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To work in a company who is putting safety and environment aspect on their maritime working environment.

All Responsibilities related to Chief Mate works. Care and Handling of Cargo. (Preferably White Product Cargoes). Cargo Surveying is also welcome.


Chief Mate: 8 months and still is on product Tankers. Load and discharge Unleaded Gasoline/ Diesel/ Jet / Naphtha. Supervise Deck crew ship's maintainance. Acted as Ship's Security Officer.

2nd Mate: for two years and acted as a Safety Officer onboard. Answerable for all the Safety, Life Saving equipment and fire figthing Appliance onboard. Member of Safety Committee, issuing Risk identification and Improvement reports, Near miss reports.

3rd Mate: for a year - planning and detailing all the regulatory requirements of a voyage plan. Answerable for all the chart and nautical publication corrections.

Radio Officer ("Sparky") for almost 7 years onboardship. 1st class radio telegraphy and 1st class radio Telephony. HOlder of General Operators Certificate (GOC) and Radio Electronic Certificate (REC). Well Able to communicate in the Code, yep - the old reliable morse code.


Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation

Graduate of General Radio Communication Operator's Course


All the Statutory Certificates required to be able to work onboardship (all STCW requirements plus some more).


Skills that i am proud of? Well i am able to fix/reformat software related problems on computers or at least reset to factory setting. onboard this is really cool. (Geeks do not like to go sailing anyway)


Would love to try on shore work related to maritime.

Quezon City, Luzon,
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