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  • Microsoft Office Programs 13 years by 2018
  • Highway Operations Technician at Procopio & Associates
    2017 December - Mar 2018
    Manage traffic incident information in accordance with the applicable standard operating guidelines. Disseminate pertinent traffic incident information via Dynamic Message Signs, Highway Advisory Radio, text messages and telephone communication. Obtain and report traffic incident status information to and from multiple agencies. Detailed documentation and reporting of incidents. Provide out
  • Transportation Controller at San Francisco Municipal Transit Agency
    2016 February - Apr 2017
    Monitoring bus, trolley, surface rail, and subway transit system operations using system devices and equipment to assess information on operations activities and external conditions affecting operations. Operating automated equipment systems in real time on computer workstations using complex software systems displayed on multiple monitors/systems. Monitoring and responding to multiple information feeds using Computer Aided Dispatch/Automated Vehicle Location (CAD/AVL), traffic signal control for bus rapid transit, control street level closed circuit TV cameras. Analyzing and interpreting visual and graphical information from the Transportation Management Center (TMC) display wall, road and service maps, video image displays, graphical text data, icons, and transportation modes and symbols in written/digital formats. Assessing and addressing in-service vehicle operation problems. Posting messages to public information systems. Coordinating transportation control with SFGo’s traffic management systems. Operating the digital radio system.
  • Rail Ops Control Center Supervisor at Washington Metro Area Transit Authority
    2014 May - Dec 2014
    Authorizes all movement of trains and equipment and access to the roadway on the WMATA mainline. Supervises the arrival/departure of trains at stations, terminals and yards in order to maintain proper headway. Initiates corrective action to safely mitigate incidents and maintain and restore service as required. Monitors status of various systems and devices related to the rail transit operations, such as: interlocking, Automatic Train Control (ATC), CB-EMIS, A/C and traction power electrical systems, ventilation, pumps, fire alarms and intrusion alarms. Operates control console to correct rail system alarm conditions in accordance with prescribed procedures. Confers with OCC Assistant Superintendent, Rail Supervisor, Car Maintenance, Rail Communications, Metro Police, Metro Media Office, other WMATA offices and local police/fire departments to address adverse conditions or reported problems/emergencies within the Rail system.
    Maintains two-way radio communications with Metrorail train operators, station managers, Rail supervisors and maintenance crews during the performance of their duties within the Rail system. Maintains immediate communications with Metrorail Division (s) and maintenance activities relative to operating requirements. Directs train operators and station managers to take specific actions contingent upon the operating problems which may arise.
    Coordinates with Rail Supervisors, road mechanics, station managers, interlocking operators and terminal supervisors on problems associated with equipment/customers and with maintenance personnel working on various wayside equipment and devices.
  • Supervisor Commuter Operations at Amtrak
    2008 October - Apr 2012
    Control and monitor all rail movement within an assigned territory from a central Operations Control Center in accordance with schedules, railroad operating rules and procedures and FRA regulations. Direct and coordinate rail traffic by using a computerized train control system to select the proper routing of trains, monitor train movements, remotely control track switches and traffic signals, apply and remove blocking devices and issue permits and authorities. Coordinate and prioritize on-track work on the track, signal, structures and traction power infrastructure with the efficient movement of scheduled trains. Maintain detailed and accurate records of train movements, permits and authorities and unusual events or incidents using manual processes and computerized software applications. Manage unexpected events and emergency situations to protect the public, railroad employees, and railroad property. During emergencies, notify and coordinate all internal personnel and external emergency responders and direct the activities associated with mitigating the emergency. Coordinate alternate revenue service during emergencies. Use approved procedures and communication protocols to energize and de-energize traction power safely for maintenance and emergency purposes. Communicate continuously by telephone, radio and intercom with field personnel, supervisors and other staff to coordinate and monitor train and on-track equipment movements, maintenance activity and requests for power control. Record and relay reports of equipment and infrastructure defects using computerized software applications. All other duties as assigned
  • Certificate
    Train Dispatcher at Tarrant College
    Feb 2007 - Oct 2007
  • Diploma
    General Studies at Woodlawn High
    1981 - 1984
  • N/A
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