail distribution and haulage service between the factory ports and warehouse.

• Monitoring trucking and haulage operations and to give support to operation team in providing information needed to meet customers’ requirements and


• Able to ensure the delivery of distribution with 24 hours time line given to KLB

• Successfully in coordinating the delivery of Education Ministry time line to distribute the Computer to all school in Negri Sembilan within time frame given in 3 month

Company Name : Pesaka Jardine Shipping Agency (Feb 2000- Aug 2002)

Position : Operation Officer

Specialization : Freight/Shipping/Logistics


• Plan and ensure a smooth operation in vessel operation department and involved in import department of ISO tank for Bulkhaul Company. Practice J.I.T basis for customers as to be ensured that the unit can be delivered from port to shipper in 48 hours including arrangement of customs form in addition to transport arrangement

• Monitor vessel berthing for Liner (Container), Tanker and Bulk Cargo Carrier. Prepare reimbursement for vessel berthing cost and prepare claim for damage container to port or haulage.


• Led the JIT project to reduce the turnaround time and increase the utilization of usage in Malaysia from 72 Hour to 48 hours operation

• Successfully to recover 60% of container damage from various parties involved to ensure the premium of insurance for the shipping line KPI is within the budget given.

• Reduce downtime for depot to make the container turnaround time from 14 days to 10 days.


Graduate from Chartered Institute of Logistic and Transportation UK (CILT)

Study in transport Economy and Operation.

Business Management Skill



Able to lead a negotiation and also analyze the best option for the company to seal the deal.


2008 - Team Member of 8 in a Disposal Project 2008 for the used containers and was in charged to coordinate for Europe region.

2006 - Team Member of 8 for Disposal used MISC container worth USD9 million and USD7 million

2006 - Team Lead of 3 for coordinating the stock for new service in MISC liner ( Halal Service)

2005 - Responsible to lead and the proposal and of leasing long terms unit worth USD12 million for 5 years leased.

2004 - 2005 Directly lead a project to upgrade the billing and invoicing system for container tracking and movement


Has served MISC Berhad in Kuala Lumpur HQ

Working with Konsortium Logistik Berhad as 3PL player

Has been with Jardine Shipping Agency

Shah Alam, Malaysia,
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