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Shipboard Officer / Personnel / Crew

I´m ready and available to sign on in short notice.

 I´m 42 years old and I have been working at sea for more than 24 years. I started as a AB on Wallenius Marines Vehicle carriers which operate in worldwide service. I left Wallenius Marine for two years ago when I decide to change my career for working at the Norwegian offshore industry. 

 One of my duties as a Chief Officer onboard Wallenius Lines carcarriers was that I served as Ship security officer which also means that I have more than 6 years’ experience to serve as SSO in worldwide shipping industry. I was also responsible for the safety and lifesaving equipment onboard, and I have lots of experience to leading and briefing crewmembers in safety and security drills. During my time at sea I have meet people from all over the worlds and I have easy to communicate and cooperate with al kind of people from foreign countries and cultures.

 I had as a chief officer the great privilege to participate in deliveries of two carcarriers from DSME ship yard in South Korea, which has been a very exciting.  One of my duties prior the delivery was to implement the security routines onboard and also brief the crewmembers in emergency situations.

 My last employment at Östensjö company in Norway has given me 2,5 years’ experience of working on the offshore industry. During these years I have been working onboard platform supply vessel and anchor handling tug. I have also experience from towing of barges, rig moves, anchor handling, and salvage of vessels. 

 I grooved up in a small village in northern part of Sweden, but today I living close to Varberg on the Swedish west coast, not so far away from Gothenburg. I live a healthy life together with my wife, kids and two dogs.  I visit the gym almost every day, I have never been using any form of tobacco or drugs in hole life. I have a calm temperament, easy to work with all kind of personality and I´m used to work under high pressure.

 I have been working for Wallenius marine in more than 22 years and Östensjö Rederi AS for almost two years. Because of the situation on the oil market and high amount of laid up vessel in the Norwegian fleet, Östensjö have given me notice that I had to leave my employment. Today I have been unemployed since 18 of august this year.

 Primary! I searching for a permanent employment, but I´m also very interested to work as a stand in for sick leave etc. I´m always ready to Sign on in short notice.

  • Chief Officer 8 years by 2016
  • 2nd Officer 8 years by 2008
  • Able body seaman 8 years by 2000
  • Chief Officer / 2nd Officer at Östensjö rederi AS
    2014 July - Aug 2016
    Tugboat, Towing, Anchor handling, Rigmoves, Salvage operation, PSV,
  • Chief Officer / 2nd Officer / AB at Wallenius marine AB
    1992 November - Jul 2014
    Carrcarrier/ Vehicle carrier in worldwide services.
  • Master, Deck officer Class 1
    Master, Deck officer class 1 at Kalmar Maritime Academy
    1997 - 2000
  • Able Body Seaman
    Seaman Shool at Härnösands gymnasium
    1990 - 1992
  • Dangerous substances in packaged form. Certificate Nov 2016
  • DP Advance. Simulator Dynamic Positioning, NI Oct 2016
  • Certificate of Basic Safety Training. (STCW Manilla) Oct 2016
  • Certificate in Advance fire fighting. (STCW Manilla) Oct 2016
  • Certificate in Medical First Aid. (STCW Manilla) Oct 2016
  • Certification of survival craft and rescue boat. (STCW Manilla) Oct 2016
  • Certificate of Competency as Master. (STW Manilla) Sep 2016
  • Ship Security Officer (STCW Manilla) Sep 2016
  • Medical Health Certificate. (STCW Manilla) Jan 2016
  • GOC (STCW Manilla) Nov 2014
  • GMDSS. Endorsement (TELENOR) Jun 2014
  • Designated Security Duties Nov 2013
  • Seamens book Apr 2012
  • ECDIS Certificate Jun 2011
  • Fast rescue boat Nov 2006
  • ISM course Nov 2003
  • ARPA May 1999
  • Engineer Officer Class 6 May 1999
Veddige, Halland,
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