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Chief Engineer (Drill Ship, Semi-submersible or Jack-up Rigs)


To obtain a long-term engineering career in the offshore industry where my skills, previous experience and genuine enthusiasm will be of great benefit to my employer and keep me well challenged.


Nov. 2006 – at present. Chief Engineer/Maintenance Supervisor. Songa Offshore Pte Ltd, Singapore. Drill ship “Songa Saturn”

In the beginning I have been involved in the upgrade project of project team. Further responsible for the management, maintenance, repair, and operation of all mechanical and electrical equipment on board of the unit. Responsible for the preventative maintenance system on board. Ensured that all maintenance activities are carried out in accordance with company safety plans and initiatives and in accordance with the permit to work system. Monitored NS5 planned maintenance system to ensure compliance with requirements. Reported to the OIM on all engineering, maintenance and repair matters. Carried out classification society surveys as part of continuous survey of machinery.

Apr. 2006 – Oct.2006. Chief Engineer/Department Supervisor

Neptune Marine & Drilling Pte Ltd, Singapore. Drill Ship “Neptune Discoverer”

A major reactivation project that includes upgrading and refurbishing the Drill Ship. Managed a team of engineers and monitored interface activities. Supervision and

acceptance testing and commissioning of engines, propulsion and auxiliary machineries, drilling equipments and controls.

Feb. 2006 – Mar. 2006 Chief Engineer/Maintenance Supervisor

Seadrill Management Pte Ltd, Singapore. Jack-ups Rig “Seadrill 7”

Commanded of the mechanical and engine department. Supervised the repairs and maintenance of the main and auxiliary machinery, drilling and associated equipment on board of the Rig. Supervised a firm implementation of the Preventative Maintenance System (PMS) for the rig, and maintains relevant PMS records; monitors the quality and timeliness of preventative maintenance and its detailed routine. Monitored NS5 planned maintenance system to ensure compliance with requirements.

July 2005 – Aug. 2005 Chief Engineer.

SBM- Single Buoy Mooring Inc, Monaco Cedex, DP2/DSV “Dynamic Installer”

Vaalco Gabon (ETAME) and Marathon Global (Equatorial Guinea) Projects with saturation and air diving for underwater construction and ROV survey. Commanded of the engine department and engineering personal. Supervised the operations, repairs and maintenance of the auxiliary and propulsion machinery and associated equipment on board vessels. Monitored AMOS planned maintenance system to ensure compliance with requirements. Responsible for inventory control and all related spare parts.

Ensured that spare parts inventories were maintained at optimum levels.

Dec. 2004 – Jan. 2005 1st Assistant Engineer.

Frontier Drilling (Asia) Pte Ltd, Singapore. Drill Ship “Frontier Duchess.”

Responsible for the daily maintenance and operations of the engineering and technical aspects of the vessel. Supervise operations and maintenance of all machinery including

ballast system, DP system and plant onboard. Planned maintenance; repairs; fresh and salt water treatment. Responsible for Engine Room Department while on watch.


Sept. 1977 - March 1981 State Merchant Marine Academy. Ukraine,

First Class Honours’ Degree. MSc in Mechanical Engineering.

Sept. 1966 - July 1969 Marine College, Ukraine. First Class Honours’ Degree. BSc in Marine Engineering.


- BSc in Marine Engineering & MSc in Mechanical Engineering.

- First Class Certificate of Competency (Motor) ? 01923/2003/07 issued 05.11.2003 by Government of the Ukraine

- Endorsement of Certificates STCW 95, III/2, V/1 as a Chief Engineer Officer with no power limitations for ships powered by internal combustion engines Special Training



Advanced Fire Fighting 26403/03 KS

Personal Survival Craft & Rescue Boats 41470/03 KS

Basic Sea Service 54231/03 KS

First Aid at Sea 22489/03 KS

Oil Tanker Advanced 3320/05 KS

Inert Gas System 1049/05 KS

Crude Oil Washing 2352/05 KS

Breathing Apparatus 0003/05 KS

Dangerous & Hazardous Cargoes 08489/03 KS

Helicopter Underwater Escape Training and Sea Survival LZ#61808B

Endorsements: Electrical & Electronic Control E0080/03 KS


H2S & BA Donning Certificates

Courses in welding arc, oxygen/acetylene and machine tools

Computer Literate with proficiency in Microsoft Office Programs


Main diesel engines (low and medium speed from 4.000 HP to 21.000 HP) such as SULZER, B&W, MAN, PIELSTICK, DEUTZ, WARTSILA, CATERPILLAR, GM- EMD, DETROIT, DAIHATSU, CUMMINS, YANMAR, WICHMANN, STORK etc.

Auxiliary Engines, Waste Heat and Boilers, Emergency Generators, Drawworks, Top Drive System, Rotary Table, Shale Shakers, Mud Pumps, Mud Agitators, Bulk Mud/ Cement Systems, Rig Air Compressors & Dryers, Bulk Compressors, Anchor Winches,

Air & Hydraulics Winches, Hydraulic Actuators, Deck Cranes, Raw Water Jacking Units & Raw Water Pumps, Centrifugal Cargo Pumps, Submerged Pumps, Controllable Pitch Propellers, Bollard Pull, Pneumatic Control Systems, Air Control Valves, Water Makers, AC units and Refrigeration Systems, Switch Gear, Welding Gas / Electric, Dry Dock, etc.


Dear Prospective


I am a graduated, professional marine engineer. A valuable, hands-on experience gained in the work environment over 29 years, in all aspects associated with marine, offshore and safety operations. In the past 17 years I served as a Chief Engineer, working on various type of vessels, both in the deep sea and offshore sector.

I feel sure that I can bring added value to the Company if you will employ me. I have an outstanding work history that demonstrates productivity, professionalism, excellent safety record and genuine work ethic. Besides, I have onshore experience as a Ship Repair Manager on the ship repair yard and as a Surveyor Maritime Registry of Shipping on the shipbuilding yard where I provided all types of survey services and supervision to the Marine Industry including new buildings and major conversions support. All together allows me to take the "helicopter view" of any situation. I am a conscientious and self-motivated individual. I am always willing to take initiative to make things work better than before.

Thank you for due consideration and your time.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best Regards

Sergiy D. Popov

Marine Chief Engineer

Kiev, N/A,
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