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Engineer of maritime navegation, master of sciences, Captain unlimit, Researcher


Willing to get a job as Chief mate or Captain for ships (not oil tanker). Willing to accept other relative job at shore.

I listen preposition of any relative job.


Teacher and Tutor in the Cuban Naval Academy (17 years).

Ship Inspector (4 years).

Naval Maintenance Specialist (4 years).

Scientific Research (12 years).

I have worked as the Chief Mate or Captain in the last 15 years on Bull Career, Fishing, Tug, container, Oil and Chemical Tanker, Ro-Ro,in the last 5 years on General Cargo. I have sea experience in the area of Caribbean, West Central and South America, West and South Africa, Mediterranean, North Sea,Panama Channel during one year, including Barent Sea.

I have experience working with seaman of different nationalities African, Russian, Latin American, Spaniard, Greek, Romanian



. Naval Secondary School “Adolfo Lopez Mateos”, Cuba, year 1967.

. Sea pilot (Naval Academy “Andres Gonzales Lines” , Cuba, year 1972.)

. Engineer of Navigation, Magister of sciences (Baltic Naval Academy, Russia, year 1979)

. Naval maintenance specialist (Technique Naval Management., Cuba, year 1980).

. Ship´s Inspector ( Cuba, year 1980).

. Scientific research (I.I.T Maritime Department, year 1982).


. Sea pilot.

. Engineer of Navigation, Magister of sciences.

. Naval maintenance specialist.

. Ship´s Inspector.

. Scientific research.


1. Master Mariner For the vessels command of 3000 gross tonnage or more (Issued 22/ December/2011).

2. Chief Mate To act in vessel of 3000 gross tonnage or more (Issued 22/ December/2011).

3. General Operator GMDSS. Table A-IV/2 (Issued 22/ ecember/2011).

4. Ship Security Officer (Issued 22/ December/2011).

5. MARITIME COMPETENCE CERTIFICATE (Issued 22/ December/2011):


1.Radar Navigational at Management Level.

2.Radar Navigational at Operational Level.

3.Radar and Plotting Observer.

4.Maritime English.

5.RO-RO Passenger Ships (Rule V/2, Section A-V/. 1 to 5). 6.Safety Training (Tables VI/1-1,1-2.1-3 y 1-4).

7.Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boats (Section A-VI/2.1 to 4).

8.Training in Advanced Fire Fighting (Section A-VI/3).

9.Medical First Aid (Section A-VI/4.1 to 3).

10.Medical Care (Section A-VI/4.4 to 6).

11.Ship Security Officer (Rule VI/5, Section A-VI/5.1 to 5).

12.Control and Prevention of Narcotics and Psychoactive Substances.

13.International Safety Management Code (ISM).

ENDORSEMENT No. 00758.2 (Issued 02/ February/2012):

Capacity: Limitations Applying

Master 3000 or more Not tankers. Wear Corrective Lenses



.Russia language.

.English language.

.Computer skill.

.Of investigation.

.Translate text from Russia to Spanish and Spanish to Russia.


I have medal gold and others reward for some mathematic algorithm in the port and maritime activity.

I have investigate Naval accident for 20 years.

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