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Chief officer


I like to work as the chief officer.


07.03-12.03 Euro Melody,container vsl,grt 3992,

12.02-02.03 Melody,container vsl,grt 3992, master

12.01-07.02 Esperanza,cont-gen cargo,grt 3120,master

03.01-09.01 ANL Purpose,cont-gen cargo,grt3120,

05.00-11.00 Sardinia,gen cargo vsl,grt 2997,

09.99-03.00 Cape Kennedy,gencargo vsl,grt 8953,

10.98-04.99 Mariner, gen cargo vsl,grt 1148,

05.97-01.98 Atlas, heavy lifter, grt 12014, 2nd off

01.97-04.97 Arion, ferry , grt 11148, 2nd off

01.96-07.96 Kometas, gencargo vsl, grt 10068, 2nd off

06.94-01.95 Kiliya, gengargo vsl, grt 3041, 3rd off

07.93-04.94 Vienna Sky,bulkcarrier,grt 14887, 3rd off

03.92-01.93 Dubai Success, gencargo,grt 9688, 3rd off

09.91-01.92 Arshintsivo,gencargo ,dwt 5600, 3rd off

01.91-07.91 Dobrush, bulkcarrier, dwt abt 30000,

4th off

04.89-10.89; 03.90-09.90 Zakarpatie, bulkcarrier,

dwt abt 26000, 4th off


Leningrad Higher Engineering Marine Scool for class engineer-navigator, 1983-1989 (Leningrad, Russia)

Inter-Regional Academy of Personnel Management, specialization: Commercial and Labor Law, 2000-2002,

(Kiev, Ukraine)


Canadian Master Mariner Certificate n. 1003002(CDN 114291H)- 20.09.2005-19.09.2010

Certificate 236-2001 Deep Sea Captain (Ukraine)-



I am well experienced in the carriage, shipment, planning, stowage, handling thr containers, general cargo and cargo in bulk.

I have the good knowledge of the hazardous materials, the cargo and shipping documents, the customs papers, PC System.

I have strong organizational and leadership skills, the good interrelation and communication skills


copies of Diplomas,Certificates and Sea Service References available upon request

LASALLE, Quebec,
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