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Electrical and Electronics Engineer


To secure an Electrical & Electronics Engineer job in a company with considerable advancement opportunities.


*Hands-on experiences of Electrical and Electronics control panel, MCC panels, Switchboards, Transformers and Bus-bar.

*Caterpillar Marine 3516B Engine and Kato Generator including use of ET software.

*Fundamental knowledge of Top Drive System and Rotary Table.

*Basic knowledge of BOP system, Drawworks, HPU.

*Good Electrical Drawings interpretation skills. Introductory knowledge of Hydraulic Drawings.

*Through with Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) system. Familiar with HART Communication Protocol for sensors and transmitters, network, analog i/o units, RTUs; PLCs (various manufactures) and their programming; actuators and network maintenance as a whole.

* ABB VFDs for motor control. Good knowledge of ACS 800 VFDs, AC 80M PLC and its communication with Integrated Drilling Control Multitool cabinet SBCs; Switches,OLMs, DC/DC couplers and connection topologies. Excellent knowledge of VFD CDP, DDCS( Fiber Optic Links Protocol), DSU (RDCU),APBU, AINT, ISU (IGBT) cards and parameters. Drive Bus connection between PLC AC80, NDBUs, and End Drives.

*Direct Torque Control features of ABB VFDs; relation between Stator flux and Motor torque and its effect on switching frequency of VFD. Understanding of Voltage/ Frequency controlled PWM modulator.


Bachelor of Engineering Electronics and Telecommunication, Mumbai University (formerly Bombay University).




Mumbai, MH,
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