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To create breakdown free process by adopting healthy maintenance & equipments checking procedures, To supply uninterrupted power to users, Training & knowledge sharing with colleagues & subordinates, Introduce Modifications to increase efficiency & Energy saving.



(1) Tekfen Construction & Installation Co. Inc.

Designation: Electrical & Instrument Engineer (05/12/2009 to till date - )

TEKFEN is the one of the world’s leading engineering & construction company and having presence in Europe & Gulf countries. Working with Ma’aden (Saudi Arabian mining company) Wet Phosphoric acid project at Ras al zawr, Saudi Arabia

Roles and Responsibilities:

• Responsible for GIS substation installation, cable laying & termination.

• Micro planning of day to day activities.

• Co-ordination with Client & Consultant.

• Reporting progress of project to works manger (E&I)

• Leading a team of supervisors & Forman’s.

• Following work with Ma’aden safety procedures.

(2) Schott Glass (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Designation: Shift Engineer-E&I (04/04/2008 – 30/11/2009)

Schott group is German MNC manufacturing pharmaceutical glass tubes, (NGA, NGC & Fiolax) worldwide, having manufacturing facility at Jambusar near Vadodara.

Roles and Responsibilities:

• To attend shift maintenance activities related to healthiness of process with team of technicians, it includes Maintenance of HT/LT panels, LT motors, generators, AC drives; Thyrister based heating system, Online Quality checking instruments like BKD unit, OD unit, chiller units, UPS systems, Automated Packing machine.

• Responsible to supply uninterrupted power to users during GEB power failure.

• Responsible for LNG tanker unloading during shifts.

• To minimize downtime during shifts in event of equipment failure or any emergency & reporting to Manager (E&I)

(3) Mundra International Container Terminal (MICT)

Designation: Officer - E&I (21/08/2006 – 31/03/2008)

MICT is a part of P&O ports (UK) & DP World. Worldwide leader in container terminal operations, having facility at Mundra port for container handling.

Roles & Responsibilities:

• Breakdown & Preventive Maintenance of RTG,RMG & Quay cranes and its associated equipments like AC drives (Siemens),S7 300 PLC, LT Motors, Dry type power transformers, Generator (Cummins), field devices like limit switch, proximity switch, Ultrasonic sensors.

• Maintenance of main receiving substation & its equipments like 66Kv/11Kv switch yard, HT/LT panel, Emergency diesel generators, battery charger & battery rooms, Lighting system of terminal.

• Safety check of cranes after preventive maintenance each month.

• Weekly checking of port safety devices i.e. fire water system, Smoke detector, Beam detector.

(4)Tyco-Hofincons Industrial Services (Reliance Industries Limited, Hazira, Surat)

Designation: Senior Technician - E & PE (10/03/2006 – 19/08/2006)

Tyco-Hofincons is a maintenance contractor for various organizations, RIL; Hazira (POY plant) is part of its operations.

Roles & Responsibility

• Maintenance of POY plant utilities like HT/LT substation, Power transformer,

Emergency diesel generators, UPS system, AC drives (ABB, Allen breadly, Siemens, Reliance electric) Motors, compress unit panels, during shifts, reporting to Executive (E&PE)

• Following lock out system, Work permit system.

(5)Reliance Engineering Associates Pvt. limited (RIL, Jamnagar Refinery)

Designation: Construction Engineer (05/08/2005 – 31/12/2005)

R.E.A.L. is a sister concern company of Reliance Industries Ltd, Taking care of project or shut down jobs at Reliance group companies. REAL was working as a consultant at RIL, Jamnagar during VMP shutdown in 2005.

Roles & Responsibility

• Installing temporary shutdown power supply system it includes panel installation, cable laying & termination, Non FLP lighting system installation, testing of equipments which is to be used in shutdown.

• Following work permit system as per rules daily reporting to Asst. Manager (REAL)

(5) SWIL Limited

Designation: Junior technician (01/02/2001 – 31/07/2005)

SWIL Ltd. part of Anil Khaitan Group producing 50000TPA Cu. Cathodes Technical collaboration with Boliden Contech, Sweden, manufacturing facility at Jhagadia.

Roles & Responsibility

• Initially project work like HT/LT panel installation, Power transformer , Cable laying & termination, Pre commissioning & start up trials with Boliden Contech, Sweden

• After successful commissioning maintenance of 66Kv/6.6Kv switch yard, Main receiving station(MRS), HT/LT panels, Compressor Panels, EOT crane (60t) , Plant lighting, Emergency DG set 380 & 250 KVA, Battery rooms & battery chargers, Reporting to Shift Engineer Electrical.

(6) Indure-Desein group of companies

Designation: Electrical Supervisor (01/11/1998 – 25/01/2001)

Indure Desein is a company involved in design, construction & OEM of Ash handling system of Thermal Power Plant, Working at Wanakbori TPS for O&M OF 6x210 MW unit’s ash handling system.

Roles & Responsibilities

• Responsible for maintenance of Electrical and equipments related to Ash handling plant, leading team of more than 100 technicians, job involves maintenance of HT/LT motors, LT switchgear, other jobs like ash disposal lines maintenance 8 Km long.

• Annual shutdown job of Ash handling plant it involves replacement of warn out parts or preventive maintenance of all associated equipments related to plant.

(7) TDK Enterprises (Ahmadabad Electricity Co.Ltd. - AECo.Ltd.)

Designation: Electrical Supervisor (25/10/1997 – 30/10/1998)

TDK Enterprises is registered manpower supply co. to AEC ltd. At Wanakbori TPS unit 7

Roles & Responsibilities

• Assisting Jobs given by AECo. Site Engineer & responsible for jobs to be carried out at boiler area like HT/LT panel installation, cable laying & termination, cable laying for 220 Kv switch yard equipments & earth grid with team of technicians.

• Involved in commissioning of power plant it includes pre commissioning trials & testing of equipments.


• Diploma in Electrical Engineering with 64.76% from T.E.B. Gujarat State in the year 1997

• Electrical Supervisor permit no. G/GS-E-000350-DEE-2006



66Kv/6.6Kv switch yard, Main Receiving substation, HT/LT switch gear, Power transformer, HT/LT motors & starters, Diesel Generator units, AC Drive, PLC system, Field devices, UPS & Battery charger, Thyristor controlled heating systems.


? Achievement oriented with excellent people management skills and an ability to manage change with ease.

? Proven ability to achieve and deliver under tight deadlines.

? Good at handling multiple priorities, issues and goals.

? Excellent oral and written communication skills as well as consultative and presentation skills

? Self motivated, personal discipline and initiative skills. Ability to undertake tasks in a pro-active manner and with a rational approach.

? Comfortable interacting with all levels of the organization.

Vadodara, Gujarat,
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