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Crew/Commercial Management


Looking to optimally utilize my skills and experience, in a progressive organization. To broaden my platform of knowledge contributing to self enrichment and achievement of high performance goals.


? Joined Precious Shipping, Bangkok in January 1992 in the capacity of Deck Cadet. Precious Shipping is a pure dry cargo ship-owner operating in the Handy size sector of the tramp freight market. Made steady progress through the Ranks after completion of the respective Competency exams.

? Took first Command of a Vessel on 3rd November 2004 and since been sailing in the capacity of Master Mariner.


? Completed Master’s (FG) Certificate of Competency in June 2004, issued by the Govt. of India. Holding valid Competency certificates as required.

? Presently pursuing a MSc in Maritime Studies at The Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. Scheduled to complete in April, 2007.



Numeric skills. Computer literate with fluency in MS Word, Excel and presentation skills. Ability to analyze and synthesize material from a range of sources. Fluency in articulating an argument. Information retrieval and presentation skills. Originality of interpretation. Sense of enquiry and ability to generate research Hypotheses. Ability to contribute to the work of the academic and professional community. Time management and organizational skills. Ability to work alone and work as part of a team as well.


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