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Deep sea captain


Capgo superintendent,Port Captain,DP Captain (drilling,ROV)


May 2007 – present time – Master on board of DP Diamond Research Drilling Vessel “Sakawe Explorer” Sakawe Mining Corporation.DP class2.System is DPT 3500, designed by IMTECH, Holland Crew: Polish, RSA, Israeli, Ukrainian, Russian, Namibian.

June 2006-April 2007 – Master on board of DP class 2 ROV Diamond Mining Vessel (Ex DSV) “ Kovambo” , Sakawe Mining Corporation Namibia, operator TFDS Norway, flag Norway.

DP-2 system is GEM-80 designed by GEK Electrical Limited

Crew: Norwegian, Polish, RSA, Israeli, Ukrainian, Namibian.

2002 – 2006 – Master on board of multi-purpose vessels with heavy lift “CEC Delta”“CEC Dream” “CEC Light “ “CEC Asia” Owner: Clipper-Elite Carriers . Denmark

Crew: Ukrainian, Denmark

2000 – 2002 – Master on board of reefer vessel “ Polar Honduras”, Owner: Lagoa Shipping Co., Greece Crew: Ukrainian, Greek

1999 – 2000 – Master on board of dry cargo vessel “Celtic Master”Owner: MGL Shipping Ltd., Ukraine Crew:Ukrainian

1998 – 1999 – Master on board of reefer Vessel ”Polar Honduras”,Owner:Lagoa Shipping Co.,Greece Crew: Ukrainian, Danish, Polish.


Education 1977-1981 – Kherson Marine School (Ukraine)

1982-1990 – Odessa Marine Academy.(High marine school)

Marine engineer-navigator

February,1996 – Odessa Refresh and Update Courses ” Deep Sea Navigator”

March, 1998 – Odessa Refresh and Update Courses” Deep Sea Captain”

August, 2004 – Odessa Refresh and Update Courses and Bridge Team Management ” Deep Sea Captain”

June, 2007 – passed familiarization course on Dynamic Positioning Simulator (DPT3500), IMTECH Marine and Offshore Center, Rotterdam, Holland.


Have all necessary valid passports and documents according STCW 95 (GMDSS, Ship Handling Arrangements, ARPA and Radar, Hazards Cargo, Safety and Security Officer, Basic Safety Training, Advanced Fire Fighting, Proficiency in Survival Crafts and Rescue Boats , Medical Care on Board, Refresh and Updated Courses.Norwegian Endorsement No:81912 Deck Officer Class1,Master Mariner valid to:15.07.2009.

All documents valid till 15 of July 2009.


Deep Sea Captain Certificate. Looking for permanent,stable offshore company.Have experience in handling of DP vessels,any cargo(including pipes)stowage and stability calculations.2002 – 2004 I have been to partake on Stolt Offshore Pipeline Project in Nigerian and Algerian waters in Captain’s rank of the m/v CEC Delta and CEC Light. Pipes transportation from shore to Lay barge. Have experience in specific knowledge of marine & transportation procedures relating to load out/ sea fastening & movement of cargo/pipe transportation vessels. Norwegian Endorsement. Driver license. I have a references and specially letters during the Pipeline Project


Will be ready at September 2008 after completed my present contract with Samicor company.I have very serviceable chief engineer which folowing with me 8 years allready.Present contract 56 X 56 days.To go on vacation 22-d of March 2008

Odessa, Ukraine,
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