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Cruise Ship

                                                                               Dire sire

                                                                              At office

    Introduct : 

   I am  from indonesia java city.. 

   I'm master for all type vessel, i have licence 3000gt and      Chief Offcer unlimitide,  i have a experince for work at.        Ship 9 year aready, before im worked at offshore vessel.      AHTS and ASD vessel, location in malaysia,

  I hope can join ship in your company sire and you giving a chance,.. Tank you.. 

  • I can communicate with English and can operation computer and I can a long side without Big ship for any type vessel 9 years by 2018
  • Master at Blue sky shopping sdn . Bhd
    2018 August - Oct 2018
    I'm only sending new vessel delivery from Malaysian sibu to Salomon island
  • Maritime academy pip
    Nautical at Politeknik ilmu pelayaran
  • Certificate of competency Dec 2008
Bengkulu, Bengkulu,
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